DIARY OF A POP STAR: Episode 1 – 10


(Can you keep a Secret)


??Chapter Four??

“I Choose Kiara.. ”

“Wait What?? ” I gasped so did the rest of the class.

“Kiara Please Come up.. ” Mr Shiral called but I nod sideways disproving of the idea.

“Can’t you pick anyone other than me.. ” I growled at Christian who was Enjoying the Show like he wanted some sort of reaction.

“Kiara.. ” Mr Shiral grunted and I gave in I got up from my seat as all eyes glared at me with Envy.

‘why Did Christian pick her??’

‘She’s not even attractive’

‘gross she’s wearing Braces’

‘Her Hair is So Dull’

‘She’s Ugly as Fvck’

The whole class Mumbled generally the girls or should I say Christian’s Fangirls and I could hear them they just whispered behind my back like I wasn’t even there.

I walked up to the front of the Class facing Christian, I Folded my arms across my Chest trying to act casual.

“So Class We are going to get the modern Dramatization of Romeo and Juliet, Christian and Kiara will Portray body Languages on the Emotions Juliet and Romeo Displayed.. ” Mr Shiral said as all eyes glued to us.

“Let’s Start with Confession Scene.. ”

We both Nodded, Mr Shiral went to the frame of the door leaning against it giving way for our improvised Drama.

“Romeo oh Romeo Why do you have to be Montague, Please tell me our love isn’t too Soon… ” I said Blankly with no Emotion.

“Juliet oh Juliet, yes a Capulet no our Love isn’t Soon as Long as out Heart beats for one another…” Christian said his own Part staying a Feet away from me.

“Stop… Stop Stop… ” we both stared back at the class looking at a Very Disappointed Mr Shiral.

“You guys Acted with no Emotion I couldn’t Feel Anything not even a single Chemistry.. ” Mr Shiral Lamented but I couldn’t care less all I wanted to do was to get the Fuck out of there.

“Maybe it’s Because we don’t Like each other” I voiced out.

“That’s not an Excuse… ” Mr Shiral growled at the both of us.

“Do it again.. But this time with Emotion and body Language… ” I hissed under my breath throwing my hands down looking intensely at the floor.

“Now commence with act I Scene IV… ” Mr Shiral instructed.

I clasped my hands round my arm nervously, I looked up at Christian who surprisingly was staring back at me, his ocean Blue eyes stuck at me.
I Turned to Face Me Shiral who was leaning against the door with my hands by my Side, Christian grip hold on my right hand.

“If you find my hands too rough, I have two gentle lips ready to soothe you” Christian said his part.

“No” i said. “Don’t speak so badly of your hand. When two hands touch like this what they’re doing is k!ssing” I stayed in my position intertwining my fingers with Christians.

“See” I said. “See what a lovely k!ss this is?”

He moved Closer our hands intertwined.

“You’re right. We’ve also got lips, though.” that statement sent chills down my spine as Christian pressed against me.

“Yes.’ she said. ‘But lips are used for praying.”

“So are hands.’ Breathe Christian “So let our lips do the same as our hands. I’m praying that you’ll k!ss me. If you don’t I’ll die.”

“I can’t grant your prayer,” she said. “You’d have to go to Friar Lawrence’s chapel for that: the saint’s statue that stands there grants prayers. Even though it doesn’t move”

“Don’t you move then,” he whispered but loud enough for the whole class to hear. “You are my saint. Stay still and answer my prayer.” he twirled me round to Face him searching my Face, he leaned closer towards me I just froze his Hands cup my Cheeks as our nose brushes slightly.

Some girls in the Class were squealing.

The Boys started slamming the Desk.

“K!ss.. K!ss K!ss.. ”

I panicked internally and silently as Christians Lips slightly grazed on mine.


The Bell Rang as we both Jerked off from each other.

“That’s the Emotions I’m talking about Remember the group Project Is Due before the End of the Week study the last Text Dismiss… ” Mr Shiral said I head back to my seat and grabbed my backpack about to speed out of the Class.

“Kiara… ” I heard Daniel call me out this is probably the third time I’m being called out.

“Hey Daniel… ” He stood in front of me with a wide smile.

“Great acting between you and Christian, just a quick question ummh were you acting?? ” I shot him a confused look I couldn’t find him misunderstood till now.

“Excuse me?? ” I asked

“I mean Do you Like Christian?? ” I gulped down hard and the sudden uproar of the question almost made me choke.

“That D!ckhead… Of course not why are you asking?? ” He heaved a Sigh and just nodded obn0xious and scoffed.

“it’s nothing.. What’s Your Next Class.. ” he asked

“Ummh it’s English… ”

“Seems like I have Same Shall I The Daniel walk you to English Class… ” I giggled from his terrible paradoy of acting.

“Thou Shall not… Sire..” I teased.

“And Why not fair Maiden… ” he questioned.

“For Your Lady is afraid of Your admirers and Fangirls I don’t want them to think I’m Dating their Sire.. ” I said as Daniel Rolled his eyes.

“Oh please… ” He took my hand and intertwined his with mine.

“What are you Doing?? ” I whispered as we stood along the Corridors which could catch everyone’s attention.

“Walking you to Class..” he whispered back but first helped carrying my backpack as we both walked down the corridor.

All eyes glued to us I just stared at the Floor visualizing my untimely Death.

‘Is That Daniel’

‘who is that girl’

‘why are they Holding Hands’

‘Are they Dating’

‘Why is he Carrying her Bag’

The whispers kept mumbling almost in an uproar, Daniel didn’t seem to care but greet some of the students until we got our class.

I saw Evelyn and Rodney who were talking to each other in a Distant.

“Here we are English Class.. ” Daniel hands me over my back pack.

“Thanks…” I smized about to take my seat but Daniel gripped hold of my hand.

“If You need Help with Anything just ask.. ” he stated with a warm Smile and I could feel a Million holes burning at my back.

I just smiled and nodded walking over to Rodney and Evelyn who are just as lost as me

“Erhm Kiara… ”

“Don’t… ” I cut Evelyn off “I need some minutes to get my self together.. ” I said to myself and sat down until The English Teacher walked in.

“I heard we Have a new Transfer… ” the teacher called out as everyone glanced up at me.

‘You’ve got to be kidding me.. ‘ I whispered to myself in a quiet grunt.

“Kiara… Kiara Gold.. ”

“Here..” I jerked up firmly as all eyes Strange and Familiar look back at me.

“Welcome to Lancaster High my name is Mrs Raymond I’m Your English Teacher for The Year I know today isn’t your First Day but can you come up and talk a Little about your self..” I hissed under my breath this is exactly what I’ve been avoiding ‘attention’ but still it’s like it revolves round my life.

I still went up anyways mostly girls shot me disgusted looks but I just ignored.

“I’m Kiara Gold I’m 17 and I hope we can all get along.. ” I said as everyone looked back at me uninterested not wanting to ask me further questions.

“OK you may go back to your Seat… ” Mrs Raymond said, I heave a sigh of relief and head back to my seat.

I Looked round and Christian wasn’t in Class I shouldn’t Care but he’s still my Classmate.

“Hey Rodney? ” I hissed in a whisper trying to get His attention but he couldn’t hear me, he was busy drawing on A sketch book with Wireless headphones which Mrs Raymond didn’t notice.

I pulled out a book from my backpack and threw it at him getting his attention and the rest of the class.

“Sorry I wanted to return something of His.. ” I apologize.

“Return it quietly next time.. ” Mrs Raymond hissed getting back to writing something on the Board.

“This isn’t my Textbook.. ” He whispered.

“it’s not Where’s Christian?? ”

“I don’t Know?? Maybe Evelyn Knows and take back your Textbook… ” He said handing me back my textbook.

Evelyn sat two seats away from me after I shunned her thinking maybe I’m upset with her.

I hissed under my Breath looking at an empty seat In Front of me.

“Kiara… ”

I jerked up on the sudden call of my name.

“Huh?? ”

“What are Adjunts??” She threw the question like a Diss at me with no mercy.

“Erhm…” I stalled

“Didn’t you read Your Text. ” she flared when I thought she was nice.

“No… But.. ”

“No buts I want you to Study the Rest of the text and write a Summary in The most evident Detail before tommorow, Understand.. ”

“Before Tommorow?? But I. Might not have enough time to Finish it… ” I lamented.

“Then A week Detention will be Suitable For you.. ” she threatened
I can’t have Detention, I promised Liam I won’t get Detention any Concert or Fan signing event might come up.
I nod sideways and she smiled.

“Then have that assignment at my Desk before 08:00am..” She insisted and I just obliged and nod.

I slumped back on my Chair as she Dictated some things down and we took notes.

Soon the Class Ended.

I packed up my things and ran up to Evelyn who was packing up her things.

“Are You Reserved now?? ” She asked sliding a text in her bag.

“Yeah where’s Christian?? ” I asked

“Hmm maybe Daniel will know maybe we should ask him.. ” I shook my head sideways on her horrible idea.

“Why are you against the Idea.. ” She Scoffed with a Smirk.

“Oh nothing it’s Just I’m kinda fed up with attention Today…” I giggled.

“So what are you going to wear?? ” Evelyn asked

“To where?? ”

“To Daniel’s Place Duh?? ”

“I was thinking on going with my uniforms since pretty much going home and changing is a waste…” I said

My phone Vibrated in my pockets it was Liam when I pulled it up.

“Who’s That?? ” Evelyn asked

“My Dad… He wants to know if I got into any trouble today I better take this… ”

I sped out of the class and to the Closet Closet I could find.

“Hello… ”

“You Have Photoshoot by seven I’ll Pick you up after School. ”

“I can’t make it after school I have a School Project to attend to.. ” I bluntly said almost immediately familiar with him talking and hanging up before I could talk.

“Fine, The Photoshoot is 04:30 which time Do you want me to come pick you up.. ” he asked

“04:15 I’ll text you the adress before hand.. ” I said

“OK I’ll be patient Then oh before I forget have a good day at school.. ” he said and I rolled my eyes and creeped out of the Janitors Closet hoping no one will spot me.

“What were You Doing in the Janitors Closet?” Lindsay voiced out in Disgust but alone.

“You don’t have the Right to Know.. ”

“Stay away From the Alphas What ever you call yourself, And go back to your Hartridge High… ”

“I don’t Have Time for this.. “I hissed.

“B!tch… ” I raised my middle Finger at her and giggled to myself that it had upset her and went to my next class.
It was already 03:00pm, Schools out for the Day.
I texted Liam the address I got earlier and decided to walk to Daniel’s place since Evelyn stayed behind for some unknown reason.
I had the Address pasted on my phone as it gave me Directions and from the looks of it it’s a Long way.
I came to a stop at an alley, I looked down on my phone if I just pass this Alley, I could be a Daniel’s place in a jiffy.
Something told me to take a shortcut through a Bad alley.

??Take the long way, you don’t know what’s in The Alley??

??Take the Alley, It might be your only Shortcut??

After much thought I went with the kind voice that advised me to take the bad Alley.

I was walking down carefully as some guys passed me.

I just hastened my Steps when one smirked at me it was irritating.

“Hey Pretty Girl… ” a guy grinned but I walked past him almost out of the Alley.

“Where are you going?? ” a grip hold on my arm pulling me back and slamming me against the Wall, my eyes widened in shock as my heart beat in fear.

“A Pretty little girl shouldn’t be at an Alley Like This?? You must be tired let me take… ” I punched him in the face without thinking which bought me enough time but I felt someone pull me back and throw me to the Floor.

“Please leave me alone… ”

“Tsk Tsk Tsk not after I get what I want.. ” I choked on those words as he slammed my head back.

I tried struggling but it was all in vein.

My eyes were already welling up until something or someone punched him as he got off me.

I crept back as I heard several blows I picked up my Phone and my backpack about to run off until someone grabbed hold of me and slammed my back against the wall.

“Let me go… ”

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