Chapter 61

Not to mention the schizophrenia sht. Shower with your clothes on, check the lock on a door a few times and people think you’re losing your mind. I had to do it, though.

I know myself and I knew if I found out my suspicions were true and Sloan was fking someone else, that I would more than likely lose my sht and mvrder the guy.

I can’t very well mvrder someone and run the risk of being tried as a mentally competent adult.

I had to have a back-up plan so I wouldn’t rot in prison like my father did most of his life.

Maybe it wasn’t a complete waste. I at least have the “schizophrenia” to fall back on if I ever need it. Which I probably will eventually, because Luke is still breathing.

TOO LATE : CHAPTER 61 - THE END. Thingscouplesdo

When I make it back to my cell, I fall down onto the bed as the bars clank shut behind me. I can’t help but smile.

This whole thing is turning out so beautiful. Sloan will take some time to come around again, but I know she will.

Especially once Luke is out of the picture for good. I’ll have to somehow look past the fact that Luke has been inside her.

I can fk her out of him, though. I’ll just have to fk her a whole gddmn bunch and in every position until I no longer think about him when I look at her.

“What are you so happy about?” a voice says.

I turn my head and look at my cellmate. I can’t remember his name.

He’s asked me about a million questions since I was thrown in this cell with him, but this is the first time I actually answer him.

“I’m about to be a free man,” I tell him, staring up at the ceiling with a huge gddmn smile on my face. “Which means I finally get to marry my fiancé. In a real wedding. With a three-tier coconut cake.”

I can’t help but laugh, just thinking about it.

I’m coming for you, Sloan. Whether you think you want me to or not.

You promised to love me.


And you will.



I bring the cup of coffee to my mouth. My hands are shaking so bad, it makes tiny little black waves of coffee crash against the sides of my cup.

I glance over at the clock on the far wall. Three in the morning.

It’s been two days since Asa’s case was thrown out. He was bailed out that afternoon.

Luke and I were sent to this apartment in the city for protection until the next hearing.

It’s a nice apartment, but when I’m too scared to step outside or even look out the window, it feels more like a prison.

Luke has assured me over and over that there’s no way Asa will find us here.

But what Luke probably doesn’t understand is that even if Asa is locked up in prison the rest of his life, I’ll still constantly be looking over my shoulder.

If it isn’t Asa himself that could hurt me or Luke, I wouldn’t put it past him to hire someone else to do it.


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