DIARY OF A POP STAR: Episode 1 – 10


(Can you keep a Secret)



Christian Looks at me Obviously anxious on who to share the Umbrella with I just sighed softly as Emily was trying to make her way up to him with a Crumbled old magazine which was already wet due to the drizzle of the rain.

I smiled at Christian giving him a heads up that he should go ahead with Emily and turned my back on him clearly sighing softly.

“Kiara… ” Christian called hovering an Umbrella over my Head looking intensely back at me with a Kind smile.

“Where’s Emily? ” I questioned

“Your Ankle remember I can’t let you walk alone In the Rain.. ”

I stepped out of the Umbrella with a Sad smile but thin it out so it would look almost genuine.

“it’s okay my Ankle doesn’t Hurt as Bad and My Cousins Place is Up Close I’ll crash there, you better go and Help Emily… ” I lied through a forced smile.

“But You might get a Cold…. ”

“I’ll be Fine now go and don’t act weird around her ok… ” I said trying to look bright.

“Kiara… ” he Whimpered

“Go…. She needs your Help I’ll be OK.. ” I said as he didn’t look convinced.

“You Sure.. ” he asked, of course not I’m already bathing in the rain but he needs to help Emily.

“I’m Sure.. ” I Smized with a nod.

“Be Careful.. ” He said running off to meet Emily who was Shelthered with an Umbrella, I turned my back on them hastening my steps, I took off my backpack hovered it above my head running off to a Close Bus Stop for Shelter.

I pulled out my phone which surprisingly was the only thing that was slightly sprinkled with water.
I Slide over to my contacts and clicked on Liam hoping he would pick up.

“Hello.. ” I heard him grunt over the Phone.

“Liam it’s Raining I’m Stuck in a Public bus Stop Can you Send Lincoln to come Pick me up.. ” I said in a Lowly tone.

“Wait What?? You could get a Cold, Stay put I’ll Send For Lincoln.. ” He hangs up on me while I did what I was Told.

I did the Right thing convincing Christian to share the Umbrella with Emily but I can’t help but feel Upset it.

What is wrong with me, Why do I Feel this Way??

Eventually Lincoln picked me up from the Bus stop and Dropped me home


The Next Day was a Saturday but I still had to Show up For Detention in School as Mrs Raymond requested.
I wore a Pink top with a short Denim jean skirt.
I showed up at the school at on time Surprisingly The School wasn’t That quiet there Were Some teachers and probably some students who I definitely do not recall.
I went straight to the Library it was 08:35 Detention was going kick off at 09:00am
I hissed under my breath Mrs Raymond wasn’t even here.
I just went out of the Library exploring Part of the School, Though the School wasn’t That big that need exploring but I needed to burn the time.
I went to Different Homerooms, I got bored, I decided to go to the Gym until I heard someone Playing a piano.
It must be in the the music room
I’ve never been there before, Liam Forbade I participate in Any Vocal activities thinking I. Might be Suspected as Red Daughter by Cr@zy Fans.
I am so bored right now, my ears danced to where the instrumental was being played.
I went to Music Class to See Christian playing the Piano.

Wait he Plays the Guitar and The Piano what else can he do??

I Slowly creaked the Door open as he was somehow in a Trance Playing like a Piano Demon.

I was watching him Like a Stalker until my phone Vibrated in my back pockets and Christian Stopped noticing me.

“How Long have you been there?? ” He asked in dismay

“not too long…i didn’t know you can play the Piano.. ” I said

“You don’t know anything about me?? ”

“I know you have a Crush on Emily and if the rest of the Alphas Knew You’d be Screwed.. ” I grinned like a maniac.

“That’s The only Thing you Know.. ” he Dissed at me.

I went over to him and sat next to him.

I Started tapping on some Key and my Fingers Slide down the Paino in a Tune.

“Did you Make a move on Emily?? ”

“No… I Kinda Feel Bad for Leaving you to soak in the rain.. ” He said.

“You don’t Have to besides I didn’t get a Cold..” I said with a smile.

“How’s Your Ankle? ” he asked

“It’s Better, Remind me never to Have Aaron Perform a Surgery on me if he ever decides to be a Doctor.. ” I said as Christian chuckled.

“As If That would be the End of Humanity as we Know it.. ” Christian Joked and I just realized that we are extremely close to each other.

Christian eyes Darted to my Lips and right back to my eyes which Locked in a Stare.

He Leaned in Closer towards me, my heart accelerated as his fingers strokes my chin.

My Phone rang disrupting the moment, I pulled out my phone it was time for Detention.

“Ummh it’s Time for Detention… ” I said and walked out of the Music room before he could reply.


Soon Detention was Over I just finished stacking my last batch of books, Mrs Raymond nodded meaning we Could Leave I stopped for a moment Lindsay Hasn’t been coming to Detention I just shrugged it off, She’s not my problem.

I Went out of the School Building as Christian walked besides me, I didn’t really mind at the Time.

The silence between us was Kinda making me uncomfortable.

“So how are you gonna ask Emily out?? ” I asked not really interested in knowing I just can’t bear the silence.

“I’m thinking I’m not going to.. ” he said

“oh Come on Christian, She’s just a Girl, You’re one of the Most Popular guy in School if you asked her she’ll go out with you in a heartbeat and if it Helps I can help practice it will be just like acting… ” I said as Christian nods.

“OK Then…Emily Would you go to the Movies with me… ” he said with a smile

I nod like a kid taking Candy.

“Yes… You see it wasn’t that hard… ” I said about to walk out on him but he gripped tightly to my arm.

“What’s Happening?? ” I asked clearly confused.

“You’re actually going to go to the Movies with me.. ” he said my face grimace in Dismay

“I thought we were acting ??” I said

“Nope… Let’s go.. ” He said with a Smirk as he called a Taxi.


We Went to The Movie Theater downtown, when we got There there were many Movies to Pick From.

“Let’s See That one.. ” Christian Suggested

“One Rose… No way.. I’m not seeing That Movie.. ” I Frowned

“Why isn’t That what girls are supposed to watch??” Christian asked

“I wanna See Murder House 3D.. ” I said

“That’s a Horror Movie.. ” Christian said

“I Know.. please…. ” I pleaded

“Fine Let’s Go see Murder House..” Christain said as we Bought our Tickets and our Snacks and drinks too.

We got to our seats I already started eating my popcorn before the Movie even Started.

Soon the Movie Started, I kept Eating my own Pop Corn as the Movie Creeped the Sh!t out of there and Worse we were wearing 3D glasses.

“Don’t go in There… ” I whispered in a whimper.

“They can’t hear you it’s a Movie..” Christian said but I Shush him up.

A Disturbing Scene came up and I Clenched tightly to Christain’s Arm like my Life Depended on it.

I knew he was Laughing at me but I didn’t care I was too clouded in Fear to even be Upset.

Another Upsetting scence was about to be graphic, I shrieked quietly as Christian Sighed and held out his hand.

“Hold My Hand… You’ll be Less Scared that way… ” Christian said and I looked back at him with a Bewildered look.

I stretched out my hand and gripped tightly to it as our hands locked In a tight grip.

I Felt safe for some reason.

“You’re OK.. ” he asked and I nod

“good now Quiet.. ” he Shush me, getting back to watching the movie, My heart raced the moment his Fingers strokes my hand, I proceeded in Laying my Head down on his Shoulders, Slightly brushing his Fingers too.
We Stayed that way till the End of the Movie.

We got out From the Movie Theater.

“I actually thought everyone was going to Die..” I chuckled

“I told you The Protagonist was going to Play the Hero Card.. ” Christian Chuckled too clearly showing he had a great time.

My Eyes glanced to our Hands still Locked in a grip.

“Ummh… ” I voiced as me and Christian let go of each other.

“So we Still Have Time What Should we do next? ” Christian asked flustered

“It’s Your Practice Date where would you take Emily Next.. ” I said as he Snickered at me.


“Take Off Your Shoes… ” Christian Pestered on and on.
“No… ” I declined
“Don’t Tell me You are Afraid of Water?? ”
“Of Course not I’m afraid you’ll Drown me.. ” I cried out pathetically.
Christian brought me to a Beach he already took off his Shoes as his toes sink in with the sea water and sand.

“OK Then Let’s Take a Walk… ” He said Stepping out of the water and striding towards, stretching out a hand to me.

“Promise You won’t Drown me..” I grunted.

“Promise.. ” he said rolling his eyes as he pulled me back on my feet.

We started walking to the far end of the Beach.

“This Beach is Cool.. ” I said

“yeah I think so Too this is one of my favorite places in LA… ”

“Emily would really Love to Come here..” I said

“Can You Keep a Secret?? ” Christian asked

“Yeah.. ”

“You’re Probably the First Girl I’ve brought here, it’s where I come to avoid all those Cr@zy Fangirls or to be alone… ” I Froze and stopped.

“Why Did you Bring me here?? ” I asked

“Because of This…. ” He Swept me off my Feet carrying me in Bridal style.

“Christian Let me go… ” He didn’t Listen as he carries me over to the water and Just drops me.

I got up completely wet

“Are you mad…. ” I yelled. Splashing water directly at Him but he just kept laughing and on the other hand I want revenge.
I charged at him to get him Fully wet as we both plundered down in the bay of the Beach and I was clearly on top of him.
My eyes widened in realization dawned on me that I was on top of Christian tugging tightly to his Shirt.


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