Episode 19

Ariana’s Pov:

“What? You are pregnant?” Dad asked with shaky voice

“I can’t believe this! Daddy what is she saying?” I asked anxiously looking really confused

“Ariana! Baby just calm down…” Dad said as i scoffed

I quickly turned around and held my Nanny’s hand.

I just know her heart is gradually shattering and breaking into pieces.

She kept blinking her eyes and I know it is to avoid tears.

“What do you mean calm down Mr Rodney? Tell your daughter how you got me pregnant” Sharon screamed

“So this pathetic bch could talk this loud?” I thought

Daddy quickly opened the envelope and brought out of it a piece of paper.

He quickly unfolded and read and suddenly tears streamed down his cheeks.

“I can’t believe this! How could you daddy? I hate you so much Sharon and trust me you are gonna pay for this” I screamed in annoyance as i quickly pushed daddy aside and rushed upstairs holding my nanny.

I banged the door in annoyance as nanny Lissa broke into fresh tears.

“I told you Ariana! Your dad and i are world’s apart and can never end up together… Sharon is your new mommy already” Nanny Lissa said as tears rolled down my cheeks.

“Never! I don’t trust that lady and I don’t like her either so she must leave this house” I said as i quickly wiped my tears.

“But Ariana she’s already pregnant for your daddy” nanny Lissa said

“I don’t think that’s true so I want her to confirm that if not I will never believe her” I said as i smiled mischievously.

“I have a bright idea” I laughed

“Idea? What’s that?” Nanny Lissa asked anxiously as she cleaned her tears.

“Let’s go down stairs” I said as she stared at me confused.

I opened my door and walked downstairs as she followed me.


Sharon’s Pov:

I smiled excitedly as Mr Rodney sat on the cushion devastated.

“This is just the beginning” I thought

“Hey! Listen up already, I can’t have an illegitimate baby so for that reason you and I are going to get married right away before I put to birth” I said as he looked at me disgustedly.

“But who cares?” I rolled my eyes in excitement.

I picked up a packet of cookie dough and ate happily.

Just then, I saw Ariana and her good for nothing nanny Lissa walking downstairs.

“Hello Ariana! Why is your face like that? You should be happy your new momma is gonna give you a sibling or are you here to plan for a baby shower? That’s too soon honey” I mocked her as she rolled her eyes.

“Just shut the he.ll up Sharon! You cheap slut….” she blurted as i flared up angrily.

I raised my hand to slap her but Lissa held my hand and pushed me away.

“Don’t you dare hurt her” Lissa said as i sighed aloud.

“Stay out of this! You are nothing but a housemaid” I said

“Shut up Sharon! Keep quiet or I will be forced to slap that mouth of yours” Mr Rodney yelled and I flinched still staring at Lissa with so much hatred.

“Sharon you…” Ariana started but I cut her off.

“Add some respect you rude brat!” I said

“You remain nothing but a maid and a cheap desperate flirt to me…you deserve no respect at all so none shall you get” Ariana said as i felt pierced in my heart.

“She’s a wtch” I thought

“Fine! If you want us to believe that you are really pregnant like you claimed then you will have to follow us to the hospital for tests to be run on you” Ariana said as i gulped nervously.

” Molly! This little girl is a devil…..” I thought

Mr Rodney quickly stood up and his face brightened in excitement.

“That’s a very good idea” Mr Rodney said

“What are you saying Sharon?” Ariana asked sternly with her hands folded.

“But I just gave him my test results?” I asked defensively

“I don’t care about that fake results you just gave him” Ariana said

“Fine” I said nervously

“Good! It’s already late so we will be going by tomorrow morning” Ariana smirked as she spat at me and rolled her eyes.

“How naughty!” I thought as she walked upstairs with her nanny.

Mr Rodney stared at me with so much hatred as he also walked upstairs.

“Gezz! What do I do now?” I said to myself.


Sleep refused to cross my eyes as I kept walking restlessly up and down.

“This plan must never be destroyed” I said as i quickly picked up my cell phone.


The unknown’s Pov:

I was coming out of the bathroom with the towel I tied when my cell phone rang aloud.

I quickly picked up… It was Sharon!

“Hello Sharon!” How is it going over there?” I asked anxiously

“Everything is going as planned but am really in trouble…. of course you know am not pregnant and now even if I showed him the fake pregnancy test, his little witch of a daughter still insisted that we will go on a checkup tomorrow morning” Sharon said and I flinched.

“What?” I screamed in anger as i threw the glass of water on my stool and it broke into pieces.


Mr Rodney’s Pov:

That early morning, we set off to the hospital.

Some tests was conducted on Sharon and we all waited impatiently for the results.

Ariana and Sharon kept giving each other dangerous glares.

Just then, the doctor came in with the test results.

I anxiously took the result and opened it…..


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