Episode 12

By : Kebby NG Media Services

Iris felt so tired as she stepped out of the car, the house was quiet. She was expecting the twins to be awake frustrating her mom, but it was more like the house was abandoned.

‘does it mean they escaped?’ She thought as she walked closer quietly. “I feel so tired,” she muttered as she opened the door.

“What in heavens name happened here!” She yelled staring at the living room. It didn’t look like a living room, well not the type someone like her lives in.

The table was on the sofa, used plates were on the floor, and popcorn was everywhere. Tissue papers were on the floor and empty bottles of juice.

The twins were sitting on the floor facing the Tv, they were playing a video game. They looked so serious as if they would die in real life if something happened.

“What did you guys do to my living room?” She asked at the brink of tears, only those that have naughty kids or siblings can relate.

They ignored her, not even a glance was spared. She walked closer and stood in front of the TV.

“I am talking to you two,” she said. “Hi Iris,” they said in unison and continued their game.

“What happened here? Did the ghost throw a party?” She asked but the twins still played from the little view of the Tv.

Iris got mad and took the remote, she switched off the TV and they turned to him, “you are back,” Draco said with a smile.

That is strange, that was the first time they will be smiling at her. “What did you do to my living room?” She asked.

“What do you see?” Diana asked. “what happened while I was away?” She asked trying to cool her temper, the last thing she wants is to beat them to a pulp.

“We aren’t allowed to go to school and our books are in our house,” Draco started. “We got bored, ’cause we have nothing to do,” Diana added.

“The shows on your TV were boring, we had to order this cool game,” Draco said

“We got hungry and prepares something for ourselves,” Diana continued.

“We couldn’t leave the game so we are here and we weren’t selfish we gave your mom some,” said Draco.

“We ordered some popcorn too,” Diana added. “In short we had fun,” they said in unison with a smile.

“And mom let you do all this?” She asked. “Did we forget to tell you we add sleeping pills to her drink?” Diana said.

“She will be sleeping for twelve hours,” Draco added. “One more thing, three hours are gone so she has nine hours left,” Diana said.

“You little…” Diana chirp in, “before you curse us, everything we bought was paid from your account,”

“Don’t try to change the password, ’cause we already did,” Draco added. “Meaning you will need our permission to spend your money,” Diana winked at her.

She was short on words, this two are devils. They are going to be the end of her if she is not careful.

“I am going to kll your two!” She yelled dropping her purse angrily. “I will advise you to guide your tongue, there could be secret recorders. You can’t tell for sure,” Draco shrugged.

“And, it is fun living in your house Iris,” Diana said. “Your mom is going to be so tired when she wakes up, do her chores for her,” Draco said as they got up.

“We bought new clothes too,” Diana said. “Good night Iris,” they said in unison before walking away.

“Those brats are driving me crazy!” She screamed. Her anger seemed to increase as she stared at the ruined room.



Romina’s heart bests increased as he moved closer, their faces especially lips, inches away. Crazy thoughts ran through Romina’s head, she gulp down as he removed something on her cheek with his hand.

He sat straight and Romina felt a bit sad, she was expecting him to do something, but can’t say what.

“Why the sad face?” He asked more like mock. “I am not sad, I’m always happy,” she said and it sounded more like an exaggeration.

“Really? But you looked sa… okay, I’ll use another word… disappointed, why do you look disappointed? Were you expecting something?” He teased and she felt like mvrdering him right there.

Then burn his de.ad body, and throw the ashes into River Nile. That sounds like a perfect plan, but she needs him to save her mother.

“I am not disappointed, it is all in your imagination,” she snapped. He took a spoon and asked, “are you sure about that?”

“I am sure,” she replied. “Aren’t you going to eat?” He asked. “I am not hungry, eat it to your satisfaction and I hope you choke,” she said and got up angrily.

“Good night Romina,” he said but she didn’t reply him and just went to her room.

She jumped on the bed, and lie on her back facing the ceiling in return. ‘What was that?’ She thought as the image of how close their face was came to her mind.

‘Am going ¢razy’ she thought and closed her eyes. “Good night Romina,” he said and wink at her.

She snapped her eyes open immediately and sat up, “I’m really losing it,” she concluded and left her room.



The next day Romina woke up early to prepare breakfast, she took Elias’s share to his room while he was still sleeping.

She decided to get the used plates and have her breakfast with her Nanny. “You prepared quite a lot, is there an occasion?” Nanny Gloria asked.

“No, I just wanted to have a bite from everything,” she answered. Nanny Gloria studied her facial expression and guessed something isn’t right.

She was just taking a little bite from her food, it was like the food was for two or more people.

“Are you okay?” Nanny Gloria asked. “Yes, I’m okay,” she replied. “You have been spacing out and blushing, did something happen?” She asked

“Blushing? Are you sure you didn’t see wrong?” She asks, she has actually been trying to get yesterday’s scene out of her mind but she just can’t.

“My eyes might be getting old, but I know a blush when I see one,” she said firmly. “I just had a beautiful dream of mom and I, that was why I woke up early too. I’m just happy because, she was happy and healthy in the dream,” she answered.

“Have you called Dr. Nathan?” She asked. “Yes, he will be here today,” she replied.

“Your mom will be fine before we know it,” Nanny Gloria assured, and she nodded sadly. She has not been able to convince or even tell Elias his mission.

She has been flirting and not serious. A few minutes later, she was done with her breakfast.

“I’ll head to my room, I have something to do,” she said getting up. “Don’t be sad but be happy,” Nanny Gloria said and she nodded.

She met Elias eating when she got to the room, “what are you doing?” She panicked and rush to him. “I’m eating, isn’t it obvious?” He asked.

“I added rat p®ison to this food,” she blurted. “You what?” He freaked throwing the spoon away. “You what?” He asked.

“You heard me, there is no point in repeating it,” she said simply. “You are joking, right? It can’t be p®isoned,” he said staring at her expressionless face.

“I saw a rat this morning so I decided to get some food with rat p®isoned,” she said. “My stomach! Is this how you plan on klling me?” He asked.

“I know you are not feeling any pain, it could not have started hurting yet,” she said walking to take a seat on the bed.

He was already sweating and his eyes were starting to be red, you just heard the news about being p®isoned who would not be scared.

“Just kidding, it’s fine,” she said and he breathed out in relief. “That was too much,” he scolded.

“Just wanted to pay you in your own coin, how dare you flirt with me yesterday,” she snapped.

“I didn’t it was the other way round,” he argued. “I need a favor from you,” she said ignoring his silly argument.

“Aren’t going to do it unless you do what I want too,” he said. “What do you want?” She asked



“Good Morning,” the twins greeted in unison as they took a seat at the table. “Morning,” Nina replied.

“Where is our food?” Draco asked after studying the table there were only two plates. One for Iris and the other for her mom.

“I forgot you guys live in this house so I didn’t prepare something for you,” she pouted.

“Are you joking? Draco asked. “Does it sound like one?” She replied.

“You kidnapped us and refuse to give us food! Who does that?!” Diana yelled. “You weren’t kidnapped,” Iris corrected.

“You brought us here against our will,” Draco said.


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