DIARY OF A POP STAR: Episode 1 – 10


(Can you Keep a Secret)


??Chapter Seven??

After probably an Hour of Arranging books Mrs Raymond called off Detention, I can’t believe I’m going to be doing this for a week.
I just got my backpack and head out of the Library.
I glanced through my phone probably Liam left me a message but I got none meaning I have nothing to do today.
I shove my phone back into my pockets heading out the school.

“Kiara…. ”

I turned to see Christian heading towards me and panting I just scowled at him.

“What?? ” I growled.

“Are you walking home?? ” He asked

“No.. I was planning on calling an Uber.. ”

“Why would you do that?? ” He asked

“Cause I don’t wanna walk home and it’s getting dark… Doy..” I said rolling my eyes bringing out my phone.

He swipes my phone away from my grasp

“No you’re not..”

“What the..give me back my phone D!ckhead..” I cried struggling to get my phone back

“it’s 05:01 it won’t be dark until six so let’s just probably do something before then.. ” He said nervously before running his Fingers through his hair I just folded my arms across my chest with a Smirk.

“What?? ” Christian looks back wondering who I was smirking at.

“You’re asking me out… ” I said and Christian Scoffed and gags out a non stop chuckle.

“Me ask you out?? As if.. ” he bluffs the last part and I just shrugged.

“OK then I’m walking home then.. ” I said but Christian stopp me and pulled me back.

“I’m bored and I don’t want to to get in a Car with Lindsay and since probably you’ll be hanging out with us and we both have Detention with Mrs Raymond I thought we need to get along so we might not kill each other before the End of the week…. ” he said and it kinda made sense.

“OK Then I’m bought..and give me back my phone” I requested as he hands me back my phone.

“So what do you want to do?? ” He asked while I tapped my chin with my index Finger.

“I wanna eat a Hamburger… ” He shot me a Strange look.

“That’s it?? ” he questioned and I nod.

“Yeah I always wanted to eat a Hamburger but Liam says it’s not good for me.. ” I blurt out without thinking about the last Part which made Christian Curious.

“who’s Liam?? ” he asked and if I’m correct in a Jealous tone.

“Huh…look Lindsay is walking out of the School let’s go.. ” I said and hailed a Taxi as we both got in before Lindsay noticed.

“Destination? ” The Taxi driver asked while I looked blankly at Christian he just sighed and shook his head.

“To Mc Donald’s.. ” Christian said Looking at the back of the Taxi’s window for Lindsay who was probably looking for Christian.

We were both Silent in the Taxi, Christian was Looking out the Window while I was Busy with my phone going through my news feed, I got 2 million likes on a Post in 19hrs for the After math of the photoshoot yesterday.

I grinned like a Maniac glancing through my post until we got to a Stop to probably a Foot Hut with a Big Mc Donald sign up front.

We got down as Christian paid For the both of us and I wowed in awe, Liam would kill me if I stood looking at one.

“Are you coming in or are you just going to stand there.. ” Christian brought me back to reality as I Followed behind him.

All eyes glued stuck on us probably because we were on Uniforms.

A Barista probably showed us to our seats as we both got seated, I looked around like a maniac tapping on the Table and checking out the menu scrolling through the options.

“Welcome to McDonald’s I’m Emily and… Hey I know you… You’re Christian From BXB…” Christian shot her a warm smile running his fingers through his Black hair which was rare.

“You know me…” he said nervously in dismay.

“Yeah the Whole Town Knows you I may have attended one of your gigs, You guys are awesome.. ”

“Ehem we don’t have all Day can this be for another day.. ” I said rolling my eyes as she brought out a note pad and a pen.

“Oops Sorry you’re Kiara right?? ” she asked which got me curious, how the hell did she know my name?.

“Yeah.. ”

“We are In The same Calculus Class…”

“Honestly I’ve never seen you before.. “I said bluntly and to be honest rude.

“It’s okay I just Started taking Honors Classes that’s probably a reason why.. ” She said and giggled which slightly irritated me for some unknown reason.

“Oh Congratulations.. ” I said because I didn’t really know what to say.

“So are you guys on a Date??… ” she asked as me and Christian looked back at each other.

“No.. ” we both blurted at the same time.

“So getting back to the orders I’ll Have a Hamburger… ” I said looking back at Christian who was Just Staring at Emily while she took down my order in her notepad which wasn’t necessary by the way.

“What of you Christian?? ” Emily asked

“a Milkshake will be fine by me.. ” He said tapping the table chuckling lightly.

That Smile, that nervous smirk, the constant running his fingers through his hair.

oh my God

he Likes her.


“OK I’ll be back with both your orders..” she left as Christian stared at her the whole time as she went at the back.

“You Like Her… ” I stated which caught him off guard.

“What?? ” he bluffed

“I saw the whole thing, you Like Emily obviously.. ” I said

“I don’t know what you’re talking about?? ” He Denied.

“Deny all you want, you Like her, You’re are one of the most popular guys in Lancaster high she’ll go out with you in a heartbeat.. ”

“Easier said… ” he sighed.

“So you do like her.. ” he looked back at her she was chuckling probably at some guys joke and from the looks of it he’s Jealous he does like her.

“She’s Different she’s an Honor student, she’s pretty and she doesn’t act like the rest.. ”

“Of your Fan girls.. ” I completed his statement.

“Something Like that she’ll never go out with me .. ” he shrugged off.

“why don’t you know?? Ask her out?? ”

“Here are Your Orders.. ” Emily said delivering our orders.

“Thank you.. ” Me and Christian said at the same time and just laugh it off.

“I’ll be here if you need anything.. ” Emily said as I kicked Christain on the knee.

“Ouch.. ” Christain groaned in pain getting Emily’s attention, I rolled my eyes at her signalling him to ask her out.

“Are you Alright?? ” Emily asked concerned

“Yeah… Emily I was wondering if you could.. Get me some Napkins… ” I just shot him a Confused look, what the Hell does he need Napkins for.

“OK… I’ll be right back.. ” She said and left to get him Napkins.

“What was That?? ” I. Asked furious for no good reason.

“I blacked out OK.. ” He said as Emily brought some Napkins and handed it over to Him.

“Anything else..? ” She asked

“We are good..” I said as she left us and attended to the rest of the Customers.

“Napkins Seriously?? ” I frowned at him.

“Just Eat Your Hamburger.. ” I only rolled my eyes.

“Who Else Knows about your Crush on Emily..?” I asked

“So Far actually only you.. ” I arched my brow while lifting up my Burger.

“Seriously?? ” I questioned

“Yeah, I can’t risk telling the guys they’ll probably make fun of me like they are with Daniel having a Crush on Yo…..Ummh Look at the Time Eat Your Burger already.. ” he insisted.

“Fine… ” I Chomp a Bite it taste like Heaven in my taste buds.

I just ate like a Pig while Christan sipped on his Milkshake and watching me Devour the Living daylights out of the Hamburger.

“Where have you Been all my Life.. ” I moaned munching on the Hamburger, Liam says it is bad for me but it tastes amazing.

Christian stares intently at me making me uncomfortable.

“What?? ” I growled at him.

“You’ve got something up there.. ” He said why I tried to get it but I couldn’t get it so I just ignored, I Just went on eating the whole Hamburger.

As Soon I was Done I swiped away Christian’s Milkshake and drank it without his Consent.

“Satisfied??.. ” he grouched but I ignored.

“Yeah.. ” I said as he Just Looked at me intensely.

“Don’t move.. ” he ordered while I Froze he got up from his seat with the napkins he ordered earlier and sat down next to me, his fingers chiseled up my chin in his grasp as he brushes the Napkins across my Lips slowly taking his time.

At one point he stopped and looks down into my eyes breathing softly with a calm smile.

He leaned on a bit which made my heart skip a beat.

“Oh….” Emily said as we both Jerked off each other.

“Am I Interrupting something?? ” She asked while we both looked back at her.

“No.. ” I said adjusting my glasses

“Well here’s The Bill… ” She left a note at the Desk and picked up our Leftovers.

We both Looked at the Bill.

“I’ll Pay… ” we both said at the same time

“Don’t Worry I’ll pay it’s nothing really.. ” Christian offered and I didn’t really want to argue I just let him pay.

Soon we both left McDonald’s it was already Dark, I held my phone in my hands trying to get over what just happened in the Restaurant.

“So when are you going to ask Emily out?? ” I said as we both walked on the Sidewalk.

“Seriously we are still on This. ”

“I Can Help you I’m pretty much known as a Love Doctor… ”

“What’s in it For me?? ”

“You have to Buy me Hamburger for the Rest of the year.. ” I said

“that’s It ??” he asked

“Yes.. ”

“Deal… ” he said as we both shook hands.

“If anybody knows I have a Crush on Emily you’re Screwed.. ” He warned but I just rolled my eyes at him.

“Whatever.. ” I rolled my eyes at him Until a Car Stopped in Front of me.

“Hey Christian… ” We both looked back to see Emily who was Changed into a Blue dress and Denim jacket waving at the both of us.

“I’m done with my shift, Where are you two off to?? ” She asked

“Oh I was actually heading Home that’s why I called an Uber.. ” I said pointing at The Car that stopped in front of us.

“That leaves us Both then.. ” She said

“Bye Christian, Bye Emily.. ” I waved them both goodbye and got in the Car.

I can’t help to stop thinking about that Napkin incident and why does my Stomach feel bubbly.

Maybe I need a good night sleep.
The next day my mom drove Me to school but parked a little bit far away from school while I walked the rest.

“Hey Stranger… ” I glanced up at Rodney who wore a Charming Smile he Looked wore a Hoodie like always over his uniform.

“Hey Rodney.. ”

“How was Detention?? ” He asked

“Well it was interesting I learned a Lot since we Had Detention in the Library.. ” I said as we both walked in to the School.

“Kiara…” Evelyn ran up to me but glared at Rodney but smiled back at me.

“So How was Detention with Christian?? ” my cheeks blushed red instantly as she nudge my arm with her elbow.

“Excuse me?? ” I blurted out almost immediately.

“I heard Christain got Detention too.. ”

“And Lindsay.. ” I hissed

“Yikes that must have been Horrible.. ” she sympathized.

“It was she was, Christian this, Christian that…Christian.. Christian… Christian I nearly ran bananas..” I said as the Bell rang.

“Well I’m off to Economics Class.. ” She said and bids me and fortunately Rodney goodbye but with a Snarl.

“What Class Do you have?? ” I asked Rodney

“Geology.. What do you have?? ” he asked

“Literature obviously bye.. ” I said as we bid each other goodbye.

I quickly went to my Literature Class before Class Started Obviously.

I Sat down at my usual seat next to Christain as Mr Shiral marked the attendance and class commenced.

“OK Class Since you guys are already Paired practice Your Parody now before the Deadline now assemble to your groups if you need anything I’ll be here.. ” he said as Everyone went to their Various groups.

Aaron, Christian, Daniel Stephana, Amanda and Lindsay all gathered around.

“So What Parody are we Doing? ” Stephana asked

“Sleeping Beauty it was Kiara idea… ” Lindsay Hissed

“at least it’s better Than Romeo and Lindaynet.. ” Aaron mocked.

“So we Know Christian is going to be The Prince Charming or whatever who’s The Sleeping Beauty.. ” Aaron said as Everyone looked up at me.

“Kiara Since it’s Her idea… ” Christian Suggested

“Ummh no… ” I blurted out

“OK let’s carry this in a Vote Then.. ” Aaron Suggested with a smirk

“All in Favor… ” Aaron, Christian, Daniel, Stephana and Amanda put up their Hand.

“All oppose… ” no one raised their Hand except me.

“Majority wins you’re Sleeping Beauty Kiara….. ”

“Sh!t… ”

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