(I didn’t know until I lost it)

Episode 2

? Katelyn’s pov ?

“Are you kidding me right now K? He did it again?” Becky asked with beaming eyes and I just nodded slowly

“But seriously! What is wrong with Tyler huh?? Why did he change so much now! This is unlike him! And I don’t think I like the new Tyler…Ever since you guys relocate to New york why has he been acting strange??

Or didn’t he want to return here?” She asked and rolled her eyes and sighed.

“I don’t know B,,who knows?? It’s just kinda weird” I replied

“Gosh!! He’s something else.. so he was yelling at you simply because you asked him why he came home late and drunk??

Isn’t that like your duty??” She asked and spread out her hands apart *I know right?*

I sighed again.

“What ever is wrong with him he just doesn’t even want my help,,he doesn’t want me to care,,he doesn’t want me to find out what it is either that’s just it” I said and rubbed my forehead.

“Anything he’s going through shouldn’t he share it with me?? ”
I asked sadly and she held my hands

“Of course he should darling,,it’s just that he doesn’t want to let it out” she patted my hands and I sniffed.

“Please don’t worry anymore katty it’s gonna be alright okay…

“For a while just forget that all this is happening..”

“But I’m trying to B…it’s not working…I just can’t keep acting like I don’t care and like nothing is going on when he doesn’t wanna let me in” I said in a sad tone.

She scoffed and patted my hands again

“The only thing I hate is that the id!ot shouldn’t be yelling or arguing with you in the present of my sylver all the time….I hope she wasn’t listening again?”

“No she was asleep when all this happened” I replied as I let out a tear

“No don’t do this Ketty…. It’s gonna be fine,, you don’t need to cry over this okay?”

“I just can’t control it Becky it hurts a lot…”

“I know bae..come here” she said and pulled me into a hug.

I held her alittle tight course I thing a hug is what I really need…

She patted my hair and pecked my forehead.

“It’s gonna be alright Katty….come on it’s almost time to pick Sylvia from school and you don’t wanna be looking sad while going to pick her”

Becky said and disengage from the hug and wiped my tears

“You don’t wanna go into questioning and answering with her,,you know how your daughter can be?” she added and I laughed a little .

“Yeah that’s better” she said

“Come on let’s grab some ice creams before then so I’ll cool off”

She dragged me up and we left her room…

? Dylan’s pov ?
“?Yes yes I’m gonna be on my way now…

I spoke on the phone with Cali as I walked up to were I parked my car.

“?I went out for lunch Cali….its no big deal…so don’t worry I’ll get the files while coming back.

“?Well yes Alfred is working on that already he’s still busy at the office.

“?Yeah sure…okay cool..

?Yes yes I won’t forget it I promise…okay..yea.­.cool bye..?

I hung up.
Like really?
I can’t even get a minute of my time alone?
I can’t even eat lunch in peace without any darm calls from the office?..

I sighed and tried opening the car door as I continued scrolling through the phone.

“Excuse me sir?”

I heard a tiny voice from behind say….I turned to look at who it was….


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