Valerie sighed and sat down. She couldn’t believe she was doing this, but she had to do it.

The best way to get back at Evie is by being her friend, a very good friend whom Evie trusts so well and shares each and every of her problem with, that’s who she wanted to be in Evie’s life.

She wanted to know her weakness which she’ll use against her.

That’s the best plan she came up with and she’s happy it’s going as planned.

“Hah.” She sighed out.

“Welcome Mrs Zhang. Sit, while we help you shop.” She heard a feminine voice said from a distinct place and her eyes flew opened.

What she said didn’t catch her attention, the shrill sound of a crying baby did.

She quickly stood up and started walking to the direction of the sound, searching for the carrier of the baby.

As she got closer to cry, she kept having flashes of the night when Alex was taken from her and his shrill cries.

“Alex.” She mumbled, still walking until she bumped into someone.

“Oh… I’m so sorry, I’m so-” Her eyes widened when she saw who it was.

Mrs Zhang!!

Just then, the crying of a baby stopped. She looked around but couldn’t find the baby neither a sight of anyone carrying a baby.

“Have you gone blind?! Can’t you see?!!” Tessa scolded rashly and Valerie looked at her and then she saw the little boy of about three years of age standing beside her, holding her hand tightly

He batted his eyes cutely, staring at her.

Her eyes widened as she stared at him, seeing Theo through him. He was Theo’s replica.

And if he was Theo replica then he was…

“Aunty, you bumped into my granny. You should apologize to her. My teacher say it’s a bad habit to disrespect your elders.” He said meekly and Valerie batted her eyes, tears slowly building up in her eyes.

No doubt he was Alex, her Alex.

Her Alex had grown this big. She got to see her Alex again. He was fine.

“Alex.” She mumbled and bent to his level, she slowly raised her hand to touch his cheek and Tessa arched her brows staring at her.

“What are you-”

“Mom! Leo!!” Evie called and they looked up.

Valerie hand stopped midway.

“Mom!!” Leo squealed and ran to Evie’s embrace.

Valerie stood up and turned to them.

Evie broke the hug and placed kss on his cheeks and he giggled.

“What are you doing here big boy?” She asked.

“I followed granny to do some shopping.” He said and Evie smiled.

“Wow, mummy is also here for shopping.”

“That’s great.”

“Let’s go.” She said and walked to Valerie and mom.

“Hey mom.” Evie greeted.

“Didn’t know you were here.” Her mom said.

“Actually, I came here with a friend.” She said, pointing at Valerie and Tessa mouthed an ‘O’.

“Valerie meet my mom, mom meet Valerie.” Her mom said.

“Valerie, like Valerie Keys?” Her mom asked and Evie nodded.

“Wow, so you’re a friend of my daughter. Wow. You’re beautiful.” She said and Valerie was shocked by the change in tone, but remembered it was as a result of her class.

“Nice to meet you ma’am. If you don’t mind Evie, I’ll leave now. I’ve got something to do.” She said and Evie shook her head.

“No, we’re having lunch together.” Evie said firmly.

“Mom, can I tag along?” Leo asked, blinking cutely.

“No Leo, go with your granny.” She said and he shook his head.

“Please.” He pouted and all the while, Valerie just stared at him, it was taking her so much effort in stopping herself from going there to pull him to a tight hug.

She missed him.

She stayed for three years! Three friggin’ years without seeing him and now she finally did, she couldn’t hold him in her arms.


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