Episode 17

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“Casper?” Draco asked. “Yeah, we left him at home. How is he surviving all alone?” She asked with a sad pout?

“That’s right, our neighbors aren’t that nice and Casper is the shy type,” Draco stated. “Who is Casper?” Nora asked.

“Our dog,” Diana answered and turn to Iris. “Can’t we visit our house just once, we mean no harm. We just want to see how Casper is doing, we could bring him here if you want,” she said and shrug.

“You are not going home neither are you bringing that creature into my house,” she snapped.

“Let us go and visit him then,” Draco blurted. “It’s just a dog,” She said and raised her hand dramatically in the air. “Casper is not just a dog, he is out family dog,” Diana said.

“He is still a dog that my point,” Iris replied. “We wanna go home,” Draco said. “You guys aren’t leaving,” she stated.

“Alrighty we will just call the animal welfare, they are going to take care of him,” Diana said and Draco nodded in agreement.

Iris was mad at them but she dared not say a word, she still suspects them just like they suspect her. Even though they are getting out of control she is going to try and tolerate them.

Theu keep looking for excuses to go back to their house after telling her they don’t want to leave. They are not stable and that is enough to doubt their alibi.

She decided to ignore them and have a peaceful dinner, listening to them will onykt ruin her mood.

She ate her food silently while the twins chat and laughed, Nora tried to stop them but they ignored get just to get on Iris nerve.

Iris rushed her food and went back to her room, “what’s up with her tonight?” Draco asked while Diana shrugged.

Nora who heard them said, “she is tired of you two.” Diana chuckled and said, “not our fault.”

“You two should try and be nice,” she advised. “Why should we pretend to be nice? The wicked have no rest, your daughter is just one of them,” she said and stood up while Nora couldn’t help but gasp in surprise. “Thanks for the dinner,” she appreciated before leaving.

Draco ate and played a video game on his phone, Nora tried to convince him instead with the thought that he is a bit different from his sister.

“Draco, do you want more?” She asked caresing his hand. He raised his head and gave her a mvrderous glare, “I didn’t wait here to listen to your sermon, don’t try to make a move,” he said and she gulped down.

“I’m sorry,” she apologized withdrawing her hand from his. “Good night,” he said getting up, she watched him walk to the room.

Nora noticed something was off about Iris, she is not the type that will let those brats off the hook easily, but she didn’t say anything apart from forbidding them to leave.

She is also confuse as to why Iris is still keeping them, they are not solving their problems but rather adding to it.

She wished everything would be sorted out soon. She sighed as get gaze went to the dirty plates on the table, she parked it and did the dish before going to bed.



Romina took Elias food to his room while she decided to eat with nanny Gloria. It’s been days she has eaten with her in the name of busy.

She had to do it to avoid suspicious, she was done having dinner when Niel called. “What does he want this time?” She wondered.

“Hey half sis,” he said first as soon as she picked up. “Don’t have a watch or it ain’t working?” She asked.

“I’m not sure, but you could build me one,” he said and her heart raced faster at the mention of ‘build’. “I don’t build watch for those who don’t know how to use them,” she replied.

“What’s your problem tonight?” She asked. “I missed you,” he replied. “Go to h’ll if you do don’t call me,” she snapped.

“Is that where you live? I can but some flowers on my way to visit you,” he mock. “Devils like you live in hell!,” she yelled cut the call.

“Bstard” Romina cursed as she walked into the room, Elias was sited on his bed going through the medical history of a thing.

“Good evening,” she greeted. “Evening,” he replied dropping the book, she sat on the chair with an angry expression. Elias could not get it out of his head that he must have done something wrong.

She didn’t have breakfast with him not dinner and she is now keeping a straight angry face. “Are you okay?” He mustered the courage to ask.

“I’m not sure,” she replied glaring at nothing in particular, her gaze is not on Elias but she was glaring at nothing.

“Did something happen? Did I do something wrong?” He asked nervously, he has no fúcking idea why he is this nervous of getting on her bad side.

“I don’t understand humans especially some of them that acts like descendants of the devil,” she snapped at nothing, it was like she is imagining that person as she spoke.

“Descendants of the devil?” He asked. “I know right!” She snapped. He knew she had an issuer with someone else, but just can’t tell who or why it feels like he is involved.

“I don’t give a dmn if he is the d’vil himself, I won’t think twice before going into battle with him,” she said with a straight face.

“Who got on your bad side?” He asked. “Some bstard,” she cvrsed. “Bstard?” He repeated as a question.

She raised her head to find him giving her suspicious glares. “I’m sorry about that, I was just mad about something,” she apologized.

“It is fine as long as it isn’t me,” he mumbled. “What was that?” She asked not getting what he said.

“It’s fine,” he said with a smile and she nodded, her gaze went to the book in front of him. “You are still reading that?” Sh asked and he nodded knowing she is talking about the medical records.

“Is it useful?” She asked. “It helping but I need to see her in person,” he said. “We can do that tomorrow morning,” she said.

“Okay then,” he nodded. “Saw you fiancee today,” she blurted. “Iris?” He asked happily.

“Yeah, she was driving ¢razily on the highway. I thought she was going to commit su!cide so I jumped in to save her,” she explained

“Su!cide?” His eyes widened in fear. “I mentioned thought, pick that word too,” she said and he chuckled, it’s nice to have the old her back.

“So what happened?” He asked. “Didn’t ask for the full story, I noticed tears on her face and she denied wanting to commit su!cide,” she explained.

“She is going through a lot,” he muttered with his head bowed. “Don’t give me that, she is good to be fine,” she said.

Elias smiled and she gave him a thumbs up, “I will try to get closer to them so you won’t have to worry so much,” she said.

“Thanks,” he muttered. “It should be the other way round,” she said and got up. “What is that suppose to mean?” He asked but she locked the door instead and he sighed.

He took the book and resumed reading it. Romina sat in front of her dressing mirror with a heavy heart, she was confused about what Niel is up to.

He called her and asked her to build a watch, why will he request for a watch now? It is too much of a coincidence. Did he find out about the watch she is about to build?

“If yes how? Is he stalking her or does he have a spy in the company if yes, who Is it? Only Nina and Steve knows about the watch so it could not have been a spy.

Or is one of them a spy? It can’t be Steve they have been friends since ages, It can’t be Nina either she hate the sight of Steve.

“Who could it be?” She mutter walking to her bed, she collapse on it with the confusion of how Niel found out.



The next day, Romina woke up early and went to get Elias, the only way for him to meet her mom is like that.

To wake up very early when no one is awake, “wake up sleepy head!” She tap him on the cheek.

“What are you doing here?” He asked rubbing his eyes. “We have to go and see my mom, and you can only do that in the morning,” she said.

They walked secretly towards the room only to bump into someone, “what on earth?” She muttered rasing her head.

“Neil? What are you doing here?” She growled? “Good morning sis,” he winked at her.


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