Pinky Preshy Chioma

Episode 68

Patrick’s Pov:

I sat heavily on the bed lost in my own thoughts.

What exactly is my Mom up to?

She only asked me for the hospital where she was taken to and I told her.

But how will that help us not to get into trouble?

She keeps confusing me the more the way she’s going about all this.

I have to find out what mom is up to cos I don’t understand a thing.

I really don’t want my dad to hear about this cos am already never in his good books.

What more if he finds out that I stabbed someone to death almost.

Am sure he will disown me and throw me out in the streets.

Of course he have always wanted to do something like that.

But that is none of my business….

I pray Mom finds a solution as soon as possible before that stupid proud peacock Kim regains consciousness.

She will surely tell the corps that I was the one who $tabbed her and left her in the pool of her own bIood.

Even though I don’t regret what I did to her cos she got exactly what she deserves.

That way she won’t ever mess with me….

But the problem is me being mentioned as the one who attempted to murder her.

My dad might kill me with his bare hands if he ever finds out.

And that is what I definitely don’t want at all.


Mrs Roselyn’s Pov:

After the long drive,,, I finally got to my destination.

I drove into the duplex with a heavy heart.

I know she’s been dead for the past thirteen years but it feels so fresh for me.

Like I still can’t believe that she is really dead at least not after my dream.

The dream I had made me still have doubts that my daughter is not yet dead.

I walked into the duplex with my luggage.

It’s been long since I came to this guest house of ours.

I paused as I turned to the garden.

Memories of Aliyah rushed back to me and tears circulated in my eyes immediately.

That was her favorite spot… The garden!

She loves playing in the garden each time we come here for summer holidays.

Tears rolled down cheeks as I gulped hard.

Honestly I miss my daughter so much but there is nothing I can do.

Though I don’t believe she’s really dead like it was concluded.

I took out of my purse my handkerchief as I mopped my eyes with it before unlocking the door and walking in.

I looked around the dusty house as I coughed slightly.

It’s really going to be so much work for me.

I know I can still go back to the mansion but I will never do that.

Gregory is too heartless and should be alone for everything he has done.

Maybe he should live happily with his reputation and image.

That will make him a happier and a fulfilled man…..

I walked upstairs with the luggage.

I will have to fix at least a room for myself tonight before total cleaning tomorrow morning.


Mrs Felicia’s Pov:

I rushed into the ward immediately the doctor told me that I could get in.

I can’t wait to see my baby girl with my two eyes cos she has been in that emergency room for the past two hours.

I walked in and saw her lying lifelessly on the bed.

I couldn’t help but burst into tears.

I walked closer as I patted her long shiny black hair.

She was peacefully sleeping.

“Baby please wake up soon so that you can tell us exactly who it is that had the guts to do this to you” I said.

I can’t wait to make that person feel twice the pain my daughter is feeling.

He or she should pay dearly for almost taking the life of my only child.

I don’t want to know who it is or which position he or she has,,,, I will surely make him or her pay dearly with their lives.

No one dares to free after doing something like this to my daughter and go scold free.

Not while I still have life in me.


Mrs Natasha’s Pov:

I smirked mischieviously as I blew my bubble gum noisily.

“Do a very very clean job cos I don’t ever want to hear you mention my name” I said

“You know how diligent I am ma’am… I can assure you that there won’t be any form of mistake” He replied.

“Oh you better make sure of that cos I don’t want to be involved in your dirty games” I replied with sarcasm.

“Your friend recommended us to you which means she trusts us and knows what we can do” He said.

“Well I want to trust you too but that’s if you do a good job” I rolled my eyes.

“You don’t have anything to worry about…. As long as I have the name of the hospital and the ward she is in then let me do what I know how to do best” He said.

“Good…” I handed over to them an envelope full of money.

“Wow! Thank you so much ma’am” he thanked me immensely.

“You will get more if you do a smooth job… I can assure you that” I said.

I walked out of the room with my handbag clutched to my arm.

I made sure no one was watching me as I hopped into my car and drove away.

I will do whatever it is for my son and no one can stop me.

Patrick stabbed her but no one will ever find out that he did.

That’s surely a promise….

I laughed hysterically.


Aliyah’s Pov:

I pulled over right in front of Leo’s apartment as I got down from my car.

I walked in since the door was wide open.

I was still confused and surprised how Leo could leave his house wife open.

What the he.ll is going on?

I hope he is not in any form of trouble.

My heart was racing and beating so fast….

I got into the house and to my surprise it was so quiet that one could hear the sound of a pin drop.

“Leo? Leo??” I called but I heard no noise or response.

What’s going on?

I kept calling and calling but no one still answered.

Does this mean that he is not home or something?

“Where in heaven’s name did he go to?” I thought out loud.

I called him with my cell phone but his phone was still switched off.

I scratched my head in confusion.

I turned to leave the house when suddenly I heard a sound of shattering bottle.

I shivered in fear and paused.

The sound was coming from his bar.

Fear gripped me…

What if it is burglars or something?

I tiptoed straight to the bar overcoming all my fears.

Then I turned on the light and to my greatest surprise it was Leo lying on the ground dead drunk.

“Leo?” I called as I rushed to him.

The stench of alcohol filled the whole place.

He reeked of alcohol such that I could hardly breathe.

“What’s going on? What’s wrong with you?” I asked him but he belched noisily.

“Aliyah please don’t leave me” he started in tears.

“Leave you? What are you talking about?” I asked with furrowed eyebrows.

“I LOVE YOU ALIYAH” He cried out as I gasped…….


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