Valerie washed her face on the running water in the sink, then she raised her head to look at the mirror, leaving the tap on.

She remembered how Alex ran to Evie and she gnashed her teeth furiously.

She bent down and continued washing her face.

She raised her head up again looking at the mirror. A smirk suddenly appeared on her face.

“Evie Zhang! I will stop at nothing to make you pay for your sins.

You will regret messing with me. Just wait and see.” She said venomously, staring at the mirror with a wicked smile dancing on her lips.

She turned off the tap and walked out of the restroom.

She was almost getting to the VVIP section when, she didn’t know how she did it…

Her leg collided with the other and she came falling to the ground when a strong arm dragged her and they both came crashing on the floor, with Valerie on top.

She slowly raised her head from his chest and her eyes met with that familiar eyes which was just opening.

That hazel eyes… How can she ever forget it? The eyes that charmed her to him.

She could feel that familiar butterflies dancing in her stomach as they gazed lovingly.

And just like it is said, true love cannot be easily broken, same is their case. Even tho Jeffrey didn’t recognize her, he felt the strong connection.


Jeffery was also in that same restaurant as Valerie and Evie but in separate section, there was just a glass wall separating them.

Jeffrey was sitting in one side with his business partners while Valerie and Evie were in the other.

“So in conclusion, we’ll buy the shares for 40%.” Jeffrey said firmly.

“Any objection?” He asked and none replied.

They were just four of them including Jeffrey.

“And I guest the meeting has come to an end.” He said and they nodded.

“My PA will pass on the necessary information you should know.” He said and they nodded.

He stood up with his PA and they both left the section.

He was walking out when he saw the figure falling and he saw himself running to help her but he dragged her instead and they both came falling to the ground.

His eyes slowly opened and it met with hers. Those pairs of eyes which he found strangely familiar.

Like he had seen it somewhere but where?? His hearts began racing fast as well which also surprised him.

For the past years his heart hasn’t skipped a beat for someone talk more of racing so he found the whole thing strange.

What sort of strange connection was this??

Valerie batted her lashes coming back to her senses and she quickly got up from him. Jeffrey did as well, standing on his feet.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized without even knowing what he was sorry for.

Valerie didn’t reply and made to walk away but his next question stopped her.

“Have we met before??” He asked and she stopped on her track.

“Pardon my question, but you look super familiar. It seems like I’ve seen you somewhere.” He said and she turned to him.

“I’m very popular so I can look familiar.” She said proudly before walking away.

Jeffrey just stood there, staring at her retreating figure.

‘What was that?? Why did he felt like he has seen her before??’ He thought.


“Who is she?” He asked.

“Who?, She? Ermm, actually, she’s Valerie Keys. A fast rising model.” He replied and Jeffrey hummed.

“Valerie Keys.” He muttered.

Valerie got back to meet Evie which was already done with her food.

“You’re finally here. You took alot of time.” Evie said but she simply took her bag.

“See you.” She said and began leaving without uttering another word.

“What? Wait! Lerie!”


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