Pinky Preshy Chioma

Episode 67

Aliyah’s Pov:

I paced around worriedly as I kept on trying the number.

“Where in heaven’s name is Leo? He called me like two hours ago that he was coming over to the hospital” I said sadly.

“Why not call him on phone?” Dora asked as she munched crunchily the cookies she was holding.

“You think I’ve not done that? I have been calling him at first his phone was not reachable and now it’s switched off” I said with so much worry.

“That’s strange! When did Leo started turning his phone off?” Dora said.

“This is getting me seriously worried… Of course this isn’t him” I sat on the bench.

“Maybe something happened” Dora tried to make me feel better with her words.

“Something happened? What exactly could it be that happened?” I said.

“I don’t know but I guess he must have a very good reason for turning his cell phone off?” She replied.

“Whatever his reasons are then they are making me feel really upset” I snapped as I sniffed hard and blinked my eyes to stop myself from crying.

“Calm down Aliyah! Am sure Leo is fine so please don’t start that sobbing of yours” Dora said as she feigned anger.

“Do you blame me Dora? Am really scared cos we don’t know who it was that $tabbed my daughter and now Leo too is….” I broke into tears.

“Will you stop being pessimistic huh? Stop saying negative things all the time” Dora replied.

“Am not being negative… Am just saying possible things” I gulped nervously.

“And I want you to know that Leo is a busy man and of course he might be in a meeting” Dora suggested.

“I don’t think so….. You know what? I think I will go and see him” I said as I stood up.

“See who?” Dora asked almost immediately.

“See Leo… I will go see him and find out what exactly could be keeping him” I replied.

“What?” Dora freaked out.

“What do you mean what?” I asked.

“It’s already very late Aliyah and I won’t advise you to go out there” She said with so much concern.

I walked closer to her tapping her shoulder with a faint smile.

“You don’t have to worry my darling friend…. I will be careful and I will let you know when I get there! Thank you so much for your concern” I said as she shrugged.

“If you say so” she later replied.

“I say so girlfriend” I said before leaving.

“Be safe and get back quick before your daughter starts asking about you” She shouted..

“I sure will… Just take good care of my daughter for me” I said.

I really need to go find out what exactly is wrong with Leo.

There must be something wrong somewhere that’s making him delay.

I walked straight to the garage and hopped into my car before zooming out of the hospital.


Martin’s Pov:

I walked out of the bathroom with a towel tied around my waist.

Beads of water rolled down from my stomach.

I ruffled my hair as I sat on the bed lost in thought.

Staring around my very huge bedroom with my mind elsewhere.

I couldn’t even get myself comfortable anymore.

All I was thinking about was the new girl.

First thing tomorrow morning I will be going straight to the hospital she was admitted.

I need to know how exactly she’s doing.

I was still thinking when my cell phone rang aloud.

The ring from the phone smacked me out of my thoughts as I quickly made for my iPhone on the bed.

It was Idris….

“Hey dude” I managed to brighten my voice so he wouldn’t notice my worries.

“Uhmm… What’s up man?” He started in his usual playful voice.

“Am good… Any probs?” I asked

“Well Anita just called me! She said she’s been trying your number but it wasn’t connecting” He started.

“Oh… I had no idea” I heaved a sigh.

“That’s no problem” he replied.

“So why was she trying to call me?” I snapped.

“Well she wanted to tell you that your girlfriend is finally ok even though she’s yet to regain consciousness’ He said.

“You mean she’s fine now…” I said with so much concern.

“Of course she is and the stab isn’t….” he tried to explain.

“$tab? I thought she was ambushed and mercilessly dealt with and is having a plastic surgery?” I sharply replied.

“Who the fk do you think am talking about?” He snorted.

“Uhmm…. Isn’t it Arya?” I asked as he scoffed.

“Arya? You mean the new girl?” He snorted.

“Well who else if not her?” I sharply answered.

“What? I just told you that your girlfriend which is Kimberly” He explained.

“Oh you mean Kim?” I scratched my head.

“You are something else…. I know you have fallen for her even if you have tried keeping Lucas and I in the dark” He burst into laughter.

“Errr…. Of course not I was just being concerned for….” I stuttered.

“Enough of the stutter already… I know the truth” He laughed.

“Fine… I….I…. Feel…I feel something for her though I don’t know what I really feel for her” I managed to say.

“You feel love for her if you claim like you don’t know what you feel” He snapped.

“Whatever! Do you know of anyways that I could find out the hospital she was taken to?” I asked anxiously.

“Well you see I have no idea where she was taken to but I think I have her girlfriend’s number and I will forward that to you” he said as my face brightened.

“Really? Thank you so much” I said with excitement.

“No probs man! Am doing this cos I don’t like that girlfriend if yours called Kim but you have to watch your back cos Kim won’t take this lightly if she finds out you are falling for the new girl” He advised.

“That isn’t a problem”, I replied before he hung up.

I jumped for joy….

My phone beeped… It was a message from Idris containing the number.

Now I can call her so that I can go see the new girl finally.


Natasha’s Pov:

I paced around impatiently thinking my skull out.

“What do you suggest we do Mom?” Patrick’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Just keep quiet Patrick and let me think” I said as he kept quiet again.

“Didn’t you think about the consequences of what you are doing before doing it? Don’t you know this will land you into so much trouble or have you forgotten why we had to move here?” I started.

“Mom you promised to help me out and that’s why I told you about it in the first place so if you don’t want to help me then let me know” Patrick furiously said.

“Whatever! If I may ask why the hell did you even stab your fellow student?” I asked confused.

“I shouldn’t have told you about this cos it’s all a bad idea” He sighed as he quickly got up and turned to leave but I stopped him.

“Is she awake already?” I asked as he paused his steps.

“Nope…” He replied immediately.

“Good… Do you know the hospital she’s in?” I asked as he nodded his head.

“Yes I do” He answered sharply.

“Then it’s done” I smirked as he stared at me confused.

“Done? How?” He arched his eye brows………


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