DIARY OF A POP STAR: Episode 1 – 10


(Can You Keep a Secret)

??Chapter Nine??
Christian leaned on Towards me, I just froze under him like I was Cast under a Spell.

“Mr Walker.. ” we heard Mrs Raymond cough Christian got off me as i lift myself up adjusting my glasses pretending to brush off imaginary dust of my skirt.

“Mrs Raymond.. ”

“Explain why you both were on the Floor pressed against each other instead of Stacking the books on the shelves.. ” Mr Raymond rioted with a bitter tone clearly glaring at me with her wicked stare while I Shrieked quietly in fear.

“Umh… We Tipped over and Fell and we are sorry Mrs Raymond it won’t happen again.. ” Christian apologized while I nodded in a bow.

“Well played Mr Walker you’re Lucky I have a Soft bone.. ” my ears probably stunned when she mentioned those words, if it was me she’ll probably give me a whole semester detention plus washing of the Boys toilet.

“Thank you Mrs Raymond… ” Christian smiled while Mrs Raymond bitter frown stuck on me.

“Get back to Work or else stacking of Books won’t be the only thing you’ll be doing in Detention..Understand.. ” We both nodded as she brushed past us.

My phone vibrated in my pockets i pulled it out.

I slide my phone unlocked

It was Liam

I Panicked burying my phone down my Torso.

“Ummh I have to check whether the Books at the End are Stacked.. ” I left to the very end of the Library purposely tossing some books off the Shelves as a Cover up.
I slide the icon to Answer
I squat down to pick them up with my phone wedge between my jaw and my shoulder.

“Hello.. ” I said in a whisper.
“Kiara You have a Nomination to attend after detention Lincoln will be waiting for you to take you there be careful… ”

“OK noted… ” I said in a whisper as he hangs up.

“You done… ” I Flinched on hearing Christian almost dropping my phone but caught it before it scatters into smattering.

“Phew… ” I sighed in relief

“Who were you on the phone with??” Christian asked in a Curious Tone.

“Ummh my Mom….” I giggled nervously which got Christian Curious, I picked up the books and brushed past Christian.


Detention Concluded, I went the Girls locker and stuffed in my gym clothes of earlier in my backpack.
I exit the girls Locker room out to the School Corridors.
It was Quiet and Empty unlike normal when it was Loud with noise bouncing back and forth the only souls here were those who had Detention Under a Certain class and the Teachers who needed the time to either grade students work or to plan a pop quiz.

I stride down the Hallway with my hands strapped to my backpack gracefully striding to the door.

I spot a Familiar Black SUV it was Lincoln he probably must have arrived not long ago from the looks of it the Engine were still kicking.

I was about to push past the door.

“Kiara… ” I Froze as Christian called me I glanced over at Lincoln through the transparent doors.

“Ummh Christian… ” I stutter but he just rummage through his backpack and pulls out a greasy paper bag and hands it over me.

“What’s This.. ” I asked

“It’s A Hamburger, The Reason I was Late to Detention was Because I was getting you one though it might be a Little Cold.. ” he said and I smiled

“Thanks you didn’t really have to go into that trouble… ”

“It’s Okay it’s Worth it you are Helping me with Emily and I’m keeping to my promise.. ” He said with a smile, my mood turned sour on the mention of Emily I don’t know why.
Christian noticed and his smile went Flat.

“Everything OK.. ” He said and I shook my head sideways.

“Yeah… I’m sorry I have to go.. ” I said walking out on Christian and pushing past the door with my head bent down running towards the Car.
I got in the Back and Shut the door behind me and slouched back down avoiding the Window frame.

“Evening Kiara how was School.. ” Lincoln asked as he kicked up the gear.

“it was OK where are we heading to..” I asked

“To the Salon First to get Your Hair done by Shelly…” he said and I nod as he started driving.

Why do I Feel this way??


The Nomination was Amazing I bagged two awards, ‘Best voice’ and Youngest most Successful Singer’ I almost cried, I took pics with some teenage artist and me and got promised collaborations With famous known artist.
Soon The Nomination Ended and as usual we got Stalked by the Papparazi till me and Liam got to The Car and Liam Drove me Home.


The next day the First Class was literature We were Told to put up our Parody.
Like Planned I was Told to Lay on Desk as Aaron put on His Horrible Acting.
Soon it was the Scene I was kinda nervous about.
I laid Perfectly Still as Christian said his Lines.
“Alas the Sleeping Beauty has been found I shall wake her up with a K!ss.. ” He said but Pecked me on my Forehead.
The whole class clapped even though with Christian unexpected twist.
But we got an A.

Aaron was Just Dancing

“This is the First A he’s gotten in his entire life that’s why he’s so happy.. ” Daniel Joked which made us Laugh.

“Let’s Celebrate… ” he said pulling out a Wallet.

“Hey that’s my Wallet. ” Daniel snatched his Wallet away from Aaron

I walked over to Christain who was packing up his books.

“Hey.. ” I greeted

“Hey… ” he said with a smile.

“Why didn’t you K!ss me.. ” I asked curious it’s not like I wanted to be K!ssed.

“You Were Nervous and if I wanted to K!ss You I don’t want you to Think about who’s watching cause I’ll have you to myself so I improvised… And now I know you wanted to k!ss me so Badly..” my cheeks heat up when he said who words.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about…” I hissed and walked out on him.

after our Usual Classes it was Sport Day we each get to Participate in a Sport when I enrolled in the school I Picked Soccer.
I went to the girls locker room every one were busy changing into their sport wears.
Evelyn wore a Tank top and Knickers, she took on the boyish Look.
I Changed into a Sport Bra and Shorts.
“What Sport Did you Pick Kiara?? ” Evelyn said as I slammed my Locker Shut.
“Soccer… ”
“Same as Me…” She squealed as we both exit the Locker room and went out to the School Field for Soccer practice.
The Boys were already there with the Male Gym teacher he was arguing with Mrs Raymond who was also our Soccer Coach.

They were arguing none stop on which I had no idea about.
Evelyn pulled me over to where the boys were.

“What’s it This Time?? ” Evelyn asked as the Boys Sighed.

“The Principal Mixed up the Schedules again on who has to use to School Field…” Julian said

“Wait this has happened before?? ” I asked

“Oh Yeah Wait Till Mrs Raymond goes from Verbal to Brutal… ”

“At This Rate if they don’t stop Arguing the Field will be on Suspension again.. ” Isaac said

“That can’t happen again it almost cost us Football Season..” Julian Whined as immediately they Stopped arguing and they both blew their Whistle.

Julian and Kayla a Jocky girl from my homeroom ran over to The Different Coaches.

“What’s Happening?? ” I asked

“They Called the Captains..” Evelyn said as Mr Raymond and Mr Hyde the Gym teacher and also the Boys Football Coach talked to both Julian and Kayla.

Julian ran back to us as Kayla ran back to her squad.

“We are Sharing the Field.. ” Julian and Kayla announced as everyone was pretty much confused.

The Two Coaches blew their Whistle as Kayla and Julian were being Called over.

Mr Hyde Pulled out a Coin

“Heads… ” Kayla called

“Tail.. ” Julian called

“Heads and The Girls get to share the Field first.. ” Mrs Raymond Snickered at Mr Hyde.

“Tails and the Boys get to share the Field First.. ” Mr Hyde snarled at Mrs Raymond.

Mr Hyde hands Julian the Coin as he Tossed it in the Air.

“Tails.. ” Juilian Said as it landed on his forehand, which meant the Boys were going first and we were going to watch them practice.

The girls sat over at the Bleachers, They were doing warm-ups some girls already got up Cheering for the Alphas.

Rodney ran over to us while Julian and Aaron entice some of the girls.

“Hey Ladies.. ”

“Where were you Yesterday During Lunch?? ” Evelyn shot at Rodney who wasn’t prepared for that.

“Excuse me?? ”

“Give it a rest Evelyn…” I cautioned her, she can’t literally be thinking he’s still a V@mpire.

“Rodney over here.. ” Mr Hyde called.

“We’ll be Rooting for you… ” I said with a wide grin as Rodney ran back to the field.

“I’m Rooting for Isaac he’s Sure to Score more Goals.. ” Evelyn said while I just rolled my eyes at her.

Soon Mr Hyde Blew the Whistle.

The game started and some girls were already squealing.

‘Daniel… Daniel… Daniel.. ‘

‘Aaron Aaron Aaron ‘

‘Julian Julian Julian ‘

‘Isaac Isaac Isaac’

‘Christian Christian Christian’

They all Cheered their favorite player.

“Go Isaac.. ” Evelyn cheered which got me Suspicious but I Just Shrugged it off.

“Rodney… Go… You can win it… ” Rodney got the ball about to snatch a goal then Christian out of nowhere tackled him.


I got off the Bleachers and ran over to Rodney who was hissing in Pain, The Coach blew a Whistle as the boys paused.

“Rodney are you OK… ” I questioned as he just nodded and I helped lift him up.

“What the Hell Christian?? ” I scowled.

“How’s this my Fault?? ” Christian Rioted

“You Tackled Him.. ”

“Maybe you Shouldn’t have Cheered For him like he’s Your Boyfriend or Something.” he said, I shot him a Bewildered look.

The Whistle Blew.

“It’s The Girls Turn.. ” Mrs Raymond coughed as Christian just brushes past me.

I looked back at the Bleachers I was Still Supporting Rodney.

“Don’t worry I can walk back..” Rodney said as he draggs himself back to the bleachers.

Evelyn ran over to me.

“What The Fvck Just Happened?? ” I asked

“I think Someone is Jealous.. ” Evelyn smirked at me.

“pffts…why would I be Jealous.. ” I hissed

“Not You… Christian.. ” She said

Christian?? Jealous??? As if.

“Why would you think That…?? ” I asked

“Maybe because he Likes you.. ” she suggested

“Stop Feeding yourself with Fantasies…” I said as the Mrs Raymond blew the Whistle.

I was the Defender, while Evelyn was one of the The girls put up front.

The Ball got past Evelyn and the rest of the girls up front and was heading to me.

“Kiara get the Ball… ” Evelyn spat and immediately I took control of the Ball.

*Maybe you Shouldn’t have Cheered For him like he’s Your Boyfriend or Something*

*It’s Okay it’s Worth it you are Helping me with Emily and I’m keeping to my promise..*

*Maybe because he Likes you*

I lost balance and tipped off and fell spraining my ankle.

“Kiara.. ” Evelyn Runs up to me

“My Ankle..” I hissed in pain as The Alphas ran towards me.

“Kiara are you OK?? ” Julian asked First.

“I think I twisted my Ankle.. ” I said

“Don’t worry Everyone I’m Trained in the ancient arts of Healing, my great-grandmother taught me her ways ..” Aaron said as he gripped gently on my Ankle carefully massaging it.

And instantly he Twist my Ankle in the opposite Direction.

“Holy Fre@king Heck… ” I screamed in pain.

“What the Fvck Aaron I thought you said you knew how to heal her?? ” Daniel Yelled.

“Oh no I just saw one guy do this on TV.. ” Aaron said as They all glared at Him.

“Aaron??? ” they yelled at him

“Take her to the Infirmary.. ” Evelyn suggested and immediately Christian lifts me up in his arms in Bridal style.

“What’s going on here?? ” Mr Hyde Finally asked

“She Hurt her Ankle… ”

“Then What are you waiting for take her to the infirmary.. ” Mr Hyde ordered as Christian took me to the school infirmary.


After The Incident School was Dismissed as Usual and I went to Detention and Did the Usual Stacking of Books.
Detention eventually concluded and I picked up my Backpack, I didn’t get any calls from Liam so I’m Free Today.
I was the First to exit the Library as Usual with my phone on my hands.

The Clouds were Thick and Black and was about to pour.

I didn’t bring an Umbrella

I Looked out the doors if I Ran probably I’ll beat the Rain besides it isn’t Raining.

“Hey Kiara… ” I turned to see Christian who was running his Fingers through his hair.

“Hi Christian.. ”

“How’s your Ankle.. ” he asked

“Good… ” I replied

“Sorry for Yelling at you in the Field and Also Tackling Rodney…. ” He apologized.

“it’s okay I have to go… ” I said pushing past the door as Thunder clapped.

A Drop slide down my Cheeks, I Put my Hands out as little Dropplet dance on my palm.

I walked Fast out the Driveway and Stunned as the rain Drizzle down in tiny drops.

Christian walked out of the School Pulling out an Umbrella and Smiles at me.

“Christian…. ” I glanced over to whoever called Christians attention.

It was Emily

She was Under the Rain too.

Christian looks at me and Back at her.

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