DIARY OF A POP STAR: Episode 1 – 10


(Can you Keep a Secret)


??Chapter Three ??

“Errgh no Signal.. ” I hissed under my breath

“Who The Hell Puts two teenagers in Detention and Then Locks them up in School is this a new way of Discipline… ” I riot saying any possible thing that comes to my mind, I can’t reach Liam, Liam Can’t call me and I’m stuck in Detention with my Enemy and I’m Missing my Interview.

“What’s with the Riot it’s not like you have something important to do other than File your Binders or Do your Homework… ” I Just wish I could dive my hand through his Chest and pluck out his Heart and Smash it of Step on it like nothing but goo.

Wow now I think about it in my Head I sound like a Murderer.

I need to get out of here before I carry out my thoughts.

“I have something important to do and it’s no of yah business Dickhead.. ” I rolled my eyes at him while I tried to look for a Bar or signal Something.

“You won’t get any Signal here this Place was built with no Network so Kids won’t use their phones in Detention….” He teased with a satisfying grin and murderous thoughts Flashes my mind.

“How Will That make me Feel any better.. ” I yelled and his grin grew thinner enjoying my breakdown.

“It wasn’t…” he cocked and I just scoffed.

“I hate You… ”

“The Feeling is Mutual Egghead.. ” He dissed back at me c0cking a grin.

I went to the Door Slamming it and messing with the Door Knob.

“Help I’m Stuck with a Maniac.. ” I yelped hoping anyone who’s Alive will come to my aid.

“No one’s Coming For Us it’s already past five by now… ” Christain said adjusting to his Seat tears nearly flicked down my cheeks but I held them back.

“This is All Your Fault.. ” I yelled at the top of my voice.

“How’s it my Fault I didn’t make you Late to The Class.. ”

“I wouldn’t be Late if it wasn’t for your Psychotic girlfriend.. ” I said throwing my hand in the air.

“Girlfriend?? ” he arched a Brow confused.

“Lindsay?? That bitch Made me Late to Class on purpose I wouldn’t be here screaming back at you if I didn’t bump into her.. ”

“First of all Lindsay is not My Girlfriend and Second of all it wasn’t my Fault.. ”

“It doesn’t Matter if The Fuck she’s Your girlfriend or Not, I just wanted a Peaceful Senior Year and all that got tossed on the side because of you and your idi0tic Fangirls now I missed my Interview….”

I wasn’t Thinking and there I blurt out

Christian Scrunched up his brows in confusion.

“What Interview? ” he asked confused, I stood Dumbstruck and my Jaws dropped.

“Nothing… It doesn’t matter anyway… ” I Fold my arms across my chest averting my gaze before he pesters me with questions.

The Door Knob Clicked as the Door slammed wide open revealing a man probably in his Late thirties wearing a Crumpled faded Overalls.

“What are you Kids Doing here?? ” He questioned clearly upset which is supposed to be the other way around.

“We both got Detention by Mr Smole and got Locked in…” Christian voiced out.

“So you’re the Kids Oh Mr Smole Left as Soon As School Hours Dismissed..”

“But we were Told to Come For Detention.. ”

“Sorry I don’t know anything about That, The only Thing I know is I was Supposed to inform you two that Mr Smole Cancelled your Detention I assumed you guys Left, Sorry For the inconveniences..” he apologize I packed my Stuff and dashed out of the Room leaving Behind Christian with the Janitor.

“I trusted you Kiara and you Blew the Schedule.. ”

“it wasn’t my Fault Liam I was Locked in Detention and there wasn’t any Signal..” I squirmed.

“Look I have Something Important to do, I don’t care who fault was it, you missed Your The Interview this is exactly the reason I suggest you Homeschooled.. ”

“I’m Sorry Liam it won’t happen again.. ” I pleaded over the phone and he sighed.

“Goodnight Kiara…. ” He hangs up and I throw my phone on my Bed facepalming myself in Frustration.

I sat at The Edge of my Bed, I can’t even Live a Normal Life.

My phone Buzzed I picked it up to see a Strange number.

I picked up the call

“Hello.. ” I Voiced jumping on my Bed

“Hey Kiara It’s Daniel… ” my eyes widened in shock, oh I gave him my number.

“Oh Hi Daniel What’s up… ” I said trying to act calm and not infuriated.

“Oh nothing I just wanted to Check up on You to see if you Survived Detention… ”

“I got Locked In… ”


“I don’t know The Door was Jammed or Something or Someone locked us in….”

“Did you get out?? ”

“How The Hell will I be talking to if I didn’t?? ” I asked and he chuckled lightly.

“Well it’s Nice hearing from you I thought You’d be Dead or something… OK bye.. ” he nervously said the last part.

“Bye.. ” I said as he hangs up and sighed.

I pulled out a Book from under my pillow looking out for any intruders like my mom.

I pulled out a Pen.


‘Dear Diary Can you Keep a Secret of Course you will, Today I made a Friend or two and I made a Foe as Well.
In my new School there is a group called the Alphas filled with boys who think so High of themselves especially that Tout Christian he’s a Jerk And a Dickhead with his Foster girlfriend who made me miss my interview anyways I’m going to make my Senior year amazing with my new found friends’

I stopped there and dropped the Pen on the book dozing off to Sleep.
The Next Day it walked to School since it wasn’t Far and also I wanted to clear my head along on the way, on getting there there was a Commotion as all the Students (Generally Girls) hovered a particular spot.

I arched my brows In confusion what could they be so Focused on.

“Kiara… ” I turned to spot Rodney who wore a Bright smile which is contagious because I couldn’t help smiling too.

He had a Hoodey On.

“Hey Rodney what’s going on over there?? “I asked pointing at the group of girls who was hovering a Spot.

“Probably One of the Alphas giving a Strip Show.. ” I rolled my eyes at his remark.

“Kiara… ” Evelyn jumped on me welcoming me with a spine cracking hug.

“I can’t breathe… ” I Hoarsed as Evelyn let’s go of me and apologize.

“Where is my Hug?? ” Rodney questioned.

“Hug your self.. ” Evelyn teased.

“What’s going on over there?? ” I asked

“Oh Probably Daniel Showing off The Teams Trophie don’t worry it’s normal… ” I nearly laughed at her reply.

“So How was Detention Did you Kill Christan??” She asked

“Nah We Lived…” I giggled.

“Well let’s get to Class Before we get Detention.. ” Rodney grunted which seems a Little odd but shrugged it off that he didn’t want to be late to Class.

“Kiara??? ” I turned to see Daniel and almost all the girls in my homeroom shooting daggers at me drawing unnecessary attention.

I wanted to just ignore and walk out on him but sometimes made me Freeze as Evelyn and Rodney stood behind me like my Bodyguards.

“Hey.. ” Daniel gasped after Running up to me leaving me Dumbstruck at the moment as indistinct chatter Flare in the atmosphere.

“Oh Hi Daniel what a Coincidence meeting you here.. ” I grinned like a maniac as the rest of the Alphas walked to our Direction and stood next to him.

“You’re Funny… They’re partnering for Projects This Semester I just wanted to ask before hand if you want to be my Partner… ” I gasped at the request as all eyes darted intently at me not easing out the Tension until Christian Showed up walking up to Us Confused.

“Ummh… I… ”

“She’s already has a Partner and we’re already late to Class…. ” Rodney pulled me Back with a Forced Yank.

I quietly thanked Rodney who Flashed me a warm smile.

We all went to our Classes

I Had Arithmetic, same with Rodney and Evelyn.

Soon Fifth Period went by and it was Lunch Time Rodney beat us to The Seats obviously.

I noticed Daniel Walked in with The Alphas and Lindsay who was stuck on him which had me thinking who the He*ll is she Dating.

The Alphas sat at one End, no average student dared to crossed their path and ate separately from Them.

I glanced over at them a Couple of times but got Caught by Christian and I quickly broke our stare.

They were all Looking over at our Table Talking about something in a Whisper while Christan Looked uninterested in the conversation.

They all nodded as I looked back at Rodney and Evelyn.

“The Alphas are Looking at you… ” Evelyn whispered which left me stunned.


“Kiara… ” Daniel waved at me as all eyes glared at me and I gulped down hard.

I got up from my seat walking over to them.

“Hey Kiara… ”

“Hi… Can I help you?? ” I asked rubbing my arms.

“We Want you to seat with us.. ”

“Huh?? ”

“Don’t Think we want anything to do with you, we just want you because you’re in our Group and you’re the Nerd…. ” Christian hissed

“What Christan was trying to say was Wanna Seat with us?? ” Daniel Eyes lit up in hope while I try to scan their faces if this was a trick or something.

“Can my Friends Join?? ” I said looking over at Rodney and Evelyn glaring at back at them as they whispered to themselves.

“Sure why not?? … ”

I nod and shrugged and walked back to Rodney and Evelyn lifting up my Tray.

“What did they want?? ” Evelyn asked curious.

“They want me to seat with Them.. ”

“Why ??”

“We have a Project Together a group and you guys are invited to join too…”

“Seriously They said we can Seat with Them..” I nod as Evelyn screamed internally excitedly.

“What are we waiting for?? Let’s go.. ” Evelyn happily Lifts her Tray.

“I don’t know maybe I’ll pass.. ” Rodney lifts up his Tray.

“Oh Come on Rodney…. ”

“Fine but if anything happens its all on you.. ” Rodney said as we trailed over to where the Alphas and Lindsay sat as everyone in the hall murmured to themselves.

Lindsay bloody glared at me but I just ignored as we all ate in awkward silence this is like Yesterday all over again.

“So Kiara which school did you Transfer from?? ”

“Ummh Hartridge high… ” they all Dropped their spoon looking intensely at me.

“You went to Hartridge High That’s one of the Best school In LA… ” One of the Alphas I think his name was Julian, yeah It’s Julian.

“Yeah… Good Sport Sponsors and I heard the Football Field is Huge.”

“I heard They have a music Booth…”

“I bet Their Food Taste Better than this piece of Shit we are Served everyday… ” Daniel Joked earning a Chuckle from Rodney and the rest of us.

“I agree… ” Rodney voiced out

“Isn’t that where Red Daughter goes?? ” Isaac said why I nearly choked on my food

“You Mean Candi??? ” Evelyn asked

“Yeah… ”

“you guys Listen to her songs?? ” I asked

“Yeah we Do her Vocals are Amazing.. ”

“And she’s s*xy.. ” Aaron commented which made me blush a little but I bent down avoiding anyone from noticing.

“Dude, You have a girlfriend..” Daniel Stated as Aaron rolled his eyes.

“I heard She Stopped going to Hartridge and enrolling into a new private School.. ” Evelyn said

“I hope she chooses Lancaster High… ” Aaron said as I chuckled Lightly munching on my food.

“Yeah so you can hook up with her.. ” Christian Dissed Aaron Rolling his eyes at Him.

“Well I’m done See You Later Kiara… ”

“Hello I’m Still here… ” Evelyn queried

“Same with you Eve…” Rodney said and left leaving both me and Eve with The Alphas.

“So I heard you guys are in a Band… ” Evelyn said

“Yeah you can come watch us Play if you Want… ” Christian said.

“Of Course I will… ” she said excitedly

“Guys we have a Group Project to work on.. ” Lindsay snapped

“You can Come too Kiara we can talk about the project there… ” Daniel voiced ignoring Lindsay .

“Ummh Sure… ”

“We are Playing after School at my place I’ll text you the adress…” Daniel said as the Bell Rings meaning Lunch Time is over.

“we didn’t even to talk about our group assignment it’s due at the end of the week …” Lindsay Cried but they ignored her

I lifted up my Tray so did Evelyn as we both exit the Cafeteria.

“I think Daniel Likes you.. ”

“I Like Him Too…. ”

“I mean Like Like you…. He totally just invited us to Seat with him cause he wanted to seat with you… ”

“You’re being Absurd Daniel is just a Friend and he’s Just being Nice, What Class Do you Have anyways?? ”

“Accounting… ”

“I Have Literature..”

“OK Bye… Stay out of Trouble… ” She ran to her class as I went to mine.

I Sat down idle hoping I wouldn’t talk to anybody until a Certain somebody sat down next to me.
Mr Shiral came as Soon as The Bell Rang.

“Christian please Come up… ” Christian hissed as all the girls giggled.

“Today we are going to act a Part From Romeo and Juliet, Christian you’re the Romeo pick your Juliet… ” his eyes Scanned the room as Different girls tried to get his attention to pick them, I just yawned bored of the class.

“I Pick….. Kiara… ”

“Wait What??? ”

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