THE LONGEST NIGHT Episodes 5 – 8

Episode 7

Few weeks on, Uzor and I were merely housemates as I had moved into Ada’s room and he brought that girl into the house occasionally . That didn’t stop me from being a good woman and mother.

I finally found a way to do what I’ve always wanted. I’ve always wanted to be a caterer but Uzor insisted I didn’t work and rather be a full time house wife. Though I wasn’t comfortable with the idea as I never enjoyed being idle but I had to please my “husband”.
Business was booming as I already had an Instagram page where I displayed the food made in my kitchen and with everyone requesting to have a taste of my food, it wasn’t difficult to get clients.

On a Saturday morning, I had some orders to prepare for and with the influx of work, I sent Ada off to spend the weekend with Dera as she needed help , at least Ada can assist around the house . The main reason was, Ada always asked who the lady was and I ran out of excuses, I had to send her away during the weekend. With Ada been away, I had enough time to focus on my orders.
“Good morning”. I heard a female voice say as she interrupted my thoughts.
“Good morning”. I replied.
“The food you made last night was really peppery.

I could barely finish a spoon. Learn to reduce the pepper next time”. She said and made her way to the fridge.
I turned and looked at her and didn’t respond, the old me would have attacked her but the new me was happy and had found inner peace. She opened the fridge and she brought out a pack of juice and drank directly from the pack.
I walked close to her with a glass cup
“In a civilised country, a civilised person would use a cup to drink juice but that just tells me where you’re from and who you are. I really don’t know where Uzor picks the likes of you”. That said I stepped out of the kitchen.
I perceive she was dumbfounded and her mouth agape. I cared less.

I was packing food I just prepared to deliver to my customers when Uzor walked into the kitchen. I was dressed in a body con that accentuated my curves and I had a new hair do. As I busied myself with packaging of the food, Uzor busied himself with staring at me. Food packed and I was ready to go..
“I don’t remember giving you the permission to start this business of yours”. I heard from behind.
“And where’s my food woman” he continued opening the empty pots that sat on top of the gas.


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