Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 40

“Hey, is this some sort of prank?” Arusha asked the anonymous man and he hadn’t even seen the knlfe the man was holding until it was aimed at him.

He gasped as the man approached him and he didn’t know where the strength to open the door and run out came from.
He just found himself on the stairs.
He was breathing heavily as he ran to Irish’s workshop.
“What was that?” He asked himself.
He has never experienced such since he has been here.

“Irish” He called as he rushed into her workshop.
“What’s wrong?” Irish asked, startled.
“I..i checked you in your room” Arusha said, picking the glass cup on water on the table,he gulped it down his throat and his nerves calmed a bit.

“Dude! I didn’t pour that water for you” Irish rolled her eyes.
“Your room….” Arusha said, taking a seat.
“Yeah,i wasn’t in my room . I went to warn that he.ll of a maid to stay away from you before i came to the workshop” Irish said, chewing chips while she resumed her work.

Arusha sighed, wondering if it’s okay to tell Irish what he just saw.
She might never want to go into that room again and he didn’t even want her to.
He should better tell her so she’ll be more careful and they have to inform Mr Ethan about it too.

“Irish” Arusha called.
“Huh? Ohh.. don’t give me those puppy eyes, I’ve forgiven you already” Irish said.
“It’s not about that, though I’m glad you’ve forgiven me”
“What’s wrong?” Irish turned to face him, noticing how serious and bothered he looked.
“I went to your room when i was done freshening up and then i saw a man…”
“A man? Is Ethan back?” Irish wondered aloud.
“It’s not Mr Ethan I saw a man with his face concealed under a mask” Arusha said and Irish’s heart skipped a bit.

“I asked him what he was doing in your room and i didn’t get a response, he pulled a knife on me …”

“What!” Irish screamed, getting to her feet.
“Sit Irish” Arusha said.
“I’m not sitting” Irish paced her workshop worriedly.
“I hope you aren’t hurt?” She asked Arusha who shook his head.
“I was able to open the door, i ran all the way here” Arusha said.

What if she had been the one, she know she wouldn’t even had had the strength to open the door, not to talk of running out.
Someone is after her life?
She’s not safe anymore!

That thought alone made her shiver….

“Let’s go to Carl” Irish said and Arusha got to his feet.
They both walked out of the workshop,hand in hand.
Arusha could feel how shaky her hands were.
“I promise I’m going to protect you with all i have. I won’t allow anyone hurt you” Arusha reassured her and she nodded but she was still dmn scared.


“Really?” Carl asked after Arusha narrated the incidence to him.
“Yes Carl,did anyone come into the house? Did you opened the gate for anyone?” Irish asked.
“No, the gate hasn’t been opened since Arusha and Arin returned from school and if the fence doesn’t have security alarms,i would have said the person came in through the fence” Carl said.
“I’m not safe anymore” Irish said,on the verge of tears.
“C’mon sis” Arusha hugged her .
“No one had come in,that means the person is in this house, that makes it more risky. I can just be in the corridor and the person would grab my neck…” Irish bursted into tears .

“Irish,you have to calm down first so we’ll be able to work together okay?”Carl said and Irish nodded while Arusha helped her clean her tears.

“But who could it be? Who could want to hurt you? In this house? Maybe someone had sneaked right into the gate while our car drove in ”
“No and to confirm that,let’s go check the CCTV footage” Carl said.
“Great! Is there a CCTV in Irish’s room too? We can know the person if we check her room’s” Arusha said.
“No, there’s no CCTV in any room in this building, rooms are private” Arusha said.
“Ohh” Arusha said.
“Let’s go check the footage and then we’ll confirm if the person is in this building or not” Carl said, leading them to another sector of the house.


“I told you no one came in” Carl said to Irish and Arusha as they all stepped out of the footage room.

“It’s confirmed the crook is in this house!” Arusha fumed.
He wishes the person knows how cruel he can be when it comes to his sister.
“I’m not safe” Irish sniffed.
“Do not cry! Please” Arusha said and she nodded.
“We have to inform Mr Ethan about this” Carl said.
“Of course” Arusha agreed.
“But I’ll need to check out your room first though the person would have been long gone but we might be lucky to get some clues” Carl said .
“We shouldn’t go alone,let’s have more bodyguards with us” Irish said and Carl smiled.
“Trust me to handle it huh?”Carl said and Irish nodded.


Arusha sighed.. “there’s no sign of forced entry, the person had come in through the door which also confirmed that the dude is indeed in this house. You should always lock your door”

“I won’t even be sleeping here anymore” Irish said.
“And isn’t your room adjoining to Arin’s?’ Arusha asked.
“OMG! Arin!” Irish exclaimed and they all rushed into her room.

They couldn’t express the relief they felt when they found her still peacefully asleep.

“I’m so glad she’s fine” Arusha said.
“She’s a light sleeper, let’s get out of here” Irish whispered and they all walked back to her room.

“Surely,you aren’t safe anymore and i don’t think it’s only you, no one is safe in this house anymore cause there’s a snitch in the house” Carl said.
“Arusha, you should be able to pick out some parts of his body since it’s confirmed the person is in this house” Irish said.
“His hair seems weirdly familiar though” Arusha sighed.
“Really?” Carl and Irish asked.
“Yeah but i don’t think that will help, you both know how brown spiky hair is common around here, it’ll be difficult to get the person” Arusha said.
“Ahh!” Carl sighed. “What was he putting on? How built is he?”
“He was in all black, no part of is body was exposed and i initially thought it was Mr Ethan but this anonymous person is not as built as Mr Ethan is, he’s tall though” Arusha said.

“That seems more complicated, most of the male workers here are tall and has brown spiky hair” Carl said.
“We’ll need to wait till Mr Ethan’s back” Arusha said.
“And we aren’t leaving Arin,we will be here till she wakes up and then we’ll all go downstairs together” Irish said.
“Of course”Carl said.
“Is her main door locked?” Arusha asked and Irish nodded.

Different thoughts ran through her mind and she wondered who could be after her life.
In this house!



“What! In my house?” Ethan dropped his fork after Arusha told him what happened.
He had noticed they were both picking at their meals and had asked what was wrong.
Irish couldn’t speak up so Arusha did.

“Yes Mr Ethan, if i hadn’t ran out, i would have been hurt” Arusha said.
“Ohh…my! ” Ethan sighed.
“How was the person able to enter this building?” Ethan asked aloud.
“No one came into the building, we went to meet Carl after it happened and he took us to check the CCTV footage, no one came in..the person is in this house!” Irish said.
“Are you sure of what you’re saying?” Gabrielle asked.
“I am! No one came in” Irish said.
Ethan was glad Arin has her earphones on,she was moving to the beat of the music she was listening to. She wasn’t paying attention to them.

“Go fetch Carl for me” Ethan ordered one of the bodyguards standing in the dining room.
“Okay, Mr Ethan” The bodyguard left.

“Why didn’t you both tell me immediately i arrived from work?” Ethan asked.
“You were obviously stressed out and i would want you to finish your dinner before telling you” Irish said.

“You must be so bothered” Ethan said, staring at Irish pitifully.
“Of course i am, knowing someone is after my life is the worst feeling ever” Irish said,tears rushing into her eyes.
Arusha passed her tissue and Ethan quickly pulled her into a side hug.

She felt suddenly safe in his arm and all her worries relieved her.
She would do anything to be in his arms forever.

“Mr Ethan” Carl said, walking into the dining room.
“Carl, i was just told what happened” Ethan said.
“Is the person truly in this house?” Gabrielle asked, she had also stopped eating.
“It has been confirmed that the anonymous person is in this house, I’m hundred percent sure Mr Ethan” Carl said.
“Woah!” Gabrielle exclaimed.

“We checked the CCTV footage immediately it happened and no one had come in through the gate, the security alarm on the fence would have warned us if someone is trying to come in through the fence. It’s confirmed the person is in this building” Carl said.

“Summon Javad for me” Ethan ordered.
” Javad should know who it is since he’s the head of the bodyguards in the house and he guards the house well,he should notice if someone made a move” Ethan said.

“And Arusha had seen the person’s hair, it’s brown and spiky and the person is tall. That made it more complicated cause almost all the male workers here are tall with brown spiky hair”
“What’s going on!” Ethan sighed.
“This has never happened”Ethan said worriedly.

“There’s a snitch in this house and it means everybody is not safe” Carl said.

“I’m here Mr Ethan” Javad rushed in.

Arusha’s eyes caught his hair and height and he stared at Javad, having a feeling he’s the one but how sure is he? When almost all the male workers looked the same.
But the hair had been exactly like this… or.. could he be wrong?

Ethan told Javad of what happened and asked if he suspected anyone.

“No Mr Ethan, i was watching all day and if someone had made a move, i would have known. I don’t think the person is in this house,it should be an outsider”

“It’s an insider!”Carl disagreed.
“How sure are you?” Javad asked harshly.
“Hundred percent sure! Everyone can come with me to check the security footage” Carl said.

“Why are you glaring at me huh?” Arusha suddenly asked Javad.
“I’m not!” Javad denied.
“You were Javad” Irish said.
“You were glaring at me too” Javad said to Arusha.
“I wasn’t, i was just staring at you cause you look so much like the anonymous man! Your hair and height” Arusha said and everywhere fell silent.

“What do you mean!” Javad yelled.
“Am not the only worker here who has brown spiky hair and this height! Alex does too, so many other workers does too. I know you hate me and would do anything to implicate me” Javad said angrily.

“You don’t have to get so worked up over it if you aren’t the one” Carl said.
“Just shut up, i knew you would take sides!” Javad said.
“What’s going on?” Arin removed her headphones.
“We are just having a discussion princess, you can put your headphones back on” Ethan said.
“Okay Dad” Javad said.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep in my room anymore” Irish said.
“You’ll sleep in mine and i wanna see any motherfucker that’ll come hurt you, I’m gonna break someone’s head into pieces” Arusha said.

“No, starting from now. Irish, you’ll have your own bodyguards, they’ll be staying by your door and Arin’s and they’ll follow you everywhere you go. Carl, you’ll be among them. I trust you to keep Irish safe” Ethan said.
“Yes Mr Ethan,I’ll do my best” Carl smiled.

“I’ll assign three more bodyguards” Ethan said, looking around.
“Javad shouldn’t be assigned please” Irish said, careless about his presence.
“Ohh.. okay” Ethan said, he wouldn’t have assigned Javad in the first place cause he know Irish doesn’t like him.

Ethan assigned three more bodyguards and asked if Irish was okay with them.
She nodded.


“Do you want me employ a female bodyguard that’ll be with you in your room?” Ethan asked
“No, I’m fine with Carl. I know he’s gonna keep me safe” Irish said.
“I trust him to do so too. So Carl, starting from now you’ll have a room in the main house” Ethan said.
“Okay Mr Ethan” Carl said.

“Summon all the male workers in the house to the living room now, everyone needs to be questioned” Ethan said.
“Okay Mr Ethan” Javad said.
“Including you Javad” Ethan said, shocking Javad to the bone.





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