Chapter 63

In the past, with Asa, I’ve always kept my eyes shut tight because I never wanted to look at him.

With Luke, I’m scared I’ll miss something. I don’t want to miss the way he looks at me, the way he responds to my noises. I love the eye contact.

He presses his thumb against me while his fingers remain inside of me and we only have to keep eye contact for no more than thirty seconds, because that’s all it takes for his touch to completely send me over the edge.

As soon as I start shaking beneath him, he claims my mouth with his, swallowing his name as it flows from my lips.

He ksses me until it’s over, and then lowers himself until he’s pressed against me.

I can feel him bulging through his sweatpnts and it creates another need in me.

“I think I’m better,” he says, moving his hips against me. “I’m pretty sure it’s safe to be inside you now.”

His voice is gravelly—needy—and it would be so easy just to push down his sweatpants and let him fill me.

But I would feel terrible if something bad happened because we were too impatient to wait the recommended time.

His heart may not be strong enough for that yet.

“How about we compromise?” I whisper. “One more week and then we’ll take it really slow.”

Luke groans against my neck, but pulls back. “One more week,” he agrees. “But then be prepared for multiple times a day.

I have a lot of catching up to do.” I laugh as he sidles up to my side, pulling me against him. I’m facing him, my hands on his chest. I trace my fingers around his bandage.

“I wonder what your scar will look like,” I whisper.

His hand meets my hair and he runs his fingers through it, down my back, over my arm. “I don’t know,” he says. “I just hope you kss it a lot.”

I laugh. “Don’t worry, once we’re in the clear, you’re gonna have a hard time keeping my mouth off you.

I like your body too much.” I look up at him. “Is that shallow? That I like looking at you with your shirt off?”

He shakes his head with a grin. “Nah. The first thing that attracted me to you was your bvm.”

“I thought it was the drool on my chin when you woke me up in class that first day.”

He nods. “Yeah. You’re right. It was definitely the slobber.”

I laugh. I love that he’s able to make me laugh at a time like this.

Our lips meet and we kss for a solid five minutes. Until he starts to press into me again.

I feel terrible that he’s being tortured so much, but there’s no way I’m allowing him to go against doctors orders.

I need him to be as healthy as he can as soon as he can. I push him away and try to change the subject to something that will help him recover.

“Do you think you’ll get to see your mother soon?” I ask him.


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