Dylan seeing her frown released his grip on her arm feeling guilty of hurting her even if it was unintentional but he was still annoyed at her display.

Looking down, he could see the top of her hair as he was much taller than she was, seeing her crane her neck upwards with difficulty, he leaned down and with blazing eyes, he said

“Opening the door without knowing who it was, you must really have a safety insurance”

Georgia could read the sarcastic remark that underlaid those words he uttered and she rolled her eyes as she looked down

Though he was right but she really thought it was Leah

speaking of Leah, Georgia’s head flung upwards, dread already starting to rise up from within her

“Never you open doors to someone you aren’t sure of, you don’t want the big bad wolves gobbling you up, do you?

Dylan warned

Georgia snorted inwardly, he was the biggest bad wolf!

“Well I thought it was Leah”
Georgia defended

“Did you now? Dylan said with raised brows

“Anyways, Leah failed in her supposed mission and to make her feel better, I sent her to the family house to spend some quality time, ain’t I a loving brother?

Dylan smiled mischievously and Georgia’s heart froze

‘Leah got caught?
She thought

“Yes she did” Dylan replied that got Georgia widening her eyes
Did she say that out loud?!

If Leah had been caught and sent to the family house, oh sht! Leah hated going home and she could only imagine how she must be feeling right now!

Good job Georgia!
You’re really the world’s most greatest best friend to send your friend to her worst nightmare!

If Dylan is here then, that means he already knows I’m a part of this too!

Georgia was about escaping from Dylan.

In her head, she had already planned on running to her room and locking the door
He would leave when he gets tired of waiting.

Perfect plan!
Her miniversion praised her

Dylan who predicted her next move, placed his two arms both sides, completely trapping her.

“Going somewhere?
His deep voice rang out huskily making Georgia’s heart thump

“Look Dylan I’m not scared of you, infact you should be the scared one, I’m not the one who took what doesn’t belong to me!

Georgia shouted in frustration!
She needed her necklace back already!

“My my, what a desperate little cat you are”
Dylan said amused but noticed her red eyes

“You’re crying”
He whispered, tracing his thumb around her face to settle near her eye, catching a single drop of tear that escaped

He didn’t know why she was crying but he didn’t like seeing her tears, not one bit.

Georgia angrily turned her face from him
she was just so tired and emotionally drained

She couldn’t tell why she cried exactly but she just knew that whenever he was around, she seems to bring out the weak emotions that she buries deep inside her.

Dylan gently placed his fingers under her chin, raising her face up to look at him

“Let me take the pains away sweetheart, just let me into your world”

Dylan said with every ounce of sincerity he could muster at the moment and he meant it.

Georgia gazed at Dylan like he was a fantasy or a dream and she would wake up to see him no more

Unconsciously she raised her right hand up to his cheek to touch it but kicked against the idea when she realized what she was doing

Dylan didn’t let her though because he grabbed her hand she was about withdrawing and placed it on his palm instead, covering her little fingers with his large ones.

“I’m not dreaming, am I?
Georgia asked, she knew without a philosopher that she had fallen for this man who had made her something she had never felt before.
Not even with Raymond.

“if it’s a dream, I’ll make it real so it’s okay to dream”
Dylan whispered near her ear

They gazed at each other’s eyeballs and that moment they became trapped forever as their lips locked in a ferocious yet gentle kss.


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