Her car drove into the big estate heading to her mansion. She just kept staring around. If someone ever told her that she’ll come here someday, she’d have denied that fact.

She remembered when she couldn’t get to even hold the estate’s gate when she was still Madison.

Truly, a life of nothing is not worth living at all. She faced some many humiliations just because she was poor and helpless.

A heavy sigh escaped her lips.

They arrived at the Zhang’s mansion and Evie was already waiting for her outside, with her circle of friends.

And immediately she got down from the car, Evie rushed her into a warm embrace.

“What’s up baby girl? You look ravishing.” Evie complimented and as they broke the hug.

“I know.” Valerie said, flaunting her hair and Evie chuckled.

“Wait, isn’t it Valerie Keys?” One of Evie’s friend asked.

“Beats me to that. Valerie Keys, the fast rising model who’s been breaking record?” Another said.

“Is she the friend you were talking about Evie? One asked.

“When did you two become friends.”

Both Evie and Valerie chuckled.

“A question at a time.” Evie said and they nodded.

“Well girls, meet Valerie Keys. My friend. Yeah, she’s a fast rising model, trust me when I say she’s fire.” Evie said.

“Yeah I know. I heard it.” One of her friend said.

“Nice to meet you Valerie Keys.” They said.

“Why make friend with such person?” A blonde haired girl amongst them asked with an eye roll and they all turned to her.

“Say what??”

“She’s not our class Evie, can’t you see it. She’s still an upcoming model, even if she stays for years, she can be like us, that’s just the truth.

We don’t mingle with her type.” She said and Valerie clenched her fist.

She could hear low cackles amongst her friends.

“I definitely can’t be like you guys coz I’m way better than you guys and I wish something better for my myself not you.

” Valerie said boldly and Evie smirked walking closer to the girl, staring directly into her eyes and the girl stared back.

The next thing that followed was a resounding sI.ap from Evie and the blonde haired girl’s head fell to the other side. Her cheeks reddened as a result of the slap, it was thunderous.

She held her cheek immediately, gritting her teeth angrily.

“How dare-”

“You don’t dare insult my friends Melanie! The type of friends I make is non of your fking business!

If you can’t accept my friends, I think the trash will accept you.” She said to her and her everyone gasped except Valerie who was staring at her shockingly.

She was dumbfounded.

“How dare you slap me Evie Zhang?!” Melanie thundered and Evie chuckled before giving her another sI.ap on the other cheek.

And two consecutive hot slaps followed.

“You don’t dare question Evie Zhang.” She said, grabbing her jaw.

“Get out!” Evie commanded, letting go of her.


“I said get out! Guards!!” Evie called and Melanie clenched her fist.

“Fk you Evie Zhang!! Fk you!!” She yelled, giving her the middle finger before dashing out, intentionally brushing Valerie’s shoulder.

🗣️ Whoa!

“This is just a warning. If you all aren’t comfortable with Valerie being a member of this socialite, you can simply leave. Let’s go Lerie.” Evie said, grabbing Valerie’s hand, dragging her out of there.

🗣️ Okay, what just happened??

Valerie yanked her hands off Evie’s own immediately they left there and Evie stared at her.

“What happened?”

“What you did wasn’t necessary.” Valerie said and Evie chuckled.

“I wouldn’t sit and let someone bash at you.” She said and Valerie just stared at her.

“I know it’s strange. I, myself, I’m also surprised at the things I do this days. I find myself doing things I shouldn’t be doing.

I don’t know why, I just want us to be friends… BFF, inseparable. I’ve always wished to have one good friend, who I can always share my happiness and sadness with. We could bond and all that stuff…

I don’t know why, I suddenly want you to be that person. I know it’s surprising that I want you to be that person… Ah!” She said and Valerie just stared.

Okay, she didn’t bargain for this. She was completely surprised, dumbfounded and lost.

Evie suddenly held her hand. “Please be that friend for me. Promise me you’ll never betray me.” She said and Valerie froze at her spot.

One thing she has always hated all her life was promise. She hated promising anyone, coz she hated failing it.

She rarely makes a promise and whenever she does, she makes it an obligation for her to fulfill it just like she made a promise to make Theo and Evie pay for their atrocity.

She couldn’t promise her. She made to remove her hand but Evie held tightly.

“Promise me Lerie. You’ll be my bestie and you’ll never betray me.” She said and Valerie stared, she opened her mouth to utter a word when.

🗣️ My gawd! Jeffery Zhang!

🗣️ He’s here!

🗣️ Those lips! My gawd!

🗣️ Just looking at him alone, I’m already getting wet.

🗣️ No wonder Evie couldn’t help but marry him even tho she’s older.

The sudden murmurings got them turning to the scene, to see Jeffrey walking into the party in a black suit, looking handsome as ever.

“My baby’s here.” Evie said and rushed to him.

She hugged him, before placing a light kss on his lips and Jeffrey smile.

Valerie bit her lips watching them. People gathered them in no time, questioning them and Valerie rolled her eyes.

He loves her after all, considering the way he was smiling every now and then with Evie holding him possessively.

‘She was a such fool to think he loved her. He was only using her. But it looked so real. Maybe he did love her back then, but not anymore.’ She thought with a deep sigh, before walking away… Going into the mansion.

It was quiet, the music from outside couldn’t be heard inside.

“Luxury.” She mumbled, looking at the house.

“Where’s Alex?” She thought, climbing the stairs. She got upstairs and began looking for his room, opening each and every door but none seemed to have any occupant in it.

It was just a big empty house. But nevertheless, she kept on searching and then…

“No, I’m not gonna sleep until mommy comes and sing a lullaby to me.” Leo said stubbornly.

“C’mon Leo, mommy is busy. You need to sleep. It’s late.” His nanny said but he remained adamant.

“No. Mommy has to sing me a lullaby. Why is she always busy?” He asked.

“That’s because she’s trying to care for you.” She said.

Valerie stood at the door watching them with a sad smile on her face.

“Let me sing lullaby for-”

“You have a terrible voice nanny! I might have a nightmare if I let you sing me to sleep. Ughh!!” He complained and Valerie chuckled. That was when they noticed her presence.

“Ermm… I was…”

“You’re looking for someone?” Nanny asked and Leo stared at her.

“Well actually, I was just passing by and I heard your conversation. I can sing a lullaby for him, if you don’t mind. I have a good voice.” Valerie said and they looked at her.

“Really aunty? I’m repulsive to terrible voices.” He said and she chuckled.

“Trust me when I say you’ll love my voice.” She said and Leo smiled widely.

“It won’t be bad giving it a try. Come here.” He went to her, grabbing her hand and pulling her into the room.

His nanny just watched with a smile.

A while later…

🎶 Right here in my arms…
Tonight. 🎶

Valerie concluded the song, and he was already asleep. She chuckled softly.

She missed singing him to sleep. She smiled touching his face. It was still hard to believe that she got to be with her son again.

She brushed his hair with her fingers, caressing his cheeks.

“Alex…” She muttered, blinking the tears in her eyes.

She bent slowly and placed a kss on his head and she smiled.

His nanny already left.


After three years, she finally got to meet him. It was taking her so much self control to pull him off from his sleep and pull him to a tight hug, while showering him with ksses.

She missed him so much.


“I love you Alex. I love you so much my son. I love you.” She said in tears while caressing his face.

“What’s going on here?” She heard someone said from behind and she froze.





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