DIARY OF A POP STAR: Episode 1 – 10


(Can you keep a Secret)


Chapter Two

? Kiara ?
“I’m Sorry Liam I didn’t mean to, it wasn’t my Fault… Please Stall For the Interview… ” I plead on my side of the phone I could hear Liam Sigh at my Clumsy quirk.

“I can’t Stall For the Interview Kiara… How long is Your Detention?? ” He asked

“I don’t know Two hours.. ” I voiced and he let’s out another sigh.

“I’ll Schedule The interview in the Next two hours if you don’t make it I can’t do anything about it… ”

“Thank you Liam You’re the Best see you at Five.. ” I said hanging up and Creeping out of The Janitors Closet.

I went over to my Locker to Drop something’s.

“Where you’ve been?? ” startled I jumped back to See Evelyn.

“Don’t Do that ever… ” I said clenching to my chest like I just experienced an heart attack.

“Anyways you owe me a Lunch Date.. ” I said and she and I just nod.

“How can I Forget… “I said slamming my Locker Shut.

We both Stroll down the Cafeteria as we Talked about ourselves a Little.

Her Parents are Divorced and she stays with her Father and she’s being in This school since Sophomore year and thinking of abandoning the Idea of College since its Four years of Stuff she can probably learn at the internet and thinking of enrolling into a year internship with Microsoft or some big company in need of young or high school diplomats.

We got our trays and bought our Lunch scouting out a Seat the Cafeteria was Halfpacked and Finding seats seemed nearly impossible.

“Hey What about That one?? ” I pointed to a Seat in which a Boy with silk Bangs above his eyes sat eating quietly he was the only one seating and not a Single person Sat next to him.

“Rodney??? Hell no he’s Marked as Lancaster Freak that’s why no one seats with him let’s just Find another Seat… ” I just shrugged and ignored her.

“Kiara..come back… ” Evelyn whispered but I just ignored and trailed towards Rodney who was Quietly munching on a Celery.

I just sat my Tray and my self at a corner and after much debating Evelyn sat down next to me.

Rodney looked up to both of us with a b!tch resting face but he didn’t look bothered nor upset we sat down next to him but he resumed to savoring his Lunch.

We all ate in awkward Silence, I glanced over at Evelyn and she shrugged while eating quietly too the atmosphere was kinda awkward.

“So Kiara wanna exchange Lunch… ” Evelyn asked and I nod as I exchange my mashed potatoes with her fries, we both looked back at Rodney was shot us an uneasy glare for a while now but he looked back at his Snacks which were Carrots, Celery and tomato’s with an apple.

“Hey?? ” I caught his attention as he stared back at me with a wide stare.

“Wanna exchange Lunch with me… ” He arched a brow at first but then switched Lunch with me for a moment there I thought I saw him smile.

“Thanks…” he Hoarsed and I as I slowly munched on His Baby carrots and Celery.

“You’re New Right?? ” He asked and I nod.

“Yeah?? ”

“That’s why I never see you in my Homeroom I’m Rodney Parks…” he shot me a genuine smile.

“I’m Kiara Gold… ” I smized.

“Eve that’s your name right ?? ….” he shot at Evelyn who seemed flustered for no reason.

“Yeah that’s it… ”

“interesting we’ve been in the same Homeroom since Sophomore and we haven’t talked till now… ” he giggled on the last part as Evelyn shyly smiled.

“So Rodney do you always Eat Carrots and Celery… ” I asked trying to munch on it.

“Nah… It’s just an Healthy Menu my mom included Tommorow I’m Having Lasagna.. ” He grinned at me.

“now I have a reason to exchange lunch with you… ” I said as Rodney snickered at me and lifts up his tray.

“it would be my pleasure… I have to go see you at Homeroom if we have The same Classes… ” he said as we waved him goodbye.

“So What’s so Freaky about him?? He’s Cool..” I said objecting to Evelyn statement earlier.

“OK Fine I was Wrong but he always sits alone During Lunch isn’t that Weird?? ”

“it’s not Weird it’s kinda Harsh that no one wants to eat with him because he looks weird… ” I said as Evelyn choked on a Straw of Curly fries.

“Evelyn are you OK?? ” I asked

“Christian is Heading This way.. ” she whispered, my heart Raced which I found confusing cause I don’t really like The Guy.

I idled still since that’s the only thing I could think of right now.

“Hey Nerd… ” he drew every one’s attention.

I looked up at him he looked mad at me but I shot him a Calm look.

“Where are my notes?? ” He asked, I looked back at Evelyn who was just as Lost as I am.

“Excuse me?? ”

“Oh I forgot you’re New?? You’re a Nerd So You take down my notes that was an order where are my notes… ” I coughed up a little grin staring blankly at him as everyone in the Cafeteria waited for my Reaction.

“I’m not your Slave Find one of your Fan girls or Toys to Take down Your Notes D!ckhead.. ” everyone mumbled to themselves in a quiet uproar.

The Bell Rang as a Warning to Finally hit class

“See you in Detention.. ” he said walking out on me.

Evelyn helped with my Tray as we both dropped it at the Cafeteria Counter.

“Good thing you guys didn’t start a Food Fight but what The Hell was That about?? ” Evelyn asked.

“it’s nothing he’s just being a D!ckhead.. What’s your Next Class?? ” I asked

“History… ”

“What’s Yours? ” I asked

“Literature… ” I sighed as we both hugged each other.

“Seems like we don’t have The Same Schedule.. ” Evelyn said

“Don’t Worry we can still meet up In other Classes.. ” I said as she nod.

“Have Fun and don’t get into Trouble… ” she waved me goodbye I strolled over to my Locker to get my Books.

I hurried up to my class before I met up with the Alpha’s or Whatever they call themselves, I made the class as the Bell went off, I sighed in relief as The Teacher and Student Froze.

I glanced across the Room, Daniel was in Here So was the Rest of the Alphas and also That girl that attacked me earlier.

“Can I Help you.. ” The Teacher requested as I just Stood Stuttered.

“Yeah I’m New… ”

“Oh You’re the New Transfer Kiara Gold Why don’t we Introduce Ourselves don’t we… ” I gulped down as everyone got up one by one introducing themselves to me.

“Hi my name is Ace Nice to meet you Kiara.. ” I didn’t really know how to grade him but he was nice.

Until Daniel got up with a plastered Grin.

“I’m Daniel.. I’ll Like to know you better Kiara..” he flashed a warms smile at me I screamed internally until Christian got up.

“You already know who I am nerd..” he lamented and I shot him daggers as everyone laughed at what seemed like a Joke.

“That’s Enough for the Introduction is there anything we Should know about You Ms Kiara… ”

“Not Really…” He only Nods

“My Name is Mr Shiral feel Free to meet me anytime because I’m also the School’s guidance counselor.. ” he said and I nod and directed me to an Empty seat which was next to Daniel.

All Eyes Glared at me like I committed murder.

“So Class moving to where we Last Stopped ……” he kept Talking and Talking that probably half the Class was dull.

I looked over at Daniel my heart Raced when I caught him staring at me I just looked back at my Desk.

Has he been staring at me the Whole time ??

“Kiara??” I jumped from my seat as Everyone giggled at my Display of nervousness.

“I Supposed you must have gone through the Text in Your Old School? ” He asked and I nod.

“Yeah…. ” I scratched my head.

“Good… Well here is the Class Assignment Do a Modern Parody of Any play with a R0mantic Setting You’ll all be paired in groups and pairs…”

He started calling Out names and putting them in groups .

“group F, Daniel, Lindsay, Christian, Aaron Amanda, Stephana and Kiara … ” I Glanced over at Daniel who’s was beaming with smiles.

The Bell Rang as the Class Ended.

“Remember Choose a Play and act a Parody Out of it before the End of the Week and Auditions to The School Play are Still Open…. ” Mr Shiral voiced as Daniel walked over to me.

“Hey Stranger Seems Like you’re in my Group..” He Snickered at me.

“Seems Like it… ”

“So Can I Have Your Number so we can Inform you Which Play we are Doing… ” I nodded and called out my number which he Saved.

“Daniel… ”

“Yes Lindsay?? ” the Girl that attacked me so her name is Lindsay.

“I think I Should be The Group Leader To make things interesting.. ” She said and Daniel just rolled his eyes.

“Yeah Sure I’m Late To my next Class what’s your Class Kiara??? ” Daniel asked

“Oh I have Arithmetic… ”

“Same… Why don’t I walk you to Your next Class Then?? ”

“Umh I have to Call my Dad I’ll meet you there.. ” I said I don’t really want to walk with him.

He only nods.

“You owe me Though.. ” I rolled my eyes at him leaving him Behind with his group and Lindsay and went to my next class.


After some Classes later it was the Last Class Evelyn invited me over to get milkshakes after school but I denied since I’ve got Detention and I have to meet up with my interview.
Soon the Bell Rang and I reported to Detention I was alone at First maybe I was a little bit early To Detention.

Christian walked in but avoided eye contact with me and I did the Same.

At least I wasn’t alone.

He sat down two seats away from me.

Thirty Minutes passed by The Calculus Teacher didn’t Show up how do I know he just set us up so that we can both hate each other.

“Fuck, That old Fool forgot he has some Students having detention with him I’m Going Home, Coming?? ” He requested but I nod negative.

“Maybe he’s Testing if we leave we’ll get Double Detention I’ll pass I already miss a Very important thing and I’m not missing it again… ” it Was 3:30pm and Strangely Christian sat down but I didn’t bother maybe he didn’t want to get into any much trouble.

An Hour passed and Still no Calculus Teacher.

I looked over at my phone which was almost Dead.

“I’m going Home.. ” he grunted finally about to open the Door but it was Stuck.

“It’s Push not pull.. ” I Teased him but he didn’t seem to find my Tease a Joke.

“I know we’re Locked…” My eyes widened in Shock thinking he was Joking or Something.

“You’re Joking Right?? ” I asked in Shock.

“Come Try it out yourself.. ” he invited and I tried Loosening the Locks there weren’t any Windows and it was already 05:45pm

I’m Locked in School with Christian.

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