Pinky Preshy Chioma

Episode 63

Patrick’s Pov:

I walked into the house with a rush as I pushed the maid out of the way rushing upstairs.

“Get out” was all I could say as I rushed upstairs.

This feeling of guilt was eating me up that I couldn’t even face them.

I don’t know why I even did this for the mean girl like why would I care about her to this extent.

“Pat? Son? Patrick?’ mom called from the sitting room as she spotted me rushing upstairs.

“I’ll speak to you later Mom” I spoke to her still rushing.

“What? Your Dad said…” She tried to explain but I rushed into my room quickly slamming the door.

I can’t face her right now….

I bolted the door as I rushed straight into the bathroom.

I feel so filthy as I looked at my bIoody hands

She deserves it…. In as much as I know that what I did was illegal I still feel she deserves everything.

I was still on my uniform as I got into bathtub.

I quickly turned on the shower as the water drenched my clothes.

I washed my hands to make sure I couldn’t see any bIood in it.

“You don’t have to worry Patrick…. No one will suspect you” I kept telling myself.

If that ever happens then I wonder how the fk am going face my Dad….

He will surely disown me and strip me off my inheritance as Rodriguez.

That’s the more reason why I pray no one saw me $tab that arrogant girl.

I only wanted to teach her a lesson but she had herself $tabbed.

I hope she survives the ordeal and she won’t dare tell on me.


Mrs Natasha’s Pov:

He rushed upstairs and didn’t even bother to turn around and look at me.

What in heaven’s name is going on in that boy’s head and brain?

Is he silly or something?

What’s he hiding that he doesn’t want me to see that made him rush up?

Oh goodness!

I hope he hasn’t gotten himself into trouble again like he used to do?

God gracious!

This boy won’t kill me just because am his mother…

Why would he not abstain from trouble huh?

Why does he keeps on getting himself in trouble every now and then.

I need to find out what it is that could be wrong before it escalates into something worst.

I rushed after him but he slammed the door and bolted it before I got to the door.

“Patrick? Patrick open up” I knocked on the door.

But I got no reply from anyone….

I placed my ear on the door and I could hear the tap running.

Did he rush in to take a bath or something?

I have to find out what he did before Arthur does….

I bit my fingers as I paced around impatiently stamping my feet on the ground.


Mrs Roselyn’s Pov:

I sat heavily on the bed in so much heartbreak.

“Thirteen years?” I kept on saying even though I wasn’t talking to anyone since am the only one in the room.

Is this some sort of dream or something cos I really need to wake up.

I have been lost for the past thirteen years yet I can’t even remember.

Does this mean Greg was lying to me about our daughter’s whereabouts?

It’s thirteen long years already….the last time I remembered my Aliyah….

She was twenty so add twenty to thirteen to check her age.

I gasped in shock as I placed my hand on my head.

“Thirty three years old?” I gasped with palms covering my mouth.

My daughter is thirty three years old which means she should be married.

Then why is Greg lying to me that she went for school event with Pearl.

Pearl should be married herself.

There must be something he is hiding and nothing will stop me from finding out whatever it is that he is hiding.

Something must be the reason for him lying to me.

I quickly rushed into the bathroom for a quick bath.

I dressed in a beautiful outfit and rushed out of the house.

“Ma’am you can’t drive by yourself” The driver tried to stop me.

“You still value your job don’t you?” I sounded so strict.

He nodded his head in agreement as I smirked mischieviously at him.

“If that’s really the case then get your filthy self out of my sight” I said with disdain as I snatched the car key from him.

I hopped into the car and ignited the car as I drove out of the compound.

I headed straight to Pearl’s family’s compound.

I need to find out a lot from them….



Her mom who happened to be my best friend welcomed me into the mansion.

I was offered a glass of sparkling red wine as we sat on the sitting room chatting happily.

“You know am so happy you finally recovered after such a long time… I mean thirteen long years” She said as I forced a smile.

So the maid was correct huh?

“Yeah…. It’s been God all along” i tried not to sound like I didn’t know.

” Am so happy for you my darling” she gulped down her glass of wine.

“So that’s reminds me where’s your daughter Pearl?” I asked with a faint smile.

“Oh Pearl… She has been sending her regards but each time I come to visit you,,,, you don’t even recognize me” She sounded a bit sad.

“Well am here now” I smiled at her.

“Am glad you are… She is in the states with her husband and little son” She announced.

“Really? Oh my gosh… My little Pearl! So she’s married now with a child?”I said happily.

“Yes… And errr…. Am really sorry about what happened to your Aliyah! It came like a shock” She said sadly.

“Huh?” I sounded a bit surprised.

“I mean it was a shock for everyone… Who would have thought we would loose her in such a young age… My condolences dear!” She said as I widened my eyes.

“Condolences on his behalf?” I asked trying to make sure I wasn’t misunderstanding.

“Your daughter… Your Aliyah” she said as I gasped.


Aliyah’s Pov:

I held her pinky finger so tight as she wailed uncontrollably in her wheelchair.

She looked at her face in the mirror and continued sobbing.

“Am so ugly Mommy” she cried out.

“Come on baby girl… You will look beautiful in the next ten minutes! Have you forgotten you are going into the theatre for the surgery” I said sniffing.

I was trying so hard not to cry at least for my daughter’s sake.

“Mommy please come with me to the theatre”She pleaded.

“I would have loved to baby but I can’t but am right here with you” I said.

“It’s time for her surgery” the doctor announced……


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