Chapter 65

It’s the only thing that would kll what’s left of his soul.

I sometimes wish he could be forced to watch you take what he thinks belongs to him…”

Luke doesn’t respond for a long time. I start to grow embarrassed that I admitted that out loud.

I don’t want him to think I have this fantasy that involves Asa watching us for pleasure. It’s far from that.

With everything Asa has put me through, I know that this would hurt him more than anything.

That’s all that fantasy is-a way for me to get the ultimate revenge on him.

“Sloan,” Luke finally says. “He did a lot to you that you didn’t deserve. So much more than anyone should ever have to endure.

It’s perfectly normal for you to want him to suffer. Don’t ever feel guilty about that. Ever.”

I sigh with relief at his words. He hugs me even tighter. “What would be your ultimate revenge?”

Luke laughs a little. “My only revenge would be watching you get your ultimate revenge.

I just want to see you vindicated. Justified. So I want whatever it is that would get you that.”

I love him. I really do. So dmn much. I pull my face away from his chest and say, “I love you, Luke.”

He cups my face and says, “I love you too, baby.” And then he ksses me.

But then he stops.


Loud banging on the center of the apartment door. I immediately feel the terror, the chills all over my skin, the shaking return to my hands.

Luke is standing now. I don’t even know when he jumped off the couch.

He throws me my t-shirt and motions for me to put it on. He’s across the living room, grabbing his gvn off the counter.

More banging on the door.

He motions for me to stand up and come stand by him. I do.

“Who knows we’re here?” I ask him.

“Just Ryan,” he says, walking to the front door. I follow him. He leans forward and looks through the peephole.

He pulls back and presses his back to the wall by the door.

“It’s Ryan,” he whispers.

I blow out a deep, pent up breath. “Thank God,” I whisper.

Luke doesn’t move. His gvn is still drawn and his eyes are boring into mine.

“What’s wrong?” I whisper.

Luke inhales a quick breath, then releases it. “He’s not scratching his neck.”


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