DIARY OF A POP STAR: Episode 1 – 10


(Can you keep a Secret)


??Chapter Eight??

I was Picked as Sleeping Beauty while we all Looked up the tale on our phones.

“It says here A prophecy was Told by the wicked Fairy that the Child born will Prick her Finger and Die.. ” Daniel said and we all looked up at him.

“What?? ” Daniel questioned but we all glued our eyes back on out phones.

“I want to be the King..” Aaron said.

“I want to be the Queen… ” Lindsay said while Aaron shook his Head.

“No Stephana would be my queen, you will be the wicked Fairy. ” Aaron said as we all tried to hold back from laughing.

“But… ”

“So it’s Decided… I’m the King Stephana is the queen, Lindsay is the wicked Fairy and Amanda is the Fairy that tries to help Sleeping Beauty or whatever while Daniel you’ll be the Elf… ”

“Why am I the Elf?? ”

“Because you’re Short.. ”

“I’m taller than you… ” Daniel Shot back and Aaron Shrugged.

“Any Questions?? ” Aaron asked which no one challenged so we just kept quiet because from the looks of it he’s the Group Leader.

“Good..Now let’s get to places people.. ” Aaron said clapping his hands admist the atmosphere getting probably the whole class attention.

“Let’s Do the Scene When The Prince Charming Finds The Princess.. ” Aaron insisted while everyone looked back at me.

“What? ” I scowled at them.

“You’re Supposed to be in eternal Slumber get on the Desk..” Aaron Ordered and immediately I got on the Desk like he requested and Laid like a Dead Person.

“The Princess was in Eternal Slumber not Dead.. ” Aaron spat and I adjusted.

“Like This.. ” I said closing my eyes and laid like I was asleep.

“Yeah stay that way… ” Aaron instructed and went close to me.

“My Daughter is Dead..” Aaron faked a Cry

“I thought I was in Eternal Slumber?? ” I Jerked up in confusion.

“What the Fvck Kiara you are Supposed to be asleep…” Aaron growled I just rolled my eyes and laid like I was Sleeping.

“OK let’s get down to the Breaking of the Spell Scene.. ” Aaron Suggested as Christian walked up to me.

“Alas The Sleeping Beauty has been found I shall wake her up with a K!ss.. ” Christian said but then Paused, slowly leaning towards me.


The Bell Rings Disrupting the Scene as I got up from the Desk.

“That’s all for Today Class Remember this counts 20% of your Grade.. ” Mr Shiral said, I just shrugged and went to get my Backpack.

“Hey Kiara…” Daniel called

“Hey Daniel.. ”

“Ummh The Thing is.. Umh Would you Umh.. Go on a… Trip to Class with me.. ” I just shot him a Confused look.

“Huh?? ” I asked

“I mean would you mind if I walk you to your next class.. ” He requested and I smiled.

“Sure… ” I grinned but he just sighed and ran his fingers through his hair I strapped on my Backpack and gave Daniel a Nod alerting him I’m ready to go.


Later that day we were Called to the Gym and Fortunately everyone in my Homeroom especially Rodney and Evelyn were here.

I Wore a Crop top and shorts, we were packed in the Gym Checking out attendance.

I went Over to Evelyn who had Garlic over her neck.

“What are you wearing? ” I asked plugging up my nose.

“A Garlic Necklace, I need to Protect my Blood from Rodney he Could be a V@mpire.. ” I just shot her a bewildered look she sounds like a Cr@zy person.

“Rodney isn’t a Vampire… ”

“How come he always has his Hoodey on to protect him from the Sun… ” I just shook my head.

“You’re being Paranoid.. ” I spat.

“What about all those times he Disappeared Huh?? I’m telling you he’s a Vampire.. ” She said

“Who’s a Vampire?? ” Rodney said out of nowhere as we both Flinched.

“Where did you come from?? ” I asked taking my breath.

“From the Locker Room.. ” He said strangely Looking at Evelyn who hid behind me.

“What’s up with her?? ” He asked

“Ummh yeah… ”

“Hey Kiara over here… ” Daniel waved where the other Alpha’s Were standing and I waved back I don’t really want to meet them everyone in my Homeroom is Here.

He Waved that we Should Come over


“Come on guys Let’s go…” I said as we went over to Daniel and the rest.

They were all gawking at me which made me Flustered a Bit.

We all Started talking mostly Aaron and Julian messing with Isaac pulling up his Shirt which Isaac was Kinda Shy about.

“Stop… ” Isaac roared Flustered

“He Has Abs now can you believe it.. ” Aaron Said getting me and Evelyn attention.

“Yeah because he’s being Working out Lately..” Julian nods.

“Remember last Summer when he had that Cake Tummy… ” Aaron Mocked him Putting his Towel under his Tummy like he was pregnant.

The Entire Alphas Laughed like maniacs.

“Yeah We had to Change His Nickname to Cupcake.. ” Julian Cracked and we all Laughed.

“That’s not all remember when he started To Gym and he was Working with the Equipments and nearly passed out I nearly felt bad for him… ” Aaron mocked still sliding his shirt up as some of the girl squeal on seeing it.


“Let’s see who can make the girls scream louder.” Aaron suggested which kinda made no sense at the time.

Aaron slide his shirt up and spin slowly in a twirl showing off his Abs I swear the girls Squeal could blow off my ears.

“You’re on… ” Julian Slides off his Shirt and Does a belly wave Showing us his Perfect abs Dancing the Screams were louder than Aaron’s.

Aaron rolled his eyes at Julian who was Feeding the Girls with his abs.


Surprisingly Daniel Slightly Pulled up his Shirt showing off his abs as the Girl resumed their squealing parade but it died down when he put his Shirt down, his own was Louder than the rest.

Aaron Nudge him at the arm pointing at me while Daniel Ran his Fingers through his hair nervously which was kinda cute.

The Alphas Looked back at Christian who Strangely didn’t even show off his abs, if he has one.

“I Win.. ” Daniel said Continuously running his hands through his hair.

“Come on Christian it’s Your Turn.. ” Aaron Nudge Christian.

“Yeah come on Dude Your Abs aren’t V!rgin it’s not Like the Whole School hasn’t seen it.. ” Julian pointed out.

“Everybody but Kiara.. ” Aaron mocked which nearly choked me.

“He’s just Afraid his Abs are not good like the rest of us.. ” Julian mocked Showing again his abs to the girls who squealed Like rats.

Big rats caked with make up.

“I.. Don’t really need to see it if he’s not comfortable.. ” Christian Smirked and immediately Slides his Hands under his Shirt to Show off his abs and in the process took it off and threw it at Julian’s face.

“Oh my God, Oh my God my eyes were never born to see This Perfection…” I heard Evelyn fangirl over Christian’s Golden abs.

‘He took off his Shirt’

‘Heaven I’m Blind’

‘Jesus he actually took of his Shirt’

‘My eyes Have been Disvirgined again’

The Girls Squealed like Crazy and in the process some girls passed out.

Christian Smirked at me and for some unknown reason my cheeks heat up and my palms are sweaty as he Flashed me a smile and I think from that moment my heart stopped beating.

“Christain Wins… ” Aaron Holds up Christian Hand like as if he won a Competition.

“OK Christain Put your Shirt back on before More girls pass out.. ” the Gym teacher instructed while Julian Hands Christian back his Shirt.

“Alright Clear the way for the girls that passed out and Take them to the infirmary.. ” The Gym teacher instructed as those who passed out were taken to the Infirmary.

“That was Totally Unnecessary.. ” Rodney whispered with jealousy in his tone obviously.

“Who Cares my eyes have been blessed.. ” Evelyn dissed back.

“OK Everyone Choose Your Partner for Today Physical activities..” I turned to look for Evelyn but she was Already with Isaac
Who am I going to pair up with??.

“Kiara.. ” My heart Skipped a bit.

It was Daniel.

“Wanna be my… ”

“Sorry she’s already mine.. ” Christian said and I didn’t really know what to say.

“Maybe Next time Then… ” Daniel said rather disappointed and left us.

“What the Hell?? ” I asked

“You have to help me Remember Emily is in This Homeroom.. ” He point to Where Emily was, She was giggling with a guy who doesn’t look Bad at all but compared to the Alphas he’s no match.

“Why didn’t you ask her to be your Partner instead of me Dumba$s.. ” I kicked him in the shin and he hissed in pain.

“Ummh he already asked her.. ” Christian said and obviously he guy did from the looks of it.

“OK Then Why don’t you go and talk to her before the exercises Commence.. ” I suggested.

“What do I say to her?? ” he questioned

“What about Hi.. And have a nice day.. ” I suggested and he nods and goes over to her.

I Spotted Daniel he was Paired up with Aaron, he caught my glance.

“I’m taking you Down..” he virtually sl!t his throat and mouthed and high-five Aaron while I just rolled my eyes.

Julian Didn’t have a Partner he Just Held his arms across his chest and just winked at me like something was going to happen.

“Who wants to be my partner?? ” Some girls left their partner and Lined up with hoping to be Partners with Julian.


Christian came back with a happy mood.

“So Did you ask her out?? ” I nudge him at the arm.

“No…i just Found out she Doesn’t have a Partner So… ” I just nod giving him heads up.

Now I’m partnerless.

I head over to Julian who was Busy Picking Who would be his Partner.

“Julian Wanna be my Partner.. ” He just shrugged and nods.

“Sorry ladies Kiara has Spoken… ” He took hold of my hand leading me away from those Crazy Fangirls as we Decided to warm up.

Later Coach Intrusted we do some warm ups by running some laps round the Gym and soon we Commenced with the workout activities.

First the Boys were to do Push-ups.

Evelyn kept Rooting for Isaac as some Boys gave up at twenty.

I rooted for Julian cause he’s my Partner Duh.

Aaron gave up at Ten I nearly laughed my Stomach out.

Isaac gave up at 45

Daniel gave up at 47

Rodney, Julian and Christian were left to cut the Story Short Julian Won For my team.

It was Time for the Girls we were Told to Do Seatups.

All the Girls were Struggling to do Seatups while I easily did 20 but stop after reaching my limits.

Me and Julian Did a High-five we were the Highest team with the Highest rank.

Soon we were done with today’s Physical examination and The Gym teacher called off Gym.

“My Back I may never walk again.. ” Aaron moaned in pain like an old lady.

“Oh Please Today’s Gym class was Easy as pie and thanks to Kiara we got top rank.. ” Julian high-five me one last time.

I looked over at Christian he was having a small conversation with Emily soon they were done talking and he ran over to us.

“Someone has a Thing for Honors girl.. ” Aaron mocked while Christan rolled his eyes.

“We were Just Talking… I’m Hungry.. ” he said changing the Conversation.

“I have never wanted to eat so bad until now race you guys to the Cafeteria.. ” Aaron said heading to the Boys Locker room probably to change first.

I went to the girls Locker room and changed back into my school uniform and met up with Evelyn.

After PE we had Lunch but Rodney wasn’t with us which got Evelyn curious.
Soon School Dismissed and it was Detention time, Lindsay wasn’t around, so was Christian I didn’t really want to ask Mrs Raymond I’m afraid she’ll give me Detention.
So I just went on minding my business, you should try it it doesn’t get you in trouble.

Soon Christian showed up at the door apologizing for being late to Detention and surprisingly she just nods letting it slide.

If it was me she’ll throw me In Juvenile detention center.

Christian was busy packing up some books opposite the shelves.

He opened a clear way where I could see his Face.

“Miss me… ” He c0cked a Brow and I rolled my eyes.

“You wish.. ” I said replacing the books that he used as a Clearway

“Like you Didn’t Drool when I took off my Shirt.. ” he cocked and I gasped but I didn’t drool did I??

“Drool over you?? Julian’s Abs are way better than yours… ” I said

“But I got the most Cheer.. ”

“Because you bloody took off your Shirt Dumbass.. ” I hissed as Christian arched a Brow and snickered at me.

“So you Did Enjoy it admit it…. ” he said


“OK then You want it the Hard way… ” He stride towards me as I back up against a Shelf.

“I’ll Scream.. ” I threatened

“I’m OK with a month of making you miserable go ahead.. ” he scowled at me.

“Admit it…. ” my eyes searched for a plan as he pulled up my Chin.

“Last Chance.. ” he fostered but I didn’t give in I pushed him off trying to escape from his grip but tipped over, I gripped hold of Christian’s Collar pulling him down with me but he slammed his hands by my side clearly on top of me.

We both were locked in a Stare, Christian shoots me a warm Smile partially trading glances of my lips.

“Alas The Sleeping Beauty is Found I shall wake her up with a K!ss.. ” Christian said repeating a Line from Sleeping Beauty, leaning towards me….

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