DIARY OF A POP STAR: Episode 1 – 10


(Can you keep a Secret)



“DETENTION… ” Mrs Raymond Flared up as the Bell Rings.

“But… But I did my English Homework.” I said

“I Told you to Have it right on my Desk at 08:00am Sharp it’s 08:01 you’re one minute Late to my Class and this Work is nothing but Scribbles.. ”

“But I had Short amount of time to attend to the assignment, I even stayed up all Night.. ”

“Silence Ms Gold unless you want a Month Detention?? ” She Snarled at me which shut me up.

“No Mrs Raymond.. ”

“Then get yourself seated, As promised you have yourself a week Detention Report to my Desk as soon as School Dismiss.. ” I just Nodded and went back to my seat.

I swear This woman has it in for me.

“How Could you get Yourself a week Detention?? ” Liam Growled

“I don’t know?? Maybe if I had enough time after the photoshoot I would have done my homework and probably not gotten In trouble, well I just called you because I want my Schedule Tampered with when I’m convienent with it…” I said on the phone sarcastically.

“Fine I’ll Handle That try not to get into Trouble.” I rolled my eyes as he hangs up on me.

I creaked the Door of the Janitors closet open for any sign of anyone who cared, when it was Clear I barge out of Closet and Slowly Shut it.

“Kiara.. ” I Flinched backing against The Closet heaving a Sigh of relief on spotting Daniel.

“Oh Daniel…it’s Just you Phew.. Don’t do that ever again.. ” I said and he didn’t look amuse but kinda upset or nervous I didn’t really seem to read out his expression.
“Umh hi” I greeted hoping he would say something, he ran his fingers through his hair.

“Did I do Something Wrong?? ” He asked looking intensely at me with a worried Look.

“No.. ” I shook my head sideways as a reply.

“Really?? ” he questioned

“You didn’t do Anything Wrong Daniel.. ” I said

“But why did you Leave So Soon and didn’t pick my calls or Evelyn’s, I Figured it’s all my fault so can you tell me what I did?? ”

“Oh no it’s not your Fault Daniel, I was Busy helping my mom out in her Mini Shop she’s a Fashion Designer and she needed my help and unfortunately I left my Phone in my Dads Car when he picked me up and when I got I was Pretty Exhausted I’m sorry if I didn’t reply to your calls or messages…” He heaved a sigh of relief.

“For a minute there I thought you hated me.. ” I giggled and shook my head.

“I can never Hate you.. ” I said

The Bell Rings as Students Roam the Halls.

“It’s Lunch time Let’s go. ” Daniel Gripped hold of my hand as we strolled down to the Cafeteria.

Evelyn waved over to me she was already seated with The Alphas and Lindsay and some girls probably her Clique.

Somebody Shouldered past me and turned to look at me.

It was Rodney.

I Rolled my eyes as he Made his way to the Canteen.

He picked up a Tray and bought His Lunch and headed to the Alphas Table.

“Did you Pack Lunch.. ” Daniel asked

“No I didn’t really have time to pack Lunch..”

Daniel Yanks me to The Canteen.

“I’ll buy you Lunch Then.. ” he pulled out his Wallet.

“You don’t really Have to I brought my own cash.. ” I persisted

“No… It’s not a Burden to me… ” He said and grabbed two trays and hands one over to me.

“I’ll Have the Salad and the Chicken Bre@st.. ” I ordered and got served.

“What will you be Having Daniel?? ” The Cafeteria Lady said winking at Daniel.

“I’ll Have the same as her Ms Goldberg.. ” he said and got exactly my order and about to pay.

“Don’t Worry Daniel it’s on me Just promise you’ll bag that Trophie.. ” she said visualizing her Flappy arms as Muscles.

“You can count on me Ms Gee.. ” Daniel said as she scaled me.

“Who is She?? ” she said glaring at me.

“Oh This is my Friend Kiara, She’s the New Transfer.. ” Daniel said

“If you Break his Heart I’ll break your Glasses..” I nearly choked on those words.

“Ms Gee?? ” Daniel questioned which had me confused why would she threatened me like that.

“I’m Just Joking go eat before you get Skinny… ” I just swallowed my Silava hard and trailed down to the Alphas Table.

“Kiara and Daniel are Here… ” Aaron and Isaac with Julian slammed The Table.

I sat in the middle of Rodney and Evelyn.

While Daniel sat opposite side facing me.

“Hey Kiara we were Just Talking about You.. ” Evelyn said carefully eating her rice balls.

“You were..? ” I asked diving down on the Chicken Bre@st and slicing it into small pieces.

“Yeah, You’ve got to See Daniel and the rest play, You missed a Lot by the way where were you.. ” I dropped my spoon the moment she asked that question leaving the others Confused.

“Oh.. Well I was Busy.. ”

“I tried calling you didn’t you see my text? ”

“She was Helping at her Mom’s and she left her phone at her Dads Car… ” Daniel explained.

“Oh… ” Every one sighed nodding their head.

“Thank you.. ” I mouthed to Daniel.

“You’re Welcome.. ” he mouthed back and winked.

I looked over to Rodney who was Busy scaling his Food.

I dived my Fork down his food and ate a Piece.

“What The.. ”

“No Healthy Options today.. ” I pouted and he rolled his eyes.

“My mom concluded I buy Lunch for Today.” he said

“Wanna Exchange Mine For Yours.. ” Evelyn Suggested and they exchanged their Lunches.

“So Kiara why don’t you come watch us Play Today… ” Julian question Nudging Daniel at his arm.

“Can’t… ”

“And Why not..?”


“Detention… ” Christian sat Down cutting and finishing my sentence as the Alphas look back at me in Shock.

“Seems like we got ourselves a Bad girl.. ” Aaron joked and we cracked while I rolled my eyes.

“As if…” I stated

“Why did you get Detention?? ” Aaron asked

“Mrs Raymond accused me of being a Minute Late in reporting my assignment…” everyone looked blankly at me.

“Mrs Raymond is The Nicest Teacher in Lancaster High… Maybe she’s just being tough on you.. ” Daniel stated

“How Long is The Detention?? ”

“A week.. ” I said They all hissed in pity for me.

“I swear that woman has it in for me.. ” I said as Rodney lifts up his tray and Evelyn Nudge me with her Elbow, Like she’s been waiting for him to do so.

“I’m Done bye guys.” Rodney said as Evelyn gets up.

“Where are you going?? ” I whispered to her.

“I’m under cover.. Shh.. ” She said and left with her tray leaving me with the Alphas and Lindsay.

“So Kiara Do you Have a Boyfriend?? ” Julian asked which was weird and hissed in pain probably Daniel kicked him in the knee.

“No… ” I chuckled

“Interesting so are you… ” he stopped and hissed in pain again and just nod at me.

“Why don’t we talk about the Project.. ” Daniel blurted changing the Conversation.

“Oh yeah the Project it’s Due by the End of the Week.. ” I said

“As The group Leader I think we should Do a Parody of Romeo and Juliet, I’ll be Juliet and Christian would be Romeo.. ” Lindsay said.

“Geez Louis… ” Aaron hissed which made me laugh a bit.

“Who the Hell made you Group Leader?? ” Aaron asked.

“Ummh Since no one stepped up I made myself Group Leader.. ” Lindsay said

“Ummh we are not Doing that?? ” Aaron said

“Why not?? ” Lindsay whined

“Because this is Just an excuse so you can make out with Christian obviously.. ” Aaron frowned.

“I’m trying to get us an (A) and all you could think about is How I can use this to my advantage Mr Shiral clearly said we should do a R0mantic Parody.. ”

“And the only part you’re interested in is the K!ssing scene..”

“What do you think we Should do Kiara.. ” Daniel shot at me as all eyes glued to me.

“Umh I don’t know I don’t think my opinion matters.. ” I said

“That’s not true…at least give a try..” Daniel insisted.

“At least would be better than Lindsay excuse to make out with Christian.. ” Aaron hissed getting under Lindsay Skin.

“Umh OK… I Was Thinking we do a Parody of Maybe Sleeping Beauty I don’t know if it would get us an A but we can all work Together on it and put it up on Class.. ”

“That’s a Great idea… ” Aaron pushed his Lunch aside and Climbed and laid on the Table shutting his eyes embedding his arm across his Torso.

“Dude What The?? ”

“I’m Sleeping Beauty I shall be woken up with a K!ss.. ” Aaron said as we all giggled which got me thinking he’s the playful one in the group.

“Dude get off the Table.. ”

“My Lips are waiting.. ” Aaron hymed as everyone looked up at me.

“I’m not K!ssing him… ” I said as we looked back at Aaron.

“I’ll Do it.. ” Julian insisted and immediately Aaron got up.

“Gross I ain’t Gay… ” He said as we all laughed at him and the Bell rang.

“Then we are Doing Sleeping Beauty for our Project Then…. ” Daniel said as my Cheeks flushed a little hint of red.

“Better than Romeo and Juliet…. ” Aaron hissed lifting up his tray.

“But?? ” Lindsay cried at a Corner as the boys ignored her.

“What’s Your Next Class Kiara?? ” Julian questioned.

“Biology.. ” I stated

“Same With us come on Let’s get to class Before Mr Lonnie Kills us with his Death Glare.. ” Daniel Suggested as we all dropped our tray at the Canteen, I swear Ms Gee glared at me the Entire time before we left the Cafeteria.
After School Ended for the Day I exchanged numbers with the Rest of the Alphas except Christian Though but Isaac gave me his Number.
My phone vibrated in my Pockets.
?He’s a V@mpire ?
I reread the text again to make sure what I’m seeing, the text was from Evelyn.
I didn’t know whether to laugh or be worried for her mentality.

?who are you talking about???

?Rodney.. He’s a Vampire, I tried following him but then he disappeared and when I looked it up online his symptoms only clarify he’s a V@mpire.?
I laughed at her silly theory.

?Rodney isn’t a V@mpire and stop Following him around, you sound like a cr@zy Stalker?

I texted back

?Are you in School??? she texted back

?yeah I was about reporting to Detention, anything??? I texted

?Nah got to go ??? she texted as I slammed my Locker Heading to Mrs Raymond Class.

“Good You’re here, guess you’re not alone… ” Mrs Raymond said leaving me confused I was Probably the only one in Detention right now.

“Mr Raymond I’m the only one in Detention.. ” I said as she just ignored me and request I sit down.

I just brought out my book until, Lindsay and Christian showed up at the Door.
??Dear God please Tell me they are not here for Detention ??

I silently prayed.

“Good You’re both Here pack the Books off the Shelves.. ” Mrs Raymond said

“Hallelujah.. ” I said and everyone gave me confused looks.

“Sorry.. ” I apologized

“Ms Gold you too… ” She said

“I’m Free For Detention?? ” I questioned

“No Loud math you all are getting Detention.. ” She said Handing me some books meaning I’m having Detention with Lindsay and Christian.

“But why are we carrying Books.. ”

“Follow me… ” she said as we all carried mountain of books to the Library.

“I requested Mrs Tinklehimer take early leave for the week, So Your Job is to Scale the Books in alphabetical order…” she said

The Library was Huge I gasp in shock.

“But Mrs Raymond we don’t have all Day to Finish this… ”

“That’s Why you have a week well get Started won’t you… ” she said walking to one End of the Library.

“Sh!t… ” Christian hissed.

“What are you in For?? ” I asked

“Ditching Class… ” Christian said

“Oh Christain I need a Little Help.. ” Lindsay called Christian as if she wasn’t pathetic enough.

She probably got Detention, thinking she would have him all to herself, what a m@niac.

I don’t even wanna know how she got Detention, I just need to be quick with all this Alphabetical putting of books and get the Hell out of here.

I Started from the Bottom carefully arranging them in order, I got a Rack ladder, I carefully Climbed up putting the books in place.

“What are you doing? ” Christian asked

“What Mrs Raymond said… Duh.. ” I replied resuming my punishment.

“Come down from There you could miss A Step and get Hurt… ” Christian cautioned.

“Oh please.. ” I rolled my eyes

“I’m serious Kiara.. ”

“Nothing will Happen… ” I said but I missed a Step exactly as Christian predicted and fell but Christian Caught me in his arms.

“Are you OK?? ” He asked still carrying me

“Yeah… ” I nod, he just slowly leaned on

“What the Hell is Happening?? ” we heard Mrs Raymond and Christian dropped me and I fell on my Bvtt.

“Ermh the Ladder is Faulty and Kiara nearly Fell but I Caught her.. ”

“Get back to work….”

“Yes Ma’am… ”

I just got up from the floor walking out on Christian.

“No Thank you??. ” Christian said

“you dropped me.. ” I said

“I saved your Life.. ” he persisted.

“Fvck you…. ” I spat.

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