Episode 14

By : Kebby NG Media Services

Iris kept pvlling the nurse’s ha!r, she pushed her inside and sat on her. “You bch! I’m going to kll you!” She yelled as she kept dr.agging her ha!r.

“let go of me!” Nurse Rachel yelled as she struggled to free herself from her grip, but Iris was too strong

“You bch! How dare you se..duce him!?!” She s¢reamed as she got hold of the nurse’s hair. Nurse Rachel’s boyfriend who was in the kitchen rushed towards them.

“Stop this!” He snapped trying to get Iris off Rachel. “Don’t tell me to stop!” She s¢reamed, htting Nurse Rachel.

” Let go of me lvnatic!” Rachel yelled under her as she tried to push her but Iris h!t her head making her weak

” What do you want from us?” The guy asked still trying to get Iris off Rachel, but whenever he pvlled her she pvlled Rachel’s h.air along making her $cream in pa!n.

“I want to teach her a lesson for se..ducing you! She won’t dare to do so next time because I am going to kll her!” She threatened not letting go of the nurse.

“Se..duce?! What are you talking about?” The guy asked letting go of her. “Don’t tell me you just fell in love with her, she must have done something to you. I will save you from this wtch, I promise Elias,” she said still htting the nurse.

” Who is Elias?” He asked and for the first time since she entererd that house, she didn’t hear Elias’s voice but a different person, a total stranger.

She let go of Rachel’s hair and raise her head to see the person that had just spoken.

“Who are you? When did you get here?” Iris asked, believing the guy just entered.

“We should be asking you that, who the heck are you?” He asked.

Rachel pushes Iris off her and she hit her butt on the floor. “What’s your problem?!” Rachel yelled, her body face was bruised.

“Have you been here the whole time? Like it was just you two?” Iris asked confused.

She is sure she heard Elias’s voice, she isn’t mistaken. Where did this new guy come from? “Yes,” he replied.

Iris’s gaze went to the lady whose nose was bIeeding. She felt guilty and ¢razy, how could she hvrt an innocent lady because of her assumptions.

“I’m sorry” she apologized immediately Rachel sIapped her. The guy held her back because she wanted to beat her, just like she did to her.

“Did you escape from a mental asylum?” Rachel asked, Iris wanted to reply her, but she didn’t.

It is true, that she behaved like a person who escaped from a mental hospital. She barged into their house and started beating her for no reasonable reason. ‘Elias you are driving me insane’ she thought.

“I don’t care what your problem is or if you refused to be treated, I want you out of our house at this moment!” She snapped

“Ma’am,” she called and the lady scoffed, after pvnching her, calling her bch, she decided to use ma’am.

“Ma’am, I’m curious,” she started in the calmest tone.

“I can see you are not in your right state of mind,” the guy said, ” please leave our house” he added pointing at the open door.

Iris turned to look at the door and then back at them. She sighed, “I admit I made a mistake, I know and I am sorry” she exhaled, ” this is unlike me. Please give me another chance, just let me ask one question,” she pleaded

“Do you think we give a damn if it is more than one? We don’t, so get lost. Go and die somewhere your body won’t be found!” Rachel snapped.

Why is she suddenly cvrsing her? All that happened was a mistake that they can talk about. They are making it a big deal.

“Get out Lady!” She snapped and Iris stood up slowly. She dust her clothes and walked out of the house.

“¢razy girl” the guy muttered as she closed the door.

Iris sat in the car as her heart felt heavy. Is she really mad? Elias has a great effect on her, but she won’t give up. She will find him, no matter what.

It didn’t take long before she got home, she felt tired and sad. “This is cool,” she heard one of the twins say

She can’t tell who it we because she was not paying full attention, “wow!” She was sure it’s Diana this time.

“What have they done this time?” She asked no one as she rushed into the house. “What in heavens name are you wearing?” She ask but got no response, they were engrossed in the game.

They were kicking the air and jumping excitedly, she knew it was hopeless talking to them with that thing on.

She removed it from Draco’s eyes then Diana’s, “what was that for!” Diana yelled. “What are you guys wearing?” She asked.

“This?” Diana asked raising it. “It’s VR Game,” she answered.

“Where did you get it?” She asked



“Coming!” Nanny Gloria said as she walked towards the door, she opened it and doctor Nathan’s face came into view. “Good evening Mrs Gloria,” he greeted walking inside.

“Evening,” she replied locking the door. “Is Mrs Zaragoza in?” He asked.

“No, she’s not back from work. You can attend to her, she will be here soon,” she answered.

“Alright,” he replied and walked to upstairs. Few minutes later Romina arrived.

“I’m home nanny!” She announced. “Welcome, doctor Nathan is here,” she informed.

“I’ll go to him now, I’ll be having dinner in my room as usual,” she said before leaving.

Doctor Nathan was injecting something into the IV when Romina walked in. “You are back,” he said.

“Yeah,” she replied and took a seat on the bed beside her mom. “She is fine,” he said.

“I’m sorry about Doctor Elias, I heard he eloped on his wedding day. You must be heartbroken,” he sympathize.

“Why will I be heartbroken, I’m not the bride,” she said nonchalantly. “He is suppose to treat your mom, remember?” He asked.

“I know, it’s fine. Mom might miraculously wake up, you never can tell what will happen,” she chuckled.

“Are you really okay?” He aked. “Yeah, I’m fine,” she answered. “Are you done?” She asked.

“Yes why?” He asked. “Kindly use the door,” she said and his eyes widened.

“Are you kidding me? You are just going to throw me out? It’s not my fault he disappeared, don’t be hard on yourself” he said.

“When you are done with your long and boring lecture, kindly leave,” she said and left the room.

She went to her room and met a tray of food on bed, she had a shower and changed into a comfortable short gown.

She took the food to the secret room, Elias was sitting on the bed. He looked like a ghost but she doesn’t blame him.

He is locked in the room, no books, no internet, no friend, just him. She is surprised he is still sane.

“Hey,” she said casually. “Hey,” he replied. “Are you okay?” She asked dropping the tray on the bed.

“I’m not sure,” he replied. “Your should eat something,” she advised opening the food. “I don’t have an appetite,” he replied.

“Are you sick?” She asked. “Just leave,” he said turning his face away. She felt guilty and was almost tempted to let him go, “I went to see your siblings just like you requested,” she said but got no response or reaction.

“I think they are in good hands, the girl seems nice. They looked happy too, I’m not making things up, I have evidence,” she said and brought out her phone.

She tap on the picture she took, Diana collecting the food with Iris beside her. “Don’t they look happy?” She asked but he was not even sparing her a glance.

She dropped the phone and walked out of the room, he took the phone and a smile appeared on his face.

“I miss them,” he muttered touching the screen. He perceived the aroma of the food and felt hungry immediately, he took a spoon and started devouring the food.

Romina walked in with a spoon in her hand, she was happy when she met him eating. “I thought angry people don’t eat,” she joked.

“I am only eating this because I want to look healthy when I leave this place,” he said and she dipped her spoon into the food.

“Thanks,” he said. “I should apologize for separating you from them,” she said.

“What is it you want from me?” He asked. She dropped her spoon slowly and stared into his eye.

“I’m scared,” he muttered. “I need you to save a life,” she blunted. “I’m no God,” he said.

“Not with magic id!ot, with your skills,” she said with a sad smile. “Who do you want me to save?” He asked.

She took a deep breath before saying the two words, “MY MOM,”


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