“Ah! !”

“Yes! That spot Adrian!”

“Yes baby.”

“Ah! Yes! Faster!”

“Give it to me! Hmm!”

“Adrian… Hmm.” She suddenly pvshed him away and sat up on the bed, her plump bbs, stood firmly on her chest.

“What? Why did you stop Lenys?” Adrian asked, kneeling on the be.d.

“I lost interest.” She said simply.

“Huh? But you’ve always loved my dk.” He said.

“Adrian Leroy rejected me today! He fking married another lady on the altar, right in my very own eyes.

Do you know the shame attached to that?! How dare he do that to me?! I thought he loved me?!” She yelled.

“Same here baby, I was shocked as well when I heard that he married someone else.

How dare he do that?!” Adrian said, meanwhile inwardly, he was the one who caused it.

He had actually made a sx tape of one of their moment and sent it to Leroy.

He also asked Leroy to come over to a certain hotel yesterday where him and Glenys made out to find out for himself if he doesn’t believe him.

And Leroy came. He was so heartbroken when he saw this. She was cheating on him on their wedding eve.

What hurt Leroy most was that yesterday she turned an outing with Leroy down just to go have a good time with Adrian.

“I don’t know why Leroy refused to marry me but I’ll make sure I cause havoc in his new marriage. He can’t reject me like that and go scot-free, no way!” She said vehemently.

“C’mon baby. You have me here, screw this Leroy guy!” Adrian said kssing the nape of her neck and she pvshed him off.

“Fk you! I only love your dk! Leroy is the man after my heart! If I can’t have him, no one else will!!” She shouted.



Alecia walked out of the bathroom, with a white towel tied around her chest. She just finished having her shower.

Her eyes darted around the room and she paused. “Huh? He’s not here back?” She asked herself. Her eyes went to the wall clock.


“Does he do late nighting as well?” She thought but shrugged it off and went to a mirror.

She undressed herself and began applying lotion on her skin.

When she was done dressing in her night wear, she went to sit on her bed and picked up her phone.

She needed to call Valerie.

She dialled her number and Valerie picked at the last ring.


“You’ve been scare lately.” Valerie boring voice came from the other side.

“I know right?” Alecia chuckled softly.

“I guess your new role cut you off.” Valerie said and she scoffed.

“New role my foot. I didn’t tell you.” She said.

“Tell me what?”

“It’s a long story. I’ll come over to discuss it.” Alecia said.


A knock came in.

“Come in.” Alecia said, taking the phone off her ears.

And Nora walked in.

“Ma’am, your dinner is served.” Nora said.

“Cut off with courtesy ma’am Nora. Just call me Alecia. You’re old enough to be my mom.” She said and ma’am Nora chuckled.

“Still you’re master’s wife. I have to respect you.” Nora said.

“But I insist.” Alecia said and she nodded.

“Alright.” Nora agreed and Alecia gave her a stare.

“Alecia.” She added and Alecia smiled.

“That’s it. I’ll come down soon ma’am Nora.” Alecia said.

“Just call me Nora.”


“Okay, fine.” She gave in and Nora smiled and left the room.

“Who was that?” Valerie asked.

“Can we talk later V?” Alecia asked and Valerie didn’t say anything so she took it as a yes and ended the call with a bye.

She exhaled and got down the bed, wearing her flip-flops. She left the room.


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