Chapter 62

I turn my head when I hear the bedroom door open. Luke walks out, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

He’s wearing black jogging p.ants that hang off his hips and no shirt.

The bandages from his wound cover most of his chest. He’s barefoot, shuffling across the hard wood floor toward me.

He reaches the back of the couch and I lean my head back and look up at him.

He leans forward and ksses my forehead upside down. “You okay?”

I shrug. “I can’t sleep. Again.”

His eyes are sympathetic and he lifts a hand, brushing my hair off my forehead. “Sloan,” he says quietly. “You don’t have to worry here.

He can’t find us. We’re safe until his next trial, I promise.”

I nod again, but his words do little to comfort me. I’ll never trust Asa, no matter how safe I should feel.

He walks around the couch and sits down, pulling me onto his lap until I’m $traddling him. He wraps his hands around my lower back and says, “What can I do to help you sleep?”

I smile. I like his distraction methods. “It’s only been two weeks since you were released. You have two more to go.”

His hands cup my bvm beneath his oversized t-shirt I’m wearing.

He slides his fingers beneath the edges of my pnties, sending chills over me and forcing Asa out of my head for a few seconds. “I wasn’t thinking about sx with you,” he says. “I was thinking more along the lines of what I could do for you.”

One of his hands slides around to my stomach and then up to my bbs.

His thumb brushes my tip at the same time his tongue slides across my lips. He ksses me, deep, then pulls back just as I start to grow dizzy.

“I’ll be careful,” he says. “My hands and mouth will do all the work, but I’ll make sure the rest of me takes it easy. Okay?”

know I should encourage his recovery, but every time he touches me, it calms me down. Makes me less nervous.

I need that right now.

“Okay,” I whisper.

He smiles and then pulls off my shirt. His mouth covers my right bb, and after giving that one attention, he moves to my left.

Then he pushes me until my back is against the couch and he’s hovering over me.

His lips drag across my mouth, my neck, my bbs. His breath warms up every part of me while his hand works it’s way inside my pn.ties.

He adjusts me until I have one leg lifted over the back of the couch and one leg on the floor. He rests his lips against mine and whispers, “Watch me.”

I open my eyes, just as his fingers slip inside me. I m®an, struggling to keep my eyes open, but he likes the eye contact.

I like it, too. It’s new for me.


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