Looking at Garfield who rolled up his sleeves up to his elbow to reveal his toned muscles, Leah felt her heart beat erratically in her chest.

“Can I help you with the apron?
Leah asked him to see him shake his head

“don’t worry, I’ll get it myself”

Leah rolled her eyes, moving to the back of the of the door, she took out a blue apron and walked over to Garfield at the kitchen counter currently cleaning the mess she made of the pan.

“I said don’t worry…..”

“Shhhhh, let me”
Leah hushed him when he was about protesting

Coming to his front, Leah hung the apron around his neck and then moved to his back

She encircled her arms around his waist from the back, putting the apron around his waist after which she formed a knot with the ropes.

All these while Garfield’s heart was beating so damn hard that he felt it would burst right through his chest.

He bet he could hear his own heartbeat and he wondered if Leah could hear it too.

Their position at the moment was so intimate, like two love birds

Leah announced and Garfield wished that moment could last a little longer than that.

She didn’t know the effect she had on him and he was sad to know that Leah doesn’t think the same way he does.

Leah was about stepping away from him but what Garfield did made her heart skip a beat

Garfield held her waist, pulling her close to him and peered at her with his eyes intently.

“Wh-wh-what are you doing?
She asked nervously
Wow! At this point, she would literally die out of nervousness!

Garfield leaned down towards her and her eyes shut close in nervousness

‘Was he going to kss her?

‘Would he really kss her?!

“you have a stain on your fore”
Garfield said as he wiped out a dark oily stain off her forehead.

Bringing his thumb up to her view, making her see the stain
She probably got it during the fish incident.

Her eyes flew open in shock as he moved away from her releasing her waist.

‘what the fk!

‘all those stunts just to wipe out a measly stain?!

‘Could’nt he have just told her to do it instead?

‘was all the teasing necessary?!

Leah screamed within her head, she felt like pvnching his face when he smirked and went back to what he was doing.

Leah’s face reddened
She just wanted to go out from the kitchen to catch her breath

Running out of the kitchen she hit something or to be precise, someone.

Looking up slowly though she already had the idea who’s body it belonged to

Dylan with his oh so stoic face was staring at her
First in surprise to realization and then into one of annoyance

Moving away from him, she grinned widely and sweetly
“Hey big bro”
She called out happily but she should have known better

“And what are you doing here?
Dylan’s cold voice came up that got Leah shaking inside

Maybe because she was about doing something illegal, the nervousness quadrupled and she really couldn’t

“Do I need to have a reason to visit my brother now?
Leah asked with pouted lips as if she had been wronged


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