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Chapter Sixty One

Tim held the gvn really tight. He didn’t want anyone kicking it away from his hand.

“What do we do boss?” He asked slowly.

“George, step away from Erica” Kelvin said calmly.

“Why should I? Shoot me if you want to but I won’t hesitate to slit her throat, then both parties lose”

“This isn’t a campaign dimwit. No party, no losing. The only person going down is you!” Barbie said. That word got George upset. He placed the knife closer to her neck.

THE MAN IN MY DREAMS : CHAPTER 61 – THE END. Thingscouplesdo

“Argh!” She groaned in pain.
Kelvin rolled his eyes and gazed at his sister.

“Thanks for making it worse. You are not helping” he said and turned to face George and Erica. He saw something that made him smile.

“Well, you had a second plan. We also had one!”

“Huh?” George grinned. Before he could complete his sentence, Ava hit his head with an iron rod which she found in her hiding spot.

Immediately, he fell to the ground and became unconscious.
“No one messes with my friend” Ava said and threw the rod on the floor.

Kelvin opened his mouth in shock. He walked towards George’s body and stared at Ava.

“That was hard, is he alive?’ he asked.
Ava ki¢ked him and his flickered.

“That’s a yes” she said. He turned and untied Erica.

“Erica?” He called out. She twisted her wrist shaking off the pain. She shot him a hard glare and walked away.

“Erica? Erica?!” He called out but she didn’t stop.

“Just let her be. She’ll be fine soon” Ava said.

“I’ll call the cops” Kelvin said.

“I’ll call mom” Barbie added. Ava walked towards Barbie.

“Why’d learn that move from?” She jokingly asked.

“I’m a gymnast” she rolled her eyes.

“Oh, I see. That’s good” Ava said and walked away. She went to meet her friend.

“Erica?” She called out. At once, Erica turned and walked towards Ava hugging her tight. That was when ambulance and the cops car arrived at the scene.

“Are you alright Erica?’ Josh asked, touching her shoulder.

“Yes, I am” she quickly said and turned to face Ava.

“Forgive Kelvin…he”

“He what? Ava, I can’t believe he did this. Everyone of them hid the truth from me and made me stay with Kelvin. I had sx with that id!ot!” She said, almost loudly. Ava sucked in her lips and chuckled softly.

“You did what?”

“You heard me. I slept with him and yeah, I moaned as you taught me. Harder! Yeah, faster… And I sounded odd. I should have known he wasn’t the one” Erica said with anger in her voice.

Ava smiled.
“I taught you well. But, you have to understand things. Imagine you being in his shoes, what would have happened? Forgive him. He really loves you”

“What about Calvin? If I agree to love him, what happens to Calvin?”

“You don’t love Calvin. It’s just infatuation” Ava said. Erica moved closer to her friend.

“I don’t care. There’s going to be nothing between both of us!” She yelled and started walking away, trying to find her way back. They pulled George out. He was bIeeding badly. Ava couldn’t believe she could hit him so hard.

“Argh! Fk you all!” He said as he left.

“You too sweetheart!” Ava waved jokingly and left, following her friend behind.
Everyone found their way to the house. Erica walked in first, looking angry and devastated.

“Finally! You are home sweetheart” Tracy said welcoming Erica home. Erica smiled awkwardly at her and walked towards the stairs.

“What happened?” She asked Barbie as they walked into the house.

“She knows everything already” Barbie said and threw herself on the couch. Tracy gasped and walked towards Kelvin.

“Are you alright son?” She asked.

“I’m fine mom. Seem like she doesn’t want me, we don’t belong together. Once Calvin wakes up, I’ll leave for good” he said.

“You can’t and you won’t”

“Why mother? Everyone thinks I’m the cause of Calvin’s doom, Dad calls me a m®nster, even the woman I love can’t look at me again” he said with a teary voice. Tracy knew how much Kelvin loved Erica. Nothing had ever made him cry, until today.

“Come with me son…” Tracy said and took him away.
Ava exhaled deeply and walked towards the stairs. She barged into Erica’s room and saw her packing up.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“I’m leaving” she said.

“You can’t leave Erica. You have to think this through”

“I can’t trust the one who betrayed me Ava. Kelvin betrayed me and I can’t trust him again. I know you want me to be with him but I can’t. I belong to Calvin. You now imagine yourself in my shoes, what would you have done? See things in my world and understand what I’m going through. I loved Kelvin but what did he do, he said no! Right to my face” she said and moved to her luggage. Ava pulled her back.

“Think about this. Remember the man in your dreams. The one in white, confessing how much he loves you. The same man who proposed to you was Kelvin. Why? Because fate know what’s best for you, the whole world is on your side. Why couldn’t it be Calvin? Huh? I don’t know Erica, but if you want to do this. I’m sorry, I can’t be with you” she said and turned to leave.

“Ava? Ava?” Erica called her back but she didn’t listen. She walked out of the room majestically. She knew that Erica would come back to her own senses.
But no!

Everyone sprung up when they saw Erica pulling her luggage down the stairs. She walked towards Barbie and hugged her.
“I’ll miss you. You’ve been so good to me even if it was just for a short time” she said. Barbie shook her head. She hated goodbye words.

“You don’t have to leave Erica” Barbie whispered as Erica left from her side. She walked towards Tracy and also hugged her.

“Take care ma’am. You are a good woman” she said. She stole glances from Kelvin who was standing beside her and walked away. She grabbed her luggage and walked out of the house. Kelvin wanted to go after her but Tracy stopped him.

“She will be back. Just be patient” she said. They all stared at Tracy.
Erica left to the hospital to see Calvin. She should have known band believed the signs she saw earlier but she didn’t. She remembered when Kelvin taught her how to swim when Calvin can’t swim. She remembered when Kelvin couldn’t eat vegetables when Calvin could eat vegetables. She wondered why she didn’t want believe that was Kelvin all along.

“Miss Erica, it’s good to have you here. How can I help you?” The doctor in charge of Calvin asked.

“Take me to Calvin now!” She said. The doctor saw how furious she was. He knew that she already know the truth so he took her to Calvin’s room.

“Take your time ma’am” he said and left.


Erica walked towards Calvin and sat beside him.
“Oh Calvin!” She said and touched his hands. She kissed it.

“I’m sorry that I didn’t know it was you all along. You are hurt because of me. I’m sorry!” She said and sniffed in, trying not to cry.

“I’ll just leave your life and won’t come back. I hope you erase all memory of me when I’m gone” she said. She kssed his hand again and left.
She found her way to one of the houses that her father left her. She started to arrange some things and also buy some things to make the house look good.
“Now, I’m alone. Again! Olivia was right, there’s no way I can be somebody’s”


When it was night, Erica went to the club. She walked towards her ex boss.
“Mr Roger?” She called out.

“Oh Erica! Nice to see you again. What made you drop by?” He asked.

“I want my job back” she said.

“What? You are the billionaire fiancee. What would people think when they see you working here? You are gonna hear news like… Billionaire fiancee works in a club” he said mimicking the newscaster. Erica gave a soft chuckle.

“I’m no one’s fiancee. I have money to take care of myself but I can’t remain at home doing nothing” she said.

“Sure, you can have your job back. Your pay is still $50 per hour” he said.

“Got it boss!” Erica said and grabbed an apron. She rolled her long hair and started serving drinks.

“Can I have a… Wait! Aren’t you the fiancee of one of the crazy twin?” One of the customer asked.

“People said that a lot. Do I look like her?” She asked.

“Of course you do” he said. Erica smiled and poured him his drink.

“Have fun!” She said withdraw from the counter.
“Welcome back to club baby!” Erica heard a voice and turned her gaze. She saw her long time friend, walking towards her.

“Oh hey Olivia, what can I get you?” She asked.

“Some space! I hate you Erica” she said.

“I should have known that sooner. I’m sorry for you hating me” Erica said. Olivia wondered why she looked so calm..she sighed and lowered her gaze.

“I’m sorry Erica. I’m just being so jealous” she said.

“It’s okay. It’s not your fault” Erica said.

“How’s your fiancee?” She asked.

“Let’s say, I’m single and you’re right. There’s no way I can belong to someone. I’m just a single and that’s my nature” she said.

“What about the man in your dreams?” She asked. Erica shook her head.

“Fine, I know someone who could help you. She’s a sooth sayer”

“What’s that?” Erica furrowed her eyebrows.

“Argh! I’ll take you there once your shift is over” she rolled her eyes.

“Thanks Olivia. I knew there was some good in you” she said. Olivia bluffed and requested for a glass of whiskey.


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