Pinky Preshy Chioma

Episode 64

Mrs Natasha’s Pov:

“No you have to tell me Patrick! What’s was that for?” I queried him.

“Mom it’s…it’s nothing” He said stuttering as I scoffed.

“No son! You have to tell me the truth so that I can find a way to help you out of this mess” I said.

“Mom please…. I just told you that there is no fking problem” He said.

“Well am sorry my dear son to say that I don’t believe you” I shouted at him.

“Believe whatever you want ok? Nothing is wrong with me” He snorted.

“You might have forgotten Patrick but let me bring your senses back that I am your mother and you can’t decieve me” I said.

“I didn’t plan on decieving you Mom! I just told you the truth and am wondering if you just pray all the time that things go wrong” He rolled his eyes.

“You know you can tell me anything Patrick? Listen to me son! Whatever it is that you tell me he rest assured that your father is never gonna hear about it” I said sitting close to him.

“Mom I…i…. I don’t think I want to talk about it” He stammered.

“You should talk about it of course Patrick! You better speak to me now that your dad is on a trip” I said.

“I didn’t really do anything that bad but….” he paused.

“But what? You can tell Patrick and we can solve the problem before your Dad shows up” I said.

“Well Mom i….. I….” He continued stammering but then paused.

“You what?” I continued pressurizing him.

“I $tabbed her…” he quickly said as I arched my eyebrows.

“What are you talking about Patrick? Who is the her?” I asked in confusion.

“You wanted me to tell you the God dmned truth right?” he shouted so loud.

“Well yes… I want you to tell me the truth” I replied.

“Then that’s what am doing already” He breathed heavily.

“I still don’t get you Patrick… Make things clear to me so that I will understand you” I exhaled deeply.

“I $tabbed her… I $tabbed my fellow student” He said as I gasped in shock.

“What?” I freaked out.


Mrs Roselyn’s Pov:

Tears didn’t even come out of my eyes maybe the tears too are surprised just like I am.

I couldn’t get myself to believe what Pearl’s Mom just told me.

God! I hope this is a dream and I want to get up from it…..

I didn’t even let her say another word before picking up my handbag and storming out of the house.

“Rose? Are you ok? What happened?” She tried to speak to me but I didn’t even turn around.

I stepped out of the mansion and I felt my heart was going to explode.

Does this mean am now childless?

Like I don’t have a child anymore?

If I don’t go crazy today then just know I won’t ever go crazy ever again….

So this is the big secret he has been keeping from me all these while?

He lied to me that Aliyah went out with Pearl….

I managed to get myself to the mansion.

I rushed straight into the house sulking bitterly.

“Good evening ma’am” The maids greeted but I didn’t even respond.

I rushed upstairs and then stormed into my room slamming the door noisily.

Honestly this is worst day of my life…

I’ve been happy all these while without knowing that my only child is dead.

I jumped on the bed as I groaned in sorrow.

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I managed to get myself to take a shower without wasting time.

I sat on the bed with a picture of my precious princess Aliyah.

I couldn’t stop crying and sobbing…

I was so bittered!

And gradually my memories kept rushing back into my head slowly.

“From today onwards I disown you” The voice kept echoing in my head.

The memories flashed back into my head as I groaned in pains holding my head.

Slowly I opened my closed eyes as I bit my lips.

“So it was him all along… He threw her out” I cried out as I wiped off my tears.

This is all Gregory’s fault….

If only he hadn’t thrown our child out in the cold street then she would have been alive till today

But because of his stupid profession he decided to throw his only child out.

Because of selfishness he turned me into a barren woman.

I can’t keep up with anymore….

He made me childless just because he cares so much about his reputation and image.

He doesn’t want anyone to taint his so called image and dignity.

So for this reason he threw my child out.

I quickly got up and rushed straight to the wardrobe.

I brought my clothes out and packed them into the traveling bag as fast as I could.


Mr Gregory’s Pov:

I parked my car at the garage and hopped out of the car.

And as usual the mansion was as quiet as it used to be.

Then I remembered how my Aliyah would run to my car then.


***Memory flash***

“Daddy! Daddy!!” Aliyah rushed to me and hugged me tightly.

She was only seven years old then.

“Oh baby…” I sounded so tired most times.

“Daddy did you get me ice cream like you promised?” She feigned anger.

“Well am sorry baby; I couldn’t get you that cos I was so busy at the office” I would always reply.

She bowed her head in sadness.

Maybe she should get used to my not keeping to promises.

“You always say that daddy” She cried.

“Go on… Go inside the house! I might have important visitors soon and I don’t want them to say the Minister’s daughter is ill mannered” I pushed her to her nanny.

The nanny carried her in as she continued sulking.


*** Memory flash ends***

I shook my head in so much regrets….

How I wish I could correct things as soon as possible then I would.

I wish I could bring her back to life so that I can ask her for forgiveness.

I never treated her like my daughter cos I was only thinking about my reputation.

I shrugged the thought off and walked into the house.

“Good evening sir” The maids greeted as I only nodded my head.

“Where is my wife Susan?” I asked the chief maid.

“She’s upstairs sir” She replied as I nodded.

I walked upstairs with my portfolio.

I swinged the door open and saw my Rosey sitting on the bed.

“Good evening Rosey” I sounded so nice.

“Good evening” her voice was rather cold.

I took off my coat as I walked towards her and tried to kss her but she pushed me away.

“I want to see a lawyer tomorrow Gregory…. Am done with this cajole you call marriage” she said.

“What?” I widened my eyes.

“You heard me! What am I here for? When my only child is dead for thirteen years” She shouted as I gasped.


Anita’s Pov:

“Aunt Felicia please calm down… The doctors will take good care of her” I said as aunt Felicia kept sulking and sobbing.

“You don’t understand…do you?” She coughed so loudly.

“Aunt she will surely be fine” Olivia said.

“I wonder what’s keeping the inspector from coming here” she said.

“Inspector?” We chorused.

“Yes and he should be here by now” she worried.

Just then,,,, three young men walked in and spoke with Aunt Felicia.

“Well are you guys the eye witnesses?” The man asked us after talking with Aunt Felicia.

“Eye witnesses?” Olivia and I chorused.

“Yes…” He said

“Of course not…”

“No we are not….”

Olivia and I responded respectively but in unison.

“So what are you guys?” He asked.

“Her friends” We said again.

“Actually Sir we found her in the pool of her own blood so we brought her to the hospital” I explained.

“Exactly inspector” Olivia replied.

“So you are her friends right? Which means you both are close to her?’ He asked as we nodded.

“Yes we are….” we said.

“Do you know of anyone who could do this to her? Like does she have any enemy who could want to do this to her?” He asked.

Of course she is the one who hurts others….

I would have said it was Arya the new girl but she is at the hospital too.

Is this karma???

“I don’t know anyone” I replied.

“And you?” The inspector turned to Olivia.

We exchanged glances at each other.

“I think I know someone” Olivia broke the silence.

“Who??” The inspector and I chorused.

“A guy in school…..” she started…….


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