Pinky Preshy Chioma

Episode 62

Anita’s Pov;

Olivia and I paced around impatiently at the hospital.

“Have you phoned aunt Felicia?”Olivia asked as I nodded my head.

“Yes I have… She will be here before you know it” I said.

“Who could have done that to our friend? You know if we didn’t get there early she might lost her voice” She worried.

“I have no idea… Just take a good look at my shirt it’s already bIoody” I shook my head.

“Things are getting worst and complicated! I don’t think I know anyone who could have wanted to take her life” Olivia said.

“Am as confused as you are or even more confused…. How could someone stab her right in the garage” I worried.

“And there is absolutely nothing to trace the person with” Olivia added.

“Yes that’s what baffles me! Who could have tried to do this?” Olivia continued worrying.

“What in heaven’s name do we tell her Mom?” I cried.

“This is really going to be tough” Olivia said.

We were still worrying when Aunt Felicia rushed in wailing uncontrollably.

I know this is what’s going to happen afterall…..

“Anita! My darling… Where’s Kim?” She cried dropping her handbag on the ground.

“Aunt… She is in the emergency room for the meantime” I said.

“What? Oh my goodness….who could have stabbed my baby?” Aunt Felicia continued crying.

“Aunt please you have to calm yourself down right now so that you won’t take the wrong step ok” Olivia said.

But Aunt Felicia wasn’t going to take things easy at all.

She sat on the ground crying and wailing ok top of her voice.

Well you don’t have to blame aunt Felicia.

Who wouldn’t feel depressed to know that her only child is lying critical in the emergency room.

She’s a single mom too but a wealthy one actually.

Oh God!

I pray my friend gets better….

I know you might be wondering how we found her behind the garage.

It was Olivia who found her in the pool of her bIood.

Aunt Felicia already informed the police but the problem remains that we have no evidence or suspect.


Mrs Roselyn’s Pov:

I stared at the maid in surprise.

Her mouth was still wide open like she couldn’t believe whatever it is that she’s seeing.

“What’s wrong with you?”I almost screamed.

“Uhmm… Ma’am…I….” She stammered as she kept looking at me.

This is really mysterious!

Why are they looking at me like they have seen a ghost or something?

This is not the first time am getting such a reaction from someone.

Why are they all behaving like am a walking ghost?

First was at the hospital and now this?

I have to find out what’s wrong with me that’s making them shiver.

I have been staring at my face in the mirror to see if am scarred or something.

But I haven’t seen any scary stuff on my face.

Just that I look a bit not young….

But that does not mean that am scary right?

Why are they all making me feel like am a devil or maybe goblin?

“Am sorry ma’am” she stammered as she quickly tried picking the broken glasses on the ground.

She quickly picked them up and turned in a hurry to Lea but I stopped her.

Someone has to explain why am being seen as a devil instead of a human being.

“What’s wrong? Why did you shiver?” I asked tenderly.

“Am really sorry ma’am! Forgive my clumsiness but I promise it won’t happen again” She fearfully replied.

“That’s not the answer to my question…. I just asked you why did you shiver when you saw me?” I asked glaring hard at her.

“I….I….I didn’t mean to….” She stuttered.

“Do you still love this job or do you want to start looking for a job?” I asked with annoyance.

She shook her head in disagreement as hot tears circulated in her eyes.

“Your job is in your hands…. You have only two seconds or you will lose your job and you know there are many people out there who would roll on the ground just to get this job” i said.

“Ma’am I was only shocked cos you haven’t been yourself for the past twelve years or more” She said as I widened my eyes in shock.

“Twelve years?” I screamed out as I covered my mouth with my palms.


Leo’s Pov:

I watched Aliyah pace around in anxiety and praying within her.

I can’t bear watching her go through so much agony.

She looked really anxious and nervous as well….

That daughter of hers is her only source of happiness and I don’t want anything to take that away from her.

I turned my gaze to Arya who was still lying still on the bed.

I pray she wakes up as soon as possible….

It’s almost getting to a full week since she’s been lying like a statue on that bed.

Aliyah now practically lives in the hospital for one week now.

Thank God for Dora who brings food for her else she would have been so thin.

The doctor said they can’t conduct the plastic surgery unless Arya regains consciousness.

We keep praying she does so that she can undergo the surgery as soon as possible.


Aliyah’s Pov:

“Dearest Father Lord God…….

Please wake my daughter up! Let her get healed completely”

I continued praying within myself.

I want to see her smile beautifully at me like she used to do.

I want to hear her call me Mommy again like she used to.

I was thinking and thinking when suddenly my eyes caught with her moving fingers.

I gasped in shock.

“Arya?” I rushed to her bed and Leo who has been sitting lost in thought rushed to the bed as well.

But disappointedly she didn’t move….

“I thought… I thought I saw her move her fingers” I said downcastedly as I bowed my head in sadness.

“Maybe you were only hallucinating” Leo said as I nodded.

Oh how I wish she really moved her fingers….

I turned again and this time Leo gave out the scream.

“She’s awake! Her eyes are open” Leo cried out as I quickly turned around.

Still with the bandage on her face..

Lo and behold Arya looked at me weakly………


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