Episode 20

Lissa’s Pov:

I turned my face away in anxiety.

“Positive?” I heard little Ariana say and I felt my heart jumping out of my mouth.

“So she was pregnant all along” I thought.

“Did you hear that Ariana? It is positive and that simply means that am pregnant for your daddy” Sharon said as she made faces at us and Ariana scoffed.

“Daddy did you hear that? You did such a disgusting thing by….” Ariana wailed as she rushed out of the ward.

“Ariana! Ariana!! Wait up baby!!” I called as i rushed out following her.

“Taxi! Taxi!!” Ariana screamed trying to flag down a cab.

A cab stopped and Ariana quickly hopped in and I joined her as the driver speeded away.


Sharon’s Pov:

You don’t know how happy and excited I am right now.

My plans are gradually falling into place and soon I will accomplish all that I want.

I watched Mr Rodney sit on the chair gobsmacked.

“Rodney I just hope you are prepared for our marriage cos i can never have a child out of wedlock” I said as he sighed.

“You are such a devil Sharon! You are a h©rrible person” He said

“What now? Do you want me to abort this baby? Your son? You know I can do that” I said as he gulped nervously.

“You dare not harm my child!” He said angrily

“You know me Rodney! I can just take some abortion pill and force this damn baby out of me” I said in pretence

“Sharon don’t try that! Don’t hurt the innocent child” He said and I snorted.

“Now am going to use this fake pregnancy against all of them” I smiled to myself.


I walked into the kitchen proudly and saw Lissa and one of the maids Juliet cooking.

I smiled to myself.

“Soon Rodney and I will get married and I will take charge of everything and everyone in this mansion” I thought as i smiled.

I opened the refrigerator and took out a can of chilled yoghurt.

“What’s for dinner?” I asked anxiously

“Fried turkey sauce and cheese” Juliet said and I snorted.

“What? Go$h! I don’t want that… My baby doesn’t need such trash” I said proudly

“Sharon! There is a time table for meals to prepare each day” Juliet said and I gasped.

I walked closer to her and gave her a resounding $lap.

“You bch! Am your boss and I deserve respect from you cos if I want you fired, you will definitely get fired” I said as she held her cheeks and exhaled deeply.

“And I want you to get out of my sight right now!” I ordered as she looked at me with so much hatred as she sluggishly walked out.

“Lissa!” I called aloud

“What is it?” She asked coldly.

“I want you to prepare dinner for everyone, beef stew and rice” I said

She quickly turned around facing me.

“Listen and listen real good Sharon, I am not your cook neither am I your maid, am only Ariana’s nanny…get that into your fixed skull” Lissa said as she sighed loudly and walked out on me.

“What the….? How dare that worthless girl talk to me like that? I will make your life hell and uncomfortable Lissa! That I promise you” I said as anger burnt through my heart.


Ariana’s Pov:

I walked downstairs to the dinning and saw dad already at the dinning as Mabel and Miss Rachel served food on the dinning.

my eyes were all swollen cos i have been sulking since morning.

Nanny Lissa walked out of the kitchen carrying my food on a tray.

I sat on the chair as nanny dished out my food.

“Baby! How was today?” Dad asked trying to start up a conversation with me.

I sighed aloud and kept mute.

“Ariana I just know how you feel bad but I….” Dad said and paused as Sharon walked downstairs.

I shook my head in sadness as nanny Lissa patted my hair.

Sharon sat on the dinning smiling broadly.

She quickly pecked my dad’s cheek softly and I could see how Nanny Lissa was green in envy.

“Sweetheart! The baby have been kicking so roughly, my little unborn baby boy must be so strong” Sharon said as Dad forced a smile.

“You know what honey! I need a thorough belly massage tonight ” She said as i choked.

“Excuse me! I just lost my appetite…” I said as i pushed the chair aside and walked upstairs.

“Baby Ari wait! you haven’t even eaten anything and..” Dad screamed as i shook my head.

“You can eat all of that will that baby mama of yours” I said as i banged the door.


I jumped on my bed sulking bitterly as my door gently threw open and my nanny Lissa walked in also in tears.

“Nanny!” I wailed as we ran into each others embrace….

Who else is also crying cos am wailing already! 😭

Bad Sharon.

Isn’t she worst than Skyler?😳

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