DIARY OF A POP STAR: Episode 1 – 10


(Can you keep a Secret)


??Chapter Five??

“Let me go… ” I yelled at the Top of my voice but it clasped my mouth shut with his hands pressing me against the Wall.

“Quiet and stay here..” I realized it was Christian’s Voice, he left me going back to the guy.

I stayed as he instructed me.

He picked up the guy throwing blows at his face growling heavily.

“How could you Touch a Highschooler….you disgust me you Bloody B@stard.. ” Christian throws him to the floor, the guy beg for Mercy but Christian didn’t adhere.

“Mercy Belongs to the righteous.. ” Christian growled at him kicking him he was almost at the point of Death.

“Never Ever Think of doing This to another Lady you Sick Bastard.. ” Christian kept throwing punches and kicking him almost half dead I couldn’t bear to watch I ran over to Christian trying to pull him back.

“Christian I’m OK he already learned his Lesson let’s go you’ve already done enough.. ” I tried pulling him back but it was nothing but a Challenge.

I encircled my arms round Christian giving him a back hug sniffling.

“Let’s go Christian I’m OK.. ” I whispered burying my head down his back.

He just stopped and threw away my hands and nudged me off gently at the back.

“Christian.. ”

He picked up the guy and brought him in front of me.

“You see this girl, I don’t care if you live to see the next day, but as long as you’re living don’t you dare touch her, you’re lucky to Live Today but Next time.. Just take a look at her face, Touch her or any other girl I’ll find you and kill you.. ” Christian threatened as the guy nods, Christian throw him at the Floor.

“Get out before I change my mind.. ” Christian threathened with a growl and in not less than a second the guy took to his bruised heels.

Christian walked up to me

“Did he Hurt you?? ” Christian asked which was weird I never imagined him being the protective type.

“No.. ”

“Good… What the Fuck are you Doing in here?? ” he growled, yep that’s the Christian I know.

I knew it, I knew it he was going to get mad at me.

“Erhm I was taking a shortcut to Daniel’s Place.” I said.

“You could have been Raped or worse Hurt Hell Knows what would have happened if I didn’t come to help you.. ” he hissed at me like it’s my fault which technically is mine but still.

“Ermh excuse me I didn’t ask for your Help I was doing fine on my own.. ” I dissed back.

“Oh so Crying was a part of your plan to protect yourself..” he snickered at me I just stared at him in dismay and silently grunted.

“I..i.. What are you doing here anyways.. ” I asked and he looked aback.

“What are you talking about?? ” he asked

“How did you know I was going through the Alley Unless.. ” I grinned like a Maniac as Christian menesely glared at me.

“You Followed me.. ” I blurted, Christian blinks thrice his voice was hoarse, he coughs and just rolled his eyes.

“Followed you?? ”

“Yes, You Followed me you weirdo.. ” Christians eye in Dismay.

“Oh you think I Care to Follow you?? I was Just planning on Scaring you until you walked in the Bad Alley and almost got Raped what were you even thinking.. ”

“So you admit you Followed me.. ” he just snarled at me and walked past me out the Alley, I hastened my steps walking behind him.

“Did you have English Class Today?? ” I asked as Christian Scrunched up his nose.

“Yeah..” he answered and share me a quick glance before walking ahead of me.

“Why do you ask?? ” He questioned.

“You were not in Class.. ” he was just Dead quiet, I hastened my steps walking next to him.

“So?? ” He questioned not making me caring any easier.

“So Why were you absent in Class?? ” I asked

“Why are you interested in Knowing?? ” He shot back at me.

“OK I give up.. ” I said walking past him to hell knows where I didn’t even look up my phone to check the the directions to Daniel’s place.

“You’re going the Wrong Way.. ” Christian called out leaving me infuriated.

Christian was Taking a route down to some neighborhood, I just followed him not feeling any reason to argue my Lungs out.

“Do you always walk through Bad Alleys.. ” Christian said trying to start a Conversation which might seem funny but he didn’t even smile.

“No…i was just taking a Shortcut.. ” I said and he chuckled lightly

“It’s Weird… ” He said and looked back at me for a while, scaling me.

“That What I’m a Nerd.. ” I hissed and rolled my eyes catching up to him walking by his Side.

“No.. Not really, it’s Just weird You are always trying to be in a Rush..”

“of Course I have to be in a Rush I have Homework, I have to read ahead, I need to study… ”

“Yeah but is that really it?? ” He questioned with a smirk which is Kinda true I’m always in a rush because of my Concerts, Fan Signing album booking, interviews and Tours and it’s a lot to Handle as a High schooler and I pretty much don’t have time for my school Work.

He stopped and Shared me a glance which made me stop eventually.

“I don’t think that’s the Reason… ” my heart skipped a beat does he know my secret, should I move to another school, Should I bribe him to shut up, Should I Knock him out and drag his Body to an Alley.

My eyes widened in shock as his Fingers strokes my Chin.

He leans in closer pulling up my chin staring down at me.

He only Smirks at me.

“You Like me Don’t you?? ” I pushed him away and bluff at his strange observation or question.

“Like you?? That’s an Understatement I Don’t only Despise you, I Loathe you.. ” he only rolled his eyes and chuckled to himself.

“Why are you so tensed up About it??….” He quirked with a smile I just want to massage my hand down his neck and choke him.

My Cheeks heat up for an unknown reason I hide my ears before it turns red and he notices.

He just walks out on me with a satisfaction getting under my skin successfully.

I just Followed him at Back folding my arms across my chest until we Stopped at a Building it was Big and from the Looks of it was a like the Size of a Mini Mansion.

“This is Daniel’s Place… ” I wowed in Awe walking behind Christian.

This place is bigger than my House which makes sense cause my parents don’t really like expensive houses.

We walked up to the Front Door and knocked.

We heard Footsteps, Lindsay was At the Door with a Wide Smile for Christian and share me Disgusted Snarls.

“Christian I’ve been so worried you weren’t in class.. ” She said with a irritating quirk that made me sick to my stomach.

“I was Busy.. ” Christian only discreted not interested in sharing more information.

“I’m just Glad you made it.. ”

“Kiara.. ” Evelyn came bursting through the doors shoving Lindsay aside and welcoming me with a bare hug.

“Evelyn?? But how?? You stayed behind? ”

“oh me and Rodney took An Uber.. ” she said disengaging from the Hug.

“Rodney is Here?? ”

“Yeah… I stayed behind because he Suggested we get an Uber.. ” she said An Uber how Stupid of me I would have just avoided that Rough alley and called an Uber.

“Come in You’ve got to See The Swimming pool.. ” She said yanking me in and guiding me to the Back of the House.

The Swimming pool was Huge, I just took a quick glance at Evelyn she Changed from her Uniform to a shirt Dress and Compat boots.

“Wow.. I didn’t really Think Daniel’s Parents were Loaded.. ” I said without thinking.

“Don’t worry I get that a lot..” me and Flinched and turned to see Daniel.

He wore a Tank Top with a Blue Shirt and Faded Blue Jeans.

“Daniel?? ”

“Now You’re Here.. Shall I give you a tour Round the House.. ” he insisted.

Canon Ball.. ” Evelyn ran away Splash I got Soaked.

“Julian… ” I Hissed as he Came up the water.

“Oops Sorry.. ” He apologized as Evelyn Wrapped me in a Towel.

Luckily I wasn’t that soaked and it’s good Evelyn wrapped me round in a Towel it was getting Chilly.

“So When is The Project Supposed to Start?? ” I asked cause I didn’t really have much time.

“Daniel You gotta Check This out.. ” Aaron Dragged Daniel out before he could answer my question.

“So Where’s Rodney?? ” I asked

“Oh Yeah he Left a While ago, I think that boy is Hiding Something.. ” she whispered against my ear.

I pushed her off

“Oh Come on maybe he’s Busy with a Part-time Job or Something.. ” I said

“He always leaves at The Last Minute with no explanation like Lunch Time.. ” She said

“Maybe he had some reading and homework to do, give the guy a Break Evelyn we are probably the only friends that tried to talk to him, he can’t just be open all of a Sudden.. ” I said and she rolled her eyes.

“I’m going to get to the Bottom of this.. ” she hissed and walked out I just nudge it off she’s just being paranoid.

I walked back into the House to see the Boys cheering Aaron to drink Something.

“What the Hell is Happening?? ” I asked Aaron in a whisper.

“I Dared him to Drink five bottles of Vodka without Stopping.. ” he whispered back.

“Why would you do that?? ” I asked

“Because he doesn’t make it past The Second Bottle… ” Aaron said as Isaac dropped probably the Second bottle and Dashes to the Kitchen Zinc and Pukes.

Aaron was just Recording the moment laughing hard at Isaac who looked like he was Dying.

I heard something like a guitar being played, like a Charm I Followed the Tune to where it’s being played to another door.

It was the Basement.

I walked in gliding down the steps until I spotted some musical instruments, I Still had the Towel on from earlier and wrapped myself tightly in it.

I stopped at a Step and saw Christian playing a Guitar he was playing a Familiar Tune, I just sat on the step, he sighed and started singing

??Still remember when..
you walked into the room
think I know right there..’??

Oh my God I know this Song.

??that it was always you
something in your eyes..
it was all so true ??

I smiled bopping my head back and Forth

??every step I take
It all led to you??

?We were young and running free
we were never meant to be
but I could not see you go?

??Cause of you
don’t wanna waste another minute
without you..?? I sang which got Christian surprised but he still played his Guitar.

?I will love you in the dark
and if you ever fall down
please dont leave me alone? Christian sang

?cause I will love you until I’m gone? I sang

?if you just hold on
?if you just hold on? we both Hymed

?Don’t think I could ever..
love the way I do
i try to make it all..
if you need me too
something in your smile
I’ve never been so sure
but all I ever wanted is..
to give you more
Cause if is all to me
we were always stay this free
and I would never let you go
Cause of you
don’t wanna waste another minute
without you?– I sang I got up from the steps walking over to Christian who still played on his Guitar.

??I will love you in the dark
and if you ever fall down
please don’t leave me alone
cause I will love you until I’m gone
if you just hold on?? Christian sang

?say it ain’t so
say you won’t go
i will love you in the dark
i will never let it go
say it ain’t so
say you won’t go
i will love you in the dark? we both sang unexpectedly close to each other.

?Cause of you
don’t wanna waste another minute? I sang

??without you
I will love you in the dark
and if you ever fall down?? Christian sang
??please dont leave me alone
cause I will love you until I’m gone?? I sang

??if you just hold on??? we both hymmed unexpectedly close to each other, Christian leans on towards me but my phone buzzed in my pockets bringing us back to brutal reality.

I almost K!ssed Christian, Jesus!!!

We both Jerked away from each other in Shock.

“I better answer this..” I said picking up the Call.

“Hello.. ”

“I’m outside.. !!” it was Liam I Forgot I told him to wait out for me it’s 04:20.

I dashed up the stairs bumping into Daniel.

“Kiara you found the practice room… ”

“Ummh Daniel I’ve got to go my Dad is waiting out For me I promise to make it up to you guys.. ” I dashed out without letting him say a word picking up my backpack and heading out the Door to See Liam who parked a SUV a little bit far from Daniel’s place I ran over to the Car and got in.

“What Project were you working on that you had to Delay?? ” Liam asked

“Just Drive… ” I hissed under my Breath.

“Lincoln step on it.. ” Liam ordered the Driver my Stomach feels weird.

Later after The Photoshoot with Seventeen Vogue, Liam drove me Home.
I wasn’t able to answer my calls or texts, my mom made Dinner and after changing into Slacks I ate and picked up my phone.

I only saw texts and missed calls from Different numbers but only noticed three.

10 from Daniel

25 from Evelyn

2 from a Strange Number.

I’m so Tired I only looked in the unknown number text.

Hey Kiara it’s Rodney if you didn’t know

Wanted to tell you I was at Daniel’s place and I left see you tomorrow.

I smiled.

I will reply him tomorrow morning, I needed some Sleep.

I Slumped back on my Bed

I Feel like I’m Forgetting Something.

My eyes were already sleepy and had Dark circles Underneath.

I Jerked off the bed


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