Pinky Preshy Chioma

Episode 70

Martin’s Pov:

Sofia and I walked straight into the ward.

I sighted her lying fast asleep in the bed inside the ward.

I couldn’t even see her face cos it was all covered with bandages.

Is it this critical??

Who could have done this to her?

Poor Arya!

Who did she even offend to deserve what was done to her by the cruel person?

“Good morning aunt” Sofia greeted the lady sitting beside her bed.

“Hi dear…. How are you doing?” The cheerful lady replied her with a warm smile.

“Good morning” I greeted forcing a smile at her.

“Hello to you” She replied me as well.

“How is she doing aunt?” Sofia asked as she walked to the bed.

I felt so much pity for her and that surprised me.

“She’s getting really better and soon according to the doctor her bandage will be removed.

“Wow! I really missed her in school” Sofia said with a teary voice.

“I know she misses you too” The lady said.

“I can’t wait to see her smile again” I chipped in as Sofia glared at me in surprise.

Why do they all get so surprised like I don’t care for my fellow human being?

Am I that cruel???

“Please could you stay here I need to make a call outside?” The lady pleaded with Sofia.

“Sure Aunt!” Sofia nodded as she walked out of the ward.

I made further calculable steps towards the bed where she was lying.

I touched her fingers maybe for the first time ever.

Sofia cleared her throat noisily smacking out of my thoughts.

“Uhmm… Was that her mom?” I asked her.

“Who?” She asked.

“I mean the lady that just left? Is she Arya’s Mom?” I replied sharply.

“Oh no… That’s her aunt and not her mom! Arya is a replica of her Mom” Sofia replied with a soft smile.

“Oh really?” I asked with so much concern.

“Well yess but I still have a question for you Martin” She turned to me.

“Question? What question are you talking about?” I arched my eye brows.

“Am still confused with what exactly is going on Martin? I mean why do you want to see my friend in the first place?” She asked.

I gulped hard with a little smirk.

Why the hell don’t they believe I actually came to see her cos I want to know how she’s fairing huh?

Why do they keep on disbelieving that fact?

“What are you talking about Sofia?” I scoffed.

“Isn’t it obvious Martin? I meant you of all people asking to see my friend after the fracas you both had” She continued.

“She is my classmate and my fellow student who was hospitalized and I came to see how she’s fairing if she’s getting better or not… So tell me what’s so wrong in doing that?” I asked calmly.

“Well…uhmm…I….I…. I don’t see anything wrong in that but it’s rather strange” She stuttered.

“Don’t worry I have no bad intentions towards your girlfriend” I assured her.

“If you say so” she nodded her head.


Aliyah’s Pov:

I rolled from one side of the bed to another as I held my head in pains.

My head was aching really badly.

I yawned tiredly as I forced my weak eyes opened still yawning.

The sun rays directly from the window straight to my eyes.

“What the….” I exclaimed as I looked around the strange room.

Where is this and how did I get into this room?

My head was still aching badly…

“Ouchhh…” I groaned in pains with my hand still on my head.

I sprang up from the bed immediately and rushed toward the door.

“How did I get into this room?” I asked no one in particular.

Then suddenly my eyes caught with the picture hung on the wall.

It was Leo’s picture….

That was when I remembered that I am actually in Leo’s room.

The memories flashed back into my head immediately.

I recalled that I came to Leo’s house last night and met him drunk.

Then I tried to help him to his room and he fell on me and we kssed before he slept.

My face beamed with smiles…

I didn’t even realize that I spent the night here afterall.

For the first time in weeks that I slept on a bed.

I mean every since my princess was hospitalized I haven’t gone home to sleep.

I sleep at the couch right inside her hospital room cos I want to keep close watch at her.

I really need to rush back to the hospital” I thought inwardly.

Then I remembered that Leo actually told me that he loves me.

Could it be because of alcohol???

I shrugged it off and headed to the door.

I was about to grab the door handle when the door swinged open.

Leo walked in with a tray of breakfast.

Breakfast in bed?


There were some slices of toasted bread and butter,,, fried eggs and a cup of hot tea.

My mouth watered immediately I saw it…

The aroma rushed straight into my nose and my stomach grumbled hungrily.

“Good morning Aliyah” Leo said with a smile as I forced a smile at him too.

“Good morning” i mumbled.

“Are you going out? Like you are leaving?” He asked as he dropped the tray on the stool beside the bed.

I nodded my head in agreement.

“Oh yes… I….i want to go back to the hospital so that I can see how my daughter is doing” I replied.

“You can still go after eating and I would also love to go to the hospital as well” He said.

“But it’s been long since I left my….” I said but then my stomach grumbled noisily.

Leo smiled as I bowed my head in shame.

I was even going to tell him that am not really hungry but this crazy hunger just betrayed.

“You see… You are hungry so go ahead and eat then we can go to the hospital together” He said.

“Alright… But I haven’t brushed my teeth” I managed to speak.

“That’s the bathroom… Go ahead and brush your teeth cos there are lots of new wrapped toothbrushes in there” He told me as I walked straight into the bathroom.

I slammed the bathroom door as I balanced ok the back of the door smiling broadly.

“Breakfast in bed? Isn’t that sweet? Does he mean what he told me last night that he loves me? I hope he doesn’t remember” I bit my lower lips.

I unwrapped one of the toothbrush and applied toothpaste on it..

Standing in front of the mirror,,,, I brushed my teeth thoroughly.

And I did not forget to take a shower as well as I dried my body and out on my dress before coming out of the bathroom.



I sat on the bed eating the food hungrily…

Actually am damn hungry like it’s almost cutting off my intestines.

I continued eating in silence while Leo watched me.

“Did you really mean what you told me last night?” I suddenly asked him.

“What I told you last night? What was that?” he asked as I shook my head.

“Nothing” I forced a smile at him.

Maybe he said it cos he was under the influence of alcohol and he does not mean it.

It isn’t even true afterall.


Leo’s Pov:

The question she asked me got me really confused and curious to know what exactly I told her.

What exactly is she talking about?

What did I tell her that she is asking if it was really true?


I hope I didn’t fk up big time when I was drunk….

How do I find out what it is that I told her that she wants to know if it’s true.

“Are you sure I didn’t say anything?” I pressurised her more.

“It’s nothing! Am fine” She replied again.

I gulped hard cos I wasn’t convinced.

I watched her eat and I was moved to tell her exactly how I feel about her cos I really want her to know the truth.

But my courage failed me though!


Anita’s Pov:

Olivia and I sat at the hospital’s balcony.

Actually we come to the hospital every morning to be with Mrs Felicia our best friends mother so that she wouldn’t feel lonely.

“Anita I thought you told me that you called Martin and told him about what happened to our friend?” Olivia asked.

“I did… I told Lucas since I wasn’t able to reach Martin so Lucas promised to pass the information to Martin” I replied.

“Then why hasn’t he shown up? Knowing fully well that his girlfriend is in a critical condition and was stabbed?” Olivia marvelled.

“That’s something I can’t explain right now! Am as confused as you are… I mean it’s almost a week since this incident happened and school has been on vacation so why haven’t he come over to see his girlfriend?” I shook my head.

“Am sorry to sound this way but I don’t think that Martin loves our friend like he claims” She said.

“You are right girlfriend… As a matter of fact I too doubt his love for her right now… If truly he loves and cares about her then he would have come to see how she’s doing since he is aware she was stabbed and was bleeding profusely when she was brought to the hospital” I supported her.

“I have always told that friend of ours that she’s the one forcing herself on that Martin guy but she still does not care if he loves her or not” Olivia scoffed.

“That’s the truth…. Even when the issue of the new girl arose he choose to side with the new girl instead of his girlfriend have you forgotten?” She sighed.

“Well let’s just keep waiting and see if he will come to see how his girlfriend is doing or not…. This is really unbelievable! Kim won’t even believe this herself upon how she adores that arrogant Martin” I added.

” You forgot to add handsome and arrogant” Olivia smiled.

“What’s the smile for? What are you happy about if I may ask?” I furrowed my eyebrows.

“Isn’t Martin cute? So why shouldn’t I smile and praise what God created huh?” She clapped her hands in gossip manner.

“What? Where exactly are you driving at Miss praiser of God’s creation?” I sneered.

“Don’t you know that I liked Martin so much and wanted him for myself and to myself alone” She lowered her voice as she spoke.

“Oh my….” I gasped in shock.

“What? Why do you look so surprised like you didn’t know when I was dying for him and he was also looking my way but then Kim said she wanted him so I left him for her” She sounded annoyed.

“Is that the reason why you $tabbed her?” I asked with a low tone.

“$tabbed her? What the he.ll are you talking about?” She squealed.

“Don’t tell me you stabbed our best friend because of Martin huh?” I continued speaking.

“Are you insane? Did I say I $tabbed her? What’s wrong with you? You know I can’t possibly do that to her no matter what happens afterall it’s been so long I gave up for her” She said as I heaved a sigh of relief.

“Better…” I rolled my eyes.

“You are really,¢razy” She sighed.

“They are here” i pointed at the entrance as Lucas and Idris walked in.

But there was no Martin with them.


“Where is Martin?” We asked in unison..

“Uhmm…. How is she doing? Is she getting any better?” Idris tried to change the topic.

“Yes she is” Olivia answered.

“But where is Martin? I mean he should be here to see his girlfriend” I asked anxiously.

“He went to visit the new girl in the hospital” Lucas mumbled.

“WHAT?” We freaked out…….




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