Episode 20

By : Kebby NG Media Services

“Today was exhausting!” Romina said and collapse on the bed, Elias was reading a book when she walked in.

“What happened?” He asked turning towards her. “A lot, I don’t want to talk about,” she replied.

“I brought the text books you asked for,” she said pointing at a bsc degree lying carelessly on the floor, he stood up and picked it up.

He smiled and opened it, “this is perfect, I’m going to start reading ASAP!” He said and she nodded, she turned to sleep on her side and watch him read.

Her mind drifted as she met with Iris, she looked really sad as Romina started feeling guilty for kidnapping her husband.

“Is something bothering you?” He raised his head to observe her expression. “Tell me about you,” she said, she thought he was going to suspect something if she asked about his fiancee.

“What exactly do you want to know?” He inquired turning to face her. “Everything, starting from when you were young,” she replied.

“Okay,” he cleared his throat before he continued. “My parents were medical doctors,” he started.

“Both of them?” She asked and he nodded. “Let me guess, they met in the hospital, their story is going to be sweetheart hospital r®mance,” she added.

“Yes, they went to work and returned together. I was the only child and I was loved and pampered, I loved watching my parent work.

It was amazing watching them save lives, I was always amaze when they solve complicated problems. I vowed to become a doctor too and work alongside with them.

My mom got pregnant with the twins when I was twelve, i was so happy that I told all my friends in school,” he said with a fake smile, tears threatened to leave his eyes as he remembered something.

Romina noticed this and asked, “what changed?”
“We were happy and not so much changed except for the fact that I need to stay at home with the twins. They were five when our parents went missing,” he blurted.

“Missing, I thought they died,” she said. “Yes, they were part of the medical team sent to take care of the injured soldier in the war. They were reported missing for the first ten days and later reported dead with their bodies sent home,” he uttered with his head bowed.

“I’m sorry, I should not have asked,” she said. “It’s fine, it was actually fun rasing the twins, all their nannies quit after two weeks, highest was a month and five days,” he said.

“Those two must be a hard one to deal with then,” she said. “Not really they were nice to me and their teacher not just at anyone else,” he said.

“Let’s talk about your fiancee,” she said. “Iris is one of the best thing that happened to me after my parents, we meet four years ago on a medical trip. She was with the tourist, I fell in love at first sight and her loving me was the best gift,” he said and blush at his own words.

“It must have been a great experience,” she said and he nodded. “Tell me about your love life,” he requested.

“There is nothing to tell,” she said and started away. “Don’t give me that,” he muttered getting in bed too.

“I have never fallen in love, it has always been me and my parents, well not until Neil showed up. His mom brought him they faithful afternoon, we planned on going on a family vacation but it was ruined all thanks to his sudden appearance.

Mom was sad that dad cheated on her, I tried to welcome Neil and make mom accept him but he was too arrogant. He claimed to be the heir and that infurate me.

I stopped trying to be a sister, we became enemies. We were never in a good term, we found out that dad was sick, bIood ¢ancer.

He wrote his will a day before his surgery, no one had an idea of where he kept it or what he wrote in it except mom.

They got into an accident on the way to the hospital and you know the rest, so my life has always been boring, there is nothing interesting to discuss,” she said still staring at the ceiling.

“I will do my best to make sure your mom gets better,” he promised. “I’m sorry for running your life,” she apologized.

There was a minute of silence between the two, they would stares at each other then look away with a smile.

“This isn’t a staring competition is it?” Elias asked. “Nope, it’s late I will get your dinner,” she said getting out of bed.

He sat up too and watched her leave.



Iris hummed a song as she prepares dinner, the twins were sited on the couch working on an assignment.

“Why is she singing so loud?” Diana asked. “I’m not sure,” he replied. “Could she have found Elias?” She gasp.

“Seriously? You tag her the criminal and now the savior? Make up your mind will you,” Draco snapped at her.

“I’ll go and find out,” she said and went into the kitchen, she pretend to wash her hand while Iris continued singing.

“Hey Iris,” she called. “Yes,” she respond. “What are you preparing?” She asked.

“A surprise,” she replied. “You look happy, your day was great I guess,” Diana uttered.

“It was perfect,” she replied. “I see,” she muttered and nod her head in agreement.

“Brought a new watch, it look expensive,” she said. “This?” She raised her hand hand for Diana to get a clearer view of the wrist watch.

“A friend gave it to me,” she said with a smile. “A friend, a girl or a boy?” Diana asked.

“Why are you interrogating me?” Iris asked. “I wasn’t I was just curious, there is nothing wrong with being curious,” she pouted innocently.

“Curiosity kills the cat so of I were you I won’t be to curious,” she snapped. “Whatever, that friend of yours must be rich. This is the first time I’m seeing a watch of this type,” she said rating her hand to touch it but Iris pushed her.

“Ouch!” She wince as her butt made contact with the floors, Draco who has been watching rushed in and held Diana.

“Why did you push her? She was just trying to be nice. Is it wrong to want to see you watch? What’s so special about it?” He questioned?

“You guys never play nice, you are always up to something,” she snapped. “I think it’s you who is hiding something,” Draco said and helped her sister up.

“I hate you!” Diana yelled admist her tears before leaving with her brother. “The feeling is mutual,” she replied.

“Pests,” she mumble as she turned to what she was cooking. “Those little d’vils ruin my mood,” she added and stomp her feet on the floor.

Iris refused to get the twins for dinner after she was done, she simply cared less about them. “Did you had a fight with the twins again?” Nora asked.

“Don’t assume we fought everytime they refuse to show up for dinner,” she replied.

“They haven’t caused any trouble today, it must have happened while you were preparing dinner,” Nora stated.

“They were sticking their nose in my business which I hate,” she replied. “You should try to understand them, they don’t pick a fight with me cause I stay away and try to be as understanding as I can, just do the same,” she advised.

“I try to be understanding but they won’t stop getting on my nerves,” she retorted. “You brought them here, it is your responsibility to take care of them,” Nora stated.

Iris glared at the food in front of her as if she is staring at the twins, they have been giving her headache and it’s time she paid them in their coin.

“Why does someone always stand up to them,” she muttered standing up. “Iris,” Nora called but she ignored her.



Romina and Elias were done having breakfast, she picked the remote and listened to everything that happened the previous night.

“She sure have a lot of problem but I’ll try to be a solution,” she muttered and walk out of her room only to bump into doctor nathan.

“You are early,” she said. “I have lots of work today,” he replied. “How is she?” He asked referring to her mother.

“She is good,” she replied just then he door opened and Neil walked in. “Good morning sister!” He yelled wearing the annoying smirk as usual.

“Hey Gloria,” he waved at nanny Gloria. “She is older than your mother,” Romina retorted.

“I see but I’m more comfortable calling her Gloria,” he replied. “That’s because you lack manner,” she replied.

“Isn’t it too early to argue? Or did my sister dreamt about me?” He asked. “Yes, I was in your funeral,” she spat.

“That is harsh but I think it will be your funeral since you have a doctor in your house,” he grinned.





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