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Episode 9

✨ Katelyn’s pov ✨


What’s she talking about??
Leaving the mansion just like that…

I can’t possibly leave…it won’t be good if I leave
No I…I… don’t want to leave..

“Yes Katelyn… you’re leaving Tyler’s mansion,,and don’t even think you have any right to disagree because I won’t let that happen!

“I’m not letting you stay there for one more night…go back now and get your things you’re going to leave his house…let him stay there alone!” She concluded and I scoffed…

“Mum… please don’t do this……don’t be too quick on decision making…i can’t leave the house just like that…we will sort it out…” I replied and she shook her head

“Katelyn don’t be so $illy! You’re gonna sort what out?! Are you gonna keep doing that untill he finally kll you?,,don’t be a victim of domestic violence girl!”

“Mum he’s not going to do that……no one is klling any one mum… there’s no need for us to take this matter to far…he won’t do this again….maybe I was too forward that’s it”

“Hasn’t he been doing this Katelyn?? Tell me? Hasn’t he been doing this all the time?? Do you wanna tell me it’s always your fault?” She asked and I bent my head…

Is leaving the mansion a wise idea??
It’s definitely no…

Shouldn’t we sort things out amicably??
I don’t want my daughter to suffer from this…
What if she grows up having lots of questions to ask?

I don’t want to leave the mansion..
What if Sylvia suffers from it?


❣️Mrs Kris pov❣️

Oh my God!!
Is Katelyn really rethinking about this??

She’s still thinking werther or not she lives the mansion?
Goodness sake!
What kinda dumb child is this??
Does she wanna die??

Who in their right minds still stay with a man who beats and disrespect her in the presence of her own daughter??

Isn’t that a sane thing to do?
That Tyler as gone too far with this!!
He must pay for it…
He dare hurt my daughter not even once or twice.

Even if Katelyn doesn’t want it I must lay a complaint and fire a case against him for domestic violence…
He must suffer for this.

I won’t let this die off easily….how can he hurt my daughter and to think she doesn’t have anyone who can defend her?

Well he’s so wrong because he should prepare for war….

Katelyn is my only child and I won’t allow him make her go through hell all in the name of marriage!…

“Mum please…I don’t want to leave Tyler…we will figure this out together” she said with a pity face.

Why’s she this soft…
What sort of nonsense is this?!
I never raised her up for others to step all over her.

I scoff angrily.

“Fine…” I said and she looked up at me.
I can’t make her live since she has chosen to make her life uneasy…
It’s her life and also what she wants…

“I won’t make you leave his house if you don’t want to…”

“Really??.. thank you so much mum for understanding” she said and had a little smile on..

“But on one condition”
She looked up at me and was expecting me to say more…

“Sylvia is going to be staying with me from now on…” I said and she flinched a bit.


🔥 Tyler’s pov 🔥

“Geez! Tyler how could you hit your own wife?? And you think that is right mhen??

Don’t you think you’re doing a lot to her already?? I mean… she’s doesn’t deserve it” Leo said and drank from his glass

Like seriously??
His he tryna advice me on marriage case??
An unmarried man??
Is he being serious??

“Hold your peace Leo! She deserved everything I did to her…how the f**k does she think she can question me??
“Isn’t that disrespect? Huh? Mr marriage tutor?”

I said and sighed at him,, brushing my hair backwards

He scoffed and drank from his glass again

“I’m serious Tyler what you’re doing is wrong…and besides she has every right to question you okay?! She heard Lisa’s voice while making a call with you…should she ask?? If I was your wife I’ll definitely ask”

“Leo for fk sake leave me alone! I told you she allowed a guy into the house and all you could do is support her?? And I thought I was your friend?” I said and he chuckled

“Of course we’re friends Mhen that’s why I’m tryna advice you…on the right thing….

I’ll tell you the truth cause no one else will,,,Katelyn is too nice to be going through all this Nigger” He said frustratingly and I poured wine into my glass and emptied it once,,I brushed my hair backwards with my fingers.

“Wait so you hit her simply because you saw a guy in your house?? A guy she said she doesn’t even know?…Don’t tell me it’s what am thinking Tyler”

“Your thoughts are always stinky Leo,,how can I think like you?” I scoffed and brushed my hair.

“If you hit her because of her guy she doesn’t know then….. what’s all this? Jealousy??”

He asked and frowned his brows

“Eeww no mhen why will I be jealous??” I said irritatingly and he laughed

“So?? Why did you h!t her then?? Means you’re jealous! … Katelyn’s part is clear…she loves you that’s why she got angry when she heard Lalisa’s voice on the phone…”

He said and I brushed my hair…
Is that so??
And who cares??

“And you?? Why did you h!t her because of Becky’s friend?? Is it because you just wanna h!t her??”

“Or you’re jealous… Tyler?” He asked and I kept mute.

“The truth is that you love Katelyn….”


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