Dylan just stared at her heatedly, obviously he didn’t believe her
She always visit whenever she wanted something from him besides her work seldomly gives her time so she must have had a reason.

“seriously big bro, I just missed you and the little sis decided to pay her big bro a surprise visit”
Leah said sweetly

“Where’s Garfield?
Dylan asked as he couldn’t see him

“Ohh in the kitchen”
Leah said to only receive a hum from Dylan as he made a U turn back to the stairs

“Where are you going?
Leah asked

Came the short.

Leah stood as she watched her brother climb the stairs and disappeared into a corner.

She bit her fingernails in thought

This would be the perfect time to act

Dylan is in his study and Garfield is making dinner, now would be her only chance.

Her heart started getting filled up with nervousness to the brim
She hadn’t done what she was about to do ever in her life but she would do it for her Gi.

With a tiptoe movement, she briskly claimed the stairs.

The passage was dimly lit and the only bright light was the one coming from Dylan’s study room which was quite far away from his room.

With the thought that he would be engrossed with whatever work he was doing, she summoned courage and walked to the door of his room.

Luckily it wasn’t locked and as if the heavens approved of her mission, the door was actually ajar

Thank goodness’
Leah said within herself

All thanks to her slim figure, she need not the door to be more wider than it was and so she easefully sneaked in.

First stage – Check
It then occurred to Leah, she didn’t even know where to search from, it was going to be difficult because she need not waste much time or else she would be caught.

Roaming her eyes around the room, she went to a black office bag kept on a table

Without hesitation, she unzipped the bag as she searched inside for the necklace

You should have seen how her actions were like that of a professional robber.


After a while of thorough search and was sure she searched every subdivision in the bag, she still couldn’t find her target.

She shouldn’t be discouraged yet, Leah thought
As her eyes flew to the door, gauging if there was any intrusion.

She searched more places but they were all fruitless.

‘where are you moonlight?!

Opening a drawer, Leah saw a red jewelery box, placed solely in the drawer

She didn’t know what was inside and for a second, she thought her brother has a girl and he is about to propose?

Curiously, she got hold of the box and clicked it open
To her biggest surprise
Moonlight was just laid there

That was where she least expected it to be
It was as if her brother adored the necklace

Why though?

was it because of the owner?

Well no time to ask those questions now, she had to roll

Second stage – Check.
it was just remaining the last stage which was successfully taking the necklace out.

With a triumphant smile, she pushed back the drawer in place

“You’re stealing the necklace aren’t you”.


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