June smiled as she brought her car to a halt in front of the bakery. She got the address from the pizza package yesterday.

She opened her bag and brought out her lipstick. She applied it on her lips and smiled, looking herself on the mirror.

“I always look beautiful even with no makeup.” She said proudly before dropping the lipstick in her bag.

She brought a powder to dab her face but paused when she saw him walking out of the bakery with parcels.

He kept it in the box on his bike and got on it.

June immediately dropped the makeups and quickly ignited her engine then she began driving to catch up with him.

She wound down her glass when she got to the same pace as him.

“Hey handsome!” She called and Fawn turned to look at her through his helmet.

“What spell did you cast on me, coz you’ve gat me thinking of you all day.” She said and Fawn looked away.

He suddenly increased his speed and she did as well, overtaking. She made a screeching turn, blocking his way.

Fawn made to ride through her back as there was a little space there but she drove back and when he made to go front she drove forward.

He stopped riding immediately.

“You think you can make my heart skip and go scot-free?” She smirked and Fawn took off his helmet, frowning at her.

June came down from her car and began walking to him.

“What do you want?” Fawn asked, trying his best to sound cool but his voice was far from it.

“Isn’t it obvious? You of course!” She said and Fawn just stared at her.

His dark eyes piercing deeply into her soul and instead of her getting scared, it only made her feel more butterflies in her stomach.

He was clearly angry but it didn’t scare her off.

“I never believed in love at first sight until I saw you yesterday. Till now, my mind has been on you. I’m scared I might díe if I don’t be with you.”

“Then let me hit you with my bike, or you can stand in front of your car, I’ll h!t you with it, so you’ll díe a fast one.” He told her and she creased her brows.

“Huh?” He hissed and wore back his helmet, then he ignited his engine and rode off.

“Come back here! I love you and I’m not giving up on you! My love is by force, you hear me?

Even tho you run into hellhole, I’ll follow you there!! I love you! I love you! Are you hearing me?

I love youuuu!!!!!!!” She shouted on top of her voice in the middle of the road.



The waiter served their food and left and they began eating, tho Evie was the only one eating as Valerie was literally playing with the food.

The fact that her own son was referring to someone else as mom was hurting her. He only called her aunty, a name which almost every children called an adult lady.

He didn’t know Evie wasn’t his mother. He is being deceived as a kid.

They even changed his name. Ah!

“Lerie? Are you okay? You’re gloomy. What’s wrong?” Evie asked and Valerie glared at her.

“You bch!” She roared grabbing Evie’s neck, her eyes red in anger as she $trangled her.

The waiters around rushed to her and tried freeing her hold. Her guards who were standing outside were alerted and they rushed to separate them but Valerie seemed to be really strong for them.

“You wicked woman! You took my son away from me and claimed him as yours!

You didn’t even let him know you lied! You changed the name I gave him! You wench! I’ll k!ll you today!

Give me back my baby!!!” She shouted still pressing her neck tightly and Evie was slowly choking.

“Lerie???!” Evie called louder this time and Valerie jolted.

It was just an imagination, her hands were balled tightly and she was actually imagining strangling her.

“You looked worked up.” Evie said and Valerie sighed.

“Look baby girl, you shouldn’t let anything bother you. Look at me, I don’t worry myself.

Whenever I need something, I simply asked for it and if I am not given that which I asked for,.

I forcefully take it and you’ll pay a price for refusing to give me that thing.”

Evie said and Valerie mind reflected to when Evie asked for her baby and when she didn’t give her, she forcefully took him from her and made her fall off the cliff.

She clenched her fists.

“You should apply that to your lifestyle.” She told her and Valerie smiled.

“Sure.” She nodded.

“Excuse me, I have to use the restroom now.” She said and Evie nodded.

“Sure.” She said and Valerie stood up and left.


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