Chapter 69

Asa is staring up at him, laughing. “Your sister was a lucky guess,” he says. “Found her online. Looked up her address.

I don’t even have people at her house, you guIIible piece of sht.”

Ryan stares at him long and hard. He pulls his phone out and dials a number.

“Are you okay?”

He pauses. Then, “Tillie, are you fking okay? This isn’t a joke! Where are you?”

Ryan closes his eyes and then in a split second, his gvn smashes against Asa’s head again. “You pathetic fk!”

He hangs up the phone and calls his sister. “Hey,” he says. “I’m sending police to your house. Don’t freak out, I just need to make sure you’re okay.”

When he hangs up the phone, he looks at me. He shakes his head. “I’m sorry, Luke,” he says. “There was no way I knew if he was lying or not. I couldn’t take any chances.”

“I would have done the same thing.”

Ryan makes sure Asa’s cuffs are secured to the mantle and then walks toward the door. “I’ll call the station and have this sorry fker picked up.

I’ll be downstairs. Keep your gvn on him until they come get him.”

As soon as the door is shut, I pull Sloan to me, squeezing her. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I did that. I’m sorry I put a gvn to your head and said those things.”

She lifts up on her toes and ksses me. “You saved my life, Luke. Don’t apologize, I knew what you were doing.”

“Get the fk off her,” Asa grumbles.

We both glance over at him. He’s handcuffed to the mantle, his jeans covering in the bI.ood that’s coming from his legs.

But he still doesn’t seem to care that he’s been sh®t four times. He’s staring at Sloan, rage in his eyes.

All I can think about is Sloan and how relieved I am that this fker is definitely going to prison now.

She’ll feel safer, at least.

But she still won’t feel vindicated.




Stupid. His hands are on her, his lips in her hair. My stomach feels like someone went after it from the inside with a machete.

Every time he touches her, I can taste vomit.

“Get your hands off her,” I whisper.

Sloan’s eyes meet mine and she slides in front of Luke, presses her back to his chest.

She pulls his arms around her waist. “I don’t want his hands off me,” she whispers. “He makes me feel things, Asa. Things you never could.”

She lifts her shirt and slips one of his hands inside it.

What is she doing?

My breathing is getting real hard to control right now. I’ve never hated something this much.

If it took me going to church just so I could believe in a h’ll Luke would rot in, I’d never miss a service.

Luke’s eyes are locked with mine as he lowers his mouth to her neck.

I can see his hand moving inside her shirt, straight up to her bbs. He squeezes them and I gag.

“Sloan,” I say, my voice desperate. “Baby, stop. Stop letting him touch you like that, you don’t like it.”

I’m yanking my wrists so hard, attempting to break this mantle, they start to bIeed from the cuffs cutting into my skin.


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