Chapter 68

I can feel her tears and my heart is regretting every second of putting her through this, but I have no other choice.

“Sloan had just gotten out of the pool,” I say to him. “Her b.ra and pnties were soaking wet. Tips were hard as rocks. You know what she did, Asa?”

He doesn’t respond, so I continue.

“She walked right up to me, pressed those hard tips against my chest, and then she called me out on my buIIsht.

Said she knew I was undercover. She threatened to tell you. So I did what any guy would do in that situation.

I pulled her to the side of the house, shoved her against the wall, and kssed her to shut her up.” I force a smile. “She loved it, Asa. M®aned so loud I was afraid she might wake you up.

Then she wrapped her legs around me, letting me know how much she wanted it. I carried her to my car and she $traddled my lap.

She slid right over my thing and fked me in the backseat of my car while you slept upstairs.

She fked me, Asa. She didn’t fk Carter. She fked Luke. The cop. She fked me, knowing I was there to bring you down.”

I push Sloan forward a step, getting just a little bit closer to Asa, digging that knlfe in a little bit deeper. “How does that make you feel?

Knowing it turned her on more to know that I was an undercover cop building a case against you than it did when she thought I was just another dealer like you?”

Asa’s nostrils are flaring. He’s staring at Sloan, hatred in his eyes. “Is that true, baby?” he says, his voice laced with fear for her answer. Sloan is right.

She’s the only thing that can break him. “Did you know he was a cop when you fked him?”

Sloan is staring at Asa, her fear forcing her chest to heave up and down. She nods. “It’s true, Asa,” she whispers. “And it was the best orga$m of my life.”

There’s a split second when I can actually see her words breaking his heart.

Cracking his entire soul right down the middle. His eyebrows draw apart and he blows out a quick breath, refusing to believe the words she just spoke to him.

That split second is all it takes to aim my gvn in his direction.

I pull the trlgger, hitting him in the arm that’s holding the gvn.

The second the buIIet makes contact, Ryan breaks free and grabs Asa’s gvn, sh®oting him once in each leg and once in the other arm.

Sloan is wrapped around me, one of my arms is holding her tight while the other is aiming straight at Asa’s head.

My finger is around the trlgger and it’s taking everything in me not to sh®ot him. To end his worthless life for good.

Ryan can see it on my face. “Don’t do it, Luke,” he says.

Asa falls to the floor and Ryan is on top of him, cuffing his arms behind his back. “Where’s Tillie?” Ryan demands.

Asa makes eye contact with him. He has four buIIet wounds in his body-none of them necessarily life-threatening-but he has a solemn look on his face, like he can’t even feel the physical pain.

“Fk if I know,” he says.

Ryan reaches back and smashes the barrel of his gvn across Asa’s face. BI.ood splatters on the wall.

He grabs Asa’s phone out of his pocket and says, “You’re going to call them off! Right now! You’re going to free Tillie and my sister, you piece of sht!”


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