Pinky Preshy Chioma

Episode 65

Mr Gregory’s Pov;

I couldn’t say a word cos I was shocked to the extent that I was so gobsmacked.

I stared at her as tears circulated in my eyes.

Who could have told her what really happened?

Did her memories just flashed black all of a sudden or was she told by anyone?

How do I face her now cos the shame am feeling now is nothing to write home about?

“What Gregory? Have you gone dumb? Why can’t you talk anymore?” She shouted with a teary voice.

I couldn’t reply her because I didn’t know what to tell her.

“I have been living happily in this house with a big fat liar like you” She continued crying.

I gulped hard as I turned my face away.

“Please you have to calm down Rosey” I managed to speak.

“What do you mean by calm down? What exactly does that word mean?” She scoffed.

“You don’t have to get this twisted cos i was….” I tried to speak.

“Get it twisted? What do you mean by me getting it twisted? Are you not the one who gets things twisted?” She cried out.

“Rosey I didn’t want you to go back to coma that’s why I didn’t….” I said.

“Really? Is that the reason or you just don’t want me to remember how you threw my only child out of the house which led to her death?” She shouted.

“You know I was confused then…. I mean after Aliyah got pregnant for the enemy’s son I was so disappointed and…” I stuttered.

“Cut that crap! You were not confused Gregory….you were only concerned about your image and reputation” She said.

This means she remembers every damn thing so I don’t think it’s necessary to cover myself up with a lie.

I bowed my head in guilt.

“Am sorry about all this Rosey!” I cried.

“You are sorry? Really? Will that bring back my poor innocent daughter? Huh Gregory? Tell me will that bring back to life my only child?” She wailed.

“I know there is absolutely nothing I can do to bring back Aliyah but…” I said.

“Keep your fallacies to your self Gregory! I am so sick and tired of hearing those words over and over again when they are worthless” She shouted at me.

“Rosey please you have to calm down… This happened thirteen years ago and…” I said.

“I demand you shut up Gregory…. I don’t care how long it has been; she is still my daughter” She said as she quickly rushed to get her luggage.

I ran straight to her and held her hand but she snatched her hand from me.

“Get your filthy hands off me” She squealed.

“Please Rosey! Please don’t leave me here all alone” I pleaded with her.

“I should have done this a long time ago Gregory… I should have left with our daughter when you threw her out” She lamented.

“Rose please you can’t possibly leave me all alone in this big house… Life is going be a mess for me if you do” I begged on my knees.

“You deserve it Gregory! Whatever hell life brings to you, you deserve to be burnt into ashes in it” She said with so much hatred.

“I wish I could turn back the hands of time and make things right so that you will see that am a changed man” I cried.

“My bad… You can’t do that!” She said as she pushed me away.

She walked out of the room and hurried downstairs.

I tried to follow her but she slammed the door on my face.

I fell on my face with so much tears running down my cheeks.

See what pride has cost me!

I thought I was only going to live with the regret of losing my only child now I also have to live with my wife leaving me.

It was already dark but she didn’t mind…

She’s so determined to leave the house this night.


Mrs Roselyn’s Pov:

My heart was shattered into pieces.

The thought that I am partly the reason why my only child died seems to keep driving me insane.

If only I knew then I would have followed her out of that useless mansion.

And that heartless husband of mine…

All he ever cares about is his reputation instead of his family.

It’s always about work!



Nothing else is important to him if not work all the way.

He is the major reason why I lost my daughter….

What did she do that others have not done before?

What in God’s name did she do but to get pregnant?

When did pregnancy become something do bad that she should be treated like an outcast for it?

I wish I had stood up for her and left with her then she wouldn’t have died.

The painful part of this whole drama is that I didn’t even get to see her de.ad body.

I will never go back to that wicked Gregory I call my husband.

I will do anything to stay apart from that mon$ter of a husband that I have.

I will go far away from here that way he won’t ever find me.

He should live and dwell alone in his wealth and reputation.

I drove as fast as I could still soliloquizing within myself.


Olivia’s Pov:

“You know someone who has an motive of harming her?” The inspector asked as I nodded.

Anita glared at me surprised.

“Who could that be that I don’t know of?” Anita asked still staring at me in confusion.

“It’s the boy… The boy in school! The one who warned Kim to stay away from Arya” I said.

Anita nodded her head in agreement.

“That’s right! You told me about her encounter with him” I suddenly recalled.

“Yes inspector! The guy seems to be new in school as well and he threatened our friend in school then” I explained.

“Who is this guy and why did he threaten Kim?” The inspector asked.

I kept mute as I exchanged glances with Anita.

“Well…(coughs) they actually have a rift and he threatened her” Anita covered up immediately.

“Oh really? I think that will help the case” The inspector said before walking away.

I exhaled deeply as I gulped hard.

“We almost let the cat out of the bag” I finally broke the silence.

“That will be a whole lot of problems if we had continued talking… I mean we could have exposed Kimberly” Anita replied.

“Yeah… I hope this helps to find who it is that $tabbed Kim” I said.

“Could this be karma? I mean what exactly do we call this?” Anita said.

“That’s right… I mean it seems like a fireback” I said.

“I just hope Kim will be fine” Anita said as I nodded.


Mrs Felicia’s Pov:

“First thing tomorrow morning officers I want you guys to go to that dmn school” I sounded so furious.

“Calm down Mrs Felicia… Things are not done that way” The police said.

“What do you mean by things are not done that way? What exactly are you talking about?” I freaked out.

“Things are done gradually… We have no evidence to prove that it was that so called boy who $tabbed your daughter” The inspector replied.

“Which other evidence do you need? He threatened my daughter with her life” I screamed.

“We know he did but it’s also possible be didn’t go ahead with the threat… Besides no one saw him stab her” The officer said.

“I don’t care what it is that you are saying… All am trying to get you guys to understand is that I want justice for my daughter” I said.

“And justice she shall get” they said before walking away.

I won’t let the culprit go scold free.

I will do anything it takes that to get justice for my daughter.

No one and nothing can stop me…

“Whoever that did this to my daughter will pay” I smirked mischieviously……


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