Pinky Preshy Chioma

Episode 69

Aliyah’s Pov:

I arched my eyebrows in surprise….

What the fk is he talking about?

What does he mean by he loves me?

Is he just playing or something?

“You are drunk Leo…. You need to go get some rest first before anything else” I started.

“No! Am not drunk” Leo staggered up as he held my wrist tightly.

“What the…. You need to get some rest” I tried to calm him down.

“That isn’t what I want… I want you to promise me you won’t leave me” He belched noisily..

I stared at him in surprise….

Does he mean what he is saying right now?

I still refused to believe what he was telling me….

“Leo please get up and let me help you to your room… I wonder what exactly could make you drink yourself to stupor as such” I feigned anger.

“I love you Aliyah! I don’t want to ever loose you” He sounded so emotional and mean.

I bit my fingers as I turned my gaze away.

I refuse to believe what he is telling….

This can’t be true…

I mean why would leo fall in love with me knowing fully well how I detest the word love.

I guess he is under the control of alcohol and that’s the reason why he speaking this way.

He should really get some rest!

I helped get him up as we staggered together and I fell on him.

“Leo you aren’t helping me out here” I said as I shook my head.

“I want you” He laughed crazily.

I didn’t even realize when I started laughing crazily too at him.

He’s acting really silly and I would have loved to get a video of him.

“You want me? Why would you want me?”I stared directly into his eyes.

“Because… Because I love you so much” He coughed slightly.

I scoffed in disbelief as I shook my head.

“You love me? When the hell did this love of yours start?” I asked not expecting any response.

But surprisingly he responded me.

“I have… I have always loved you” He belched noisily again.

I gulped nervously.

I shouldn’t believe any word he says cos he is probably not in his right sense this night.

I helped him up and we luckily got to his room as I helped him get in.

We fell on the bed on the process of me helping him lie on the bed.

He fell on me as I gulped hard.

“Please get off me” I tried to stand but then he quickly glued his lips to mine.

I wanted to stop him but a part of me wanted it so I couldn’t stop him.

I found myself snogging with him….

I shouldn’t be doing this but I still feel the urge to continue.

His kss seemed so magically!


Patrick’s Pov:

I sat on the couch opposite my Mom who was busy munching the crunchy fried potatoes chips.

I watched her eat as she stopped and looked at me.

“What’s the matter son? Why are you looking at me like that? Want some?” She asked as I shook my head.

“Uhmm… I….I….am not hungry” I managed to speak.

“Alright if you say so” she said as she made for the glass of orange squash and gulped it down.

I kept on stealing glances at her trying to summon courage to speak to her.

But my courage kept failing me or should I say am looking for the best way to tell her what I want to.

She continued eating the chips with the remote control in her hand.

Then suddenly she paused and turned her guess to me.

“So tell me Patrick… What did you want to tell me?” She asked like she knew I really wanted to speak with her.

I gulped nervously as I breathed heavily and cleared my throat noisily.

“Uhmm Mom I was just wondering something” I started.

She furrowed her eyebrows…. I guess she doesn’t get me.

“Wondering something? And what could that be?” She snapped.

“It’s about the girl I told you that was stabbed by…..” I was trying to explain.

“Shhhh…. The wall have ears son and I don’t ever want you to repeat that you did it” She lowered her voice..

“Oh alright! I was just thinking what….” I said but she cut me off immediately.

“Is that why you are wondering? You don’t have to worry son! I have everything under control” She was less concerned.

“That’s why am confused Mom! I just want to know how exactly you mean by you have everything under control?” I continued.

“What exactly do you want son? Don’t you want your crime to be concealed?” She asked.

“Yes Mom! That’s what I want but I just want to know how exactly you will achieve that” I anxiously inquired.

She sipped her juice again and smiled mischievously.

“You shouldn’t worry yourself about that… I just want you to know that I have everything under control” She repeated.

“You know Mom am very confused…I really want to know the….” I continued pressuring her.

“That should be the least of your problems right now son” She said.

“But Mom….” I said.

“No buts son! I just want you to be rest assured that everything has been taken care of” She snapped as I gulped hard.

I nodded my head still confused.

How exactly could she have taken care of everything?


Sofia’s Pov:

I got down from the cab and handed some coins to the driver who thanked me and zoomed off immediately.

I crossed to the other side of the road where Martin parked his latest Range Rover.

I got to the car and knocked slightly on the locked car louvers and he gradually brought down the louvers.

“Come in” He said and rolled it back.

“Weird” I mumbled inaudibly as I got into the car.

Cold air from car’s air conditioner blew gently on my face and I felt like sleeping off immediately.

I couldn’t stop wondering why Martin of all people wants to meet up with me?

Is that a dream or something?

Someone I have never spoke to cos he is of so much value is the same one am sitting with right beside him and inside his car.

I felt like kssing his soft lips.

I have never had a good look at him except right now.

His scent alone made me want to hug him tight but his face was too frowned.

“Uhmm… What… What do you need?” I managed to speak even though I was stuttering.

He cleared his throat as he took off his glasses.

“Well I just wanted us to see cos…” He started.

“Don’t tell me you are falling for me cos I can’t compete with your girlfriend Kimberly” I sounded so desperate.

Like I wish that is what he wants to tell me.

He shook his head and scoffed.

I gulped nervously.

“Am sorry for being too fast” I apologized.

“You see this is about your best friend Arya” He said after few minutes of silence.

“Arya? What about her?” I asked anxiously.

“I want you to take me to the hospital where she is” he said as I flinched in shock.

“You want to go see my friend in the hospital?” I asked again to make sure I wasn’t hearing things.

“Exactly what I just told you” he responded.

I popped my eyes out in shock.

“Are you sure that’s what you want?” I didn’t even know when I asked that question.
He nodded his head in approval.

“Yes… I want to go visit her in the hospital or is anything wrong with that?’ He asked as I shook my head quickly in disagreement.

“Of course not but am really surprised with what you want… Why would you want to see my friend after what she did to you?” I asked trying to get a point from him.

Is he planning something bad for my girlfriend or something?

“What did she do to me if I may ask?” He asked to my surprise.

“Martin did you have an amnesia or something?” I asked in the politest manner.

I can’t afford to get into his bad book who knows his good for nothing girlfriend might want to $trangle me.

“I know exactly what I want and all I want is for you to take me where I will go see her” He said as I nodded.

“Well I know the hospital where she is and as a matter of fact she undergone a surgery but she’s ok now” I told him.

He smiled broadly immediately I told him that and I got confused.

When the hell did Martin become so friendly that he cares about how others are doing?

Isn’t this a miracle or am I day dreaming cos the Martin I know is just like his girlfriend Kim.

Both of them careless about how other people feel and does what they like with people’s emotions and feelings.

“Shall we?” His voice brought me back to consciousness.

I nodded my head with a faint smile.

“Yeah sure” I managed to speak.

But that didn’t stop me from thinking and thinking.

I was confused as he.ll…. Isn’t this simply miraculous!

Well let’s get to the hospital first before I can keep thinking myself out.


Lucas’s Pov;

“What the fk??? Don’t tell me you are serious?” I almost screamed my voice out.

“Does it look like am joking? I know I play with most things but believe me am fvcking serious about this stuff am telling you” Idris said.

“This is totally unbelievable! I can’t believe my friend did something like that” I shook my head in disbelief.

” It’s your choice to believe or not!am just telling you the truth so I don’t know what else you are talking about anyways” Idris said still busy with his game pad.

“He went to see that girl in the hospital? After all the embarrassment she received from him?” I shook my head.

“What’s wrong with that by the way?” Idris chipped in.

I flinched as I quickly stood up and turned my gaze to Idris.

“What do you mean by what’s wrong with that huh? Don’t tell me you don’t see anything wrong with what our friend did huh?” I asked.

“What exactly is wrong I’m what he did cos I can’t see anything wrong with that he did” Idris replied.

“Why are you talking like that? What about his girlfriend Kim?” I snapped.

“What about Kim? Is not like he is asking Arya the new girl out or something…… He just wants to see how she’s doing after the incident that happened to her and I don’t think it’s bad” Idris cut in sharply.

“Are you even listening to yourself at all? His girlfriend is in the hospital as well and he haven’t gone to see how she’s fairing but he has gone to see a girl who humiliated him in the presence of everyone and you see it as normal?” I screamed.

“I don’t know how you see this but to be honest I don’t want that lousy Kim of a girl for our friend Marvin” Idris said as I glared at him and he rolled his eyes.

How did I even end up with this lunatics as friends huh???


Dora’s Pov:

I watched Arya sleep peacefully….

The poor girl have been through a lot and I keep wondering who could have wanted to destroy her beautiful face?

Then I thought of Aliyah who left in search of Leo since last night…

Why are they all making me to feel really worried?

Where in heaven’s name did she go to in the first place?

I tried her number severally but she wasn’t even picking up her call and that actually increased my worry….

Where did she go to huh????

I was still worrying when two people walked into the ward…….


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