Chapter 67

Sloan is shaking so hard against me, and it klls me that I’m doing this to her. But she knows she’s the only bargaining tool we have to work with.

He would never want her dead, so I hope she realizes that this may be our only way out of this.

It’s a risk, but we’re out of options.

Asa’s eyes are hard on mine. “Let her go, Luke. I’ll release Ryan, Sloan and I will leave, and things can go back to how they’re supposed to be.”

I’ll never push her into Asa’s arms. Ever. Even if he has to kll me first.

“Asa,” I say, backing her away from him. “Do you remember the last time we were locked up in a room together?

You were very curious about the details of my first time with Sloan.”

His Adam’s apple rolls down his throat.

“You still interested in hearing about it?”

Asa cocks his gun in a threatening gesture, pushing it beneath Ryan’s chin, forcing his head up.

I do the same to Sloan. It makes her cry even harder.

“The first time I kssed her was in your bedroom,” I say. “Right next to your bed.”

“Shut your filthy mouth, Luke,” Asa yells. “I’ll blow his brains out all over this apartment.”

I nod. “If you do that, you’ll see exactly what Sloan looks like on the inside.”

He winces. I’m getting to him.

“You think I care if she dies?” I say. “There are a million more girls just like her, Asa.

She doesn’t mean sht to me. She got me closer to you and that’s all I ever cared about. She’s a white-trash cunt who used you for your money.

Do you really think I would take a girl like that home to my mother?”

Asa lowers his head until his eyes are narrowed in my direction. “You think I believe that? Nice try, Luke.

But I know you want to keep her all to yourself or you wouldn’t be here with her.

Now tell me what it’ll take for you to give her to me. Alive.”

“I can’t do that yet, Asa. You’re right, I don’t want to give her up. I’ve only been able to fk her once. She owes me a good fk or two.”

Asa pops his neck. That really got to him. I can see his focus changing more to me and less on Ryan. I push him a little further.


“You want to know what it was like the first time I fked her?”

Asa shakes his head. “Not particularly. What I’d like is to not have to kll you or your partner.

What I’d like is for you to hand me Sloan so we can move on with our lives.”

“You were passed out in your bed upstairs,” I tell him. I press my cheek against Sloan’s, rubbing my face against her.


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