Episode 15

Lissa’s Pov:

We rushed into the ward where the young girl of about my age was lying.

She was already conscious….

“Miss are you OK?” I asked as she smiled lightly at me and nodded.

“The doctor said its only a dislocation and that for the meantime you will have to be walking with the aid of a crutches” Ariana said as tears rolled down the girl’s eyes.

“Am really sorry about that” I said feeling sorry for her.

Just then, Sir Rodney walked into the ward.

“How are you feeling now dear?” He asked

“Better sir!” She said softly.

“So what’s your name? How do we inform your family about what really happened to you?” Sir Rodney asked as tears circulated in her eyes slowly.

“Why are you crying? Don’t cry” I said feeling remorse for her.

“My name is Sharon sir” she said still in tears

“And what about your family?” Sir Rodney asked and all of a sudden she quickly hugged him squeezing him so tight.

Ariana scoffed and rolled her eyes.

And guys! I was really jealous….

Sir Rodney disengaged the hug still dumbfounded.

“Am an orphan sir, I have no one…. I don’t have a home” She cried and we pitied her.

“That’s so bad! Am sorry for reminding you of….” Sir Rodney said

“It’s nothing sir!” She said wiping her tears

“So where are you going to stay once you are discharged?” I asked anxiously

“Nowhere! I have no home… I just roam around” She said

“Don’t worry Sharon! You can live with us for the meantime maybe as one of the housemaids” Sir Rodney said and Ariana flinched

“What? Daddy!” Ariana screamed and furrowed her eyebrows in anger.

“Come on baby! Learn to be kind” Sir Rodney said

“Yuck! You’re just too kind for my liking” Ariana said as she folded her arms and backed him.

“But sir am handicapped for the meantime, how will i do the work?” Sharon asked

“We caused you this pain so don’t worry we’ll also see to it that you become better” Sir Rodney said

“Thank you so much Sir” She said smiling broadly.


Ariana’s Pov:

I stormed out of the hospital ward burning up in so much annoyance.

“What the he¢k? What’s really wrong with daddy huh? I mean he just met this pathetic young lady and he already agreed to house a total stranger…who does that? He’s fking freaking me out, I can barely breathe” I said angrily as i walked to the car.

“Baby! Wait up!!” Dad called walking to me.

“What’s wrong with Ari? Try to be nice” Dad said as i rolled my eyes.

“Really? Nice my barefoot!” I blurted

“What’s wrong with housing a poor street lady?” Dad asked as I scoffed.

“Can you hear yourself dad? What the fvck is this? Why would you live with a stranger?” I said angrily

“Ariana I don’t know where you got this stinking attitude of yours cos Kira your mom was so kind” Dad said

“That’s why she died and I don’t plan on ending up like mommy” I said as i entered the car and banged the door angrily.

I can never be in support of this madness.



We walked into our mansion with the damn strange lady.

She was walking with her crutches… looking so pathetic but who cares? 🙄

Nanny Lissa walked upstairs with my stuffs and I quickly followed her.

“Sir I can’t get upstairs with my crutches?” I heard Sharon said as i stopped halfway at the stairs and stared at her with disgust.

“Let me help you” Dad said as he took the crutches from her and handed them to me.

“No way! Take that trash back to the owner!” I yelled as I pushed the crutches away.

Dad shook his head sadly as he dropped them on the table.

“But what is he up to?” I asked myself

Just then, Dad quickly carried Sharon in a bridal style and walked upstairs.

“Go$h!” I shouted in annoyance as i rushed into my room.


Lissa’s Pov:

Tears circulated slowly in my eyes as I saw how lovely Sir Rodney carried Sharon.

“Why am I crying in the first place? Should I be concerned? It’s his life and he is my boss and can do whatever he likes right?” I tried consoling myself

“Oh but it really hurts” I cried as i rushed into Ariana’s room and we hugged each other tightly.



Sir Rodney showed her to the guest room where she kept her stuffs.

The Unknown’s Pov:

I sat on my king size bed smoking.

I quickly picked up my cell phone and dialed the number.

📱 Hello Sharon! 📱 I said smartly

📱 Hello…📱 Her voice echoed out of my phone’s speaker.

📱 How is it going? How is Rodney responding to your fake pathetic excuse?” 📱 I asked and she laughed devilishly

📱 “Don’t worry! I will gain his full trust in no time and it will be easier for you to ruin in him” 📱 She said and I laughed so hard

📱 “Keep that up Sharon! I will ruin in them all” 📱 I said as i hung up still laughing hysterically.

“I will destroy you all” I laughed hilariously…


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