Alecia woke up due to the low background sounds. She turned to see Leroy, standing in front of the mirror, brushing his hair.

When did he come back?? She thought, stylishly admiring his back figure.

“I’m irresistibly handsome, I know so quit the staring already.” Leroy said and Alecia jolted before scoffing.

“Such arrogance. I wasn’t even staring.” She said with an eye roll and Leroy scoffed.

“Whatever.” He murmured..

“When did you get home yesterday? I waited till 12 but you didn’t come around and I didn’t know when I slept off.” She said.

“I didn’t ask you to wait for me. And why did you sleep in my room?” He suddenly asked, turning to face her.


“You heard me right.”

“Well, actually…”

“Vacate the room before I return.” He instructed sternly.

“Huh?” But he was already gone.

“What the- seriously??”



“Here. That’s his home address.” The girl said to June who was looking at a small piece of paper.

“So he didn’t come to work today?” She asked.

“No. It’s his day off today.” She replied.

“Hmm…” June mumbled staring at it. She opened the small drawer in her car and brought out an envelope.

“Here.” She handed it over to the girl who gladly collected it.

“Thanks.” She said and June nodded. She opened the car door and got down, closing it behind her.

June smirked looking at the piece, it had his name and address.

“Fawn Roberts.” She mumbled before with a cranky smile. She turned the car key and ignited the engine.

Few minutes later, her call pulled to a stop in front of the Roberts’ residence.

She got down from the car, hanging her small bag on her neck.

She exhaled when she got to the door and raised her hand to place a knock on it when it opened on it’s own and Fawn’s mom came out.

“Who are you?” She asked.

“Good day ma’am. I’m June Zh-” She paused looking at her.


“I’m June. Fawn’s friend.” She introduced instead. She knew she wouldn’t believe if she said she was a Zhang so…

Aurora raised a brow, scrutinizing her.

“Fawn’s friend?? The last time I checked, Fawn doesn’t have a friend. He barely associates with anyone.” She said and June raised a brow.

“Oh.” She muttered.

“Well actually, I’m his friend. A new friend.” She said with a chuckle.

“Oh. Well, Fawn isn’t home but still come in.” She ushered her in and June walked in.

“Sit. I don’t know where he went to but he’ll be back soon, I guess.” She said and June nodded, sitting on a couch in the living room.

“Ah!” June screamed as she fell from the couch, she was actually sleeping on it.

She sighed, looking at the time. 6:32pm, he wasn’t yet back and she has been waiting for him since afternoon.

She lazily stood up and went to meet Aurora who was cooking in the kitchen.

“Ma’am, do you know when he is coming back.” She asked and Aurora shook her head negatively.

“Sadly no.”

“Hah! It’s so boring.” She muttered.

“You can find something to keep yourself busy if you don’t mind.” Aurora said and she nodded.

“Right?? What are you cooking by the way??” She asked.

“Rice and salad.” She said and June nodded.

“Can I assist??” She asked and Aurora shrugged.

Few minutes later, the two were already cooking, since June didn’t know her to cook, she only helped with the minor things.

Suddenly they heard the slamming of door and June rushed out of the kitchen in the apron only to see Fawn heading to his room and she shouted…

“Future hubby!!!”Fawn stopped right on his track, and slowly turned around to see her…

The crazy lady who stopped him yesterday. He didn’t know she was Evie Zhang as he didn’t recognize her to be her.

He delivers pizza to many people so he doesn’t really know all their faces.

Aurora walked out of the kitchen that moment.

“Future hubby??”



Evie had invited all her friends in the same socialites as her, it was an exquisite party.

People walking around in their elegant and sophisticated dressings. They were mostly female around, tho there are some male guests.

The waiters walking about with drinks, the party was mainly to connect with celebrities and each member of the socialite gets to organize the party in their home, every month and it was Evie’s turn today.

Amidst this fun at the early hour of the party, Jeffery could be seen on his bed, in front of his laptop when Evie walked into the room already dressed up.

“The heck! What’s this Jeffrey?! You’re still not dressed up?” She queried but Jeffrey didn’t reply her.

“Seriously Jeff? My friends are already outside!” She complained.

“So? It’s your party not mine! Please, I’ve got no time for your nagging today. Please leave and let me concentrate on my work.” He said to her and she scoffed.

“Really?? I nag now?? I’m now a nagging wife?” She scoffed.

“You’re coming to my party whether you like it or not! I don’t care what you’re doing!” She said authoritatively.

“You’re not ordering me around again, are you?” He asked, looking up at her for the first time.

“Isn’t it obvious. You’ve got only five minutes.” She said, walking closer and she sat beside him on the bed, she placed her hand on his shoulder, leaning closer.

“You know what will happen Jeff. Don’t dare me.” She warned strictly, before sitting properly and she chuckled.

“Five minutes. Hurry up.” She smirked and patted his shoulders before leaving the room.

Jeff kept staring at the door, his eyes burning in rage.

The fact he couldn’t do anything made him more angry.


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