Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 33

“Ethan, Jessica is coming home” Gabrielle said excitedly, walking out of the kitchen.
“With your parents, and Sarah” She added.

“Yaaaaay” Arin squealed happily while Ethan smiled.
“When will they be coming?” He asked.
“Next weekend” Gabrielle said, dropping the tray on the dining table.
“Okay then, we would be gladly expecting them” Ethan said.
“I can’t wait to see them” Arin grinned.

Irish smiled, not saying a word..

She can’t actually wait to see Sarah, to thank her for what she did, and then she also can’t wait to see Gabrielle’s daughter and Ethan’s parents too.

She had thought Ethan’s parents were dead as Ethan have never speak about them. No body have.

“Let’s eat” Ethan said.


Irish made Arin have her nap after eating lunch.
She returned happily to her workshop to continue her work.

She should call Arusha that she won’t be coming home for the weekend.
There’s so much to do here.

She sat on the chair and grabbed her phone.

“Why won’t you be coming home for the weekend!” Arusha frowned over the phone.
“Chill Arusha, i have a lot to do.”

“A lot? Is the nanny work that stressful?

“Not the nanny work” Irish smiled. “My own work” she added.

“Your own?

“Yes Arusha, I’m going to send you a picture now and make sure you show it to mum too” Irish said before disconnecting the call.

She started taking pictures of her workshop.


“! Mr Ethan did all that for you?” Arusha nearly screamed over the phone.

“That’s unbelievable…” Irish heard her mum said in the background.

“Yes he did.”
“D..does he want something in return?” Arusha asked curiously.

“No, he doesn’t” Irish said,moved to tears again. “He’s just so nice” she added.

“Can we come over to thank him?” Irish’s mum asked.

“No Mum, do not bother. I’ll just send your greetings to him.

“I’m so so grateful to him. I wish i can just see him and thank him profusely” Arusha said.

“This is so so surprising” Mrs Helen said.

” Yeah” Arusha conceded.
“We should leave you to work now”

” Okay, bye.


“The scissors is gonna hurt you Arin” Irish warned for the third time.
They had both returned to her workshop after Arin woke up from her nap and she read to her in the library.

“What do you use this for Irish?” Arin asked and Irish sighed.
She just can’t count the amount of questions Arin has asked during her stay here.

“Well that’s tape measure, it’s used to get people’s measurements before sewing” Irish said.
“Ohh…so you went to their houses one after the other to take their measurements?” Arin asked.
“No, they sent their measurements to me” Irish said.
“Ohh…” Arin said.
“What should i help you with” She added.
“Absolutely nothing dear” Irish said.
“Are you sure?” Arin asked.
“Yes, you can just watch me” Irish smiled.
“Okay” Arin said.

“My dad said you can also Model, is that true?” Arin added.
“Yes” Irish smiled.
“I want you to teach me how to do all those stylish walk that big ladies do in my TV show” Arin said.
Irish laughed at the way the little girl had said the word.
“Do you like them?”
“Yah, I do” Arin said.
“Alright then” Irish smiled.



Days flew past and Irish was done with the orders.

She got more orders but she’s yet to accept them.
She needed to finish the first set and now she’s done.
When she’s back from delivering this last one, she might start accepting the new orders.

She’s so happy Levine’s fashions is getting known little by little.
She already opened a page for people to contact her.
She do post samples of her wears and she always got great reviews and recommendation.
Not only that, her bank account is getting fat.

She’s just so grateful to God and Ethan.
She has been working with him for few weeks now and she can’t deny her feelings for him any longer.
She has feelings for Ethan and she’s afraid to admit it.

She hadn’t planned this from the start,she didn’t even see it coming,it just came and she can’t stop it.
The feeling’s good.
It had been so long she felt her heart race, so long she felt this good.
She can’t believe she’s tripping over her boss, who wouldn’t?
She always look forward to every night with him in the library.
Yeah..they still spent nights in the library and they’ve gotten so close than she would have ever imagined.

She now feels so comfortable around him,she feels so free to call him Ethan
Other workers do raise eyebrows when she does that but she doesn’t care anymore.

She sighed before picking up the last wear she’s to deliver.
It’s well packed already.

She walked out of her workshop and closed the door behind her.


“I’ll be right back Gabrielle” she called out as she walked past the kitchen.
“Going to deliver?”Gabrielle asked.
“Yeah, the last piece” Irish said.
“Ohh.. okay”



“Let’s go to your workshop” Arin said to Irish after they were done with lunch.

Arin was carrying Dolly in her arm.

“No, you’ll need to take your nap. Besides I’m done with the orders and I’m gonna rest for few days before accepting the pending ones”
“Uh..huh” Arin pressed her lips together.
“I’ll have my nap then” she said and Irish led her to her room.

She tucked her in bed and pecked her forehead before moving into her own room.
It’s been long she had a nap and she decided to do so now.

She sighed softly as she fell on her bed.
She can’t wait to go home for the weekend.
She misses Arusha and her Mum.
Her Dad’s debt and her mum’s surgery bill is almost ready.
She can’t wait to see her back on her two feets and her heart working perfectly again.
The huge pay she received from Ethan and the money she received from the orders helped in almost completing the surgery bill.
Few years ago,she never believed she’ll get more than half of her dad’s Debt.

When she got the news about her mother disability, she knew the bills are on her and that had also made her worried sick that she didn’t believe she gonna get a quarter of it sooner.

Things are just so unpredictable.
She’s so glad to have met Ethan.

He’s slowly making her dreams come true.

The dream she never thought would even be fulfilled.



They laughed over dinner as Gabrielle cracked jokes.
“Dad…table manners” Arin reminded even though she had laughed too.
“Ohh…i got carried away i guess” Ethan smiled.
Irish gulped water, still feeling the urge to laugh again.

“Such jokes shouldn’t be cracked over meals, it almost choked me” Ethan laughed and Irish followed.
Arin also giggled while Gabrielle smiled.

They continued with their meal in silence and they were almost done when a bodyguard came to whisper into Javad’s ear.
He nodded and walked up to Ethan.

“I apologise for interrupting your dinner Mr Ethan but i was told now that a guy named Arusha is here seeking to irish,his sister” Arusha said.

“What!” Irish exclaimed rising to her feet.
“I’m so sorry Ethan, Arusha must be out of his mind to visit me here, I’m so sorry, I’ll go chastise him immediately” She said about to make a move when Ethan stopped her.

“He could be here to tell you something important” He said.
“That’s why i have my phon..” Irish was saying when she realised she left her phone upstairs.

But still ..

“Even if he came on a visit,I’ll gladly welcome him. Bring him in Javad” Ethan ordered.
“Huh?” Javad asked.
“You heard me” Ethan said and Javad quickly carried out his order.

Irish sat down slowly, unsettled.

The dining room door opened and Arusha walked in.
He’s just been in California for three days, how come he find his way here?
Irish stood up quickly seeing the look on his face.
She knew something had gone wrong.

“What happened?” She asked in a shaky voice.
“It’s Mum..” Arusha said, stopping to catch his breath.
“What happened to mum?” Irish almost screamed.
“She..’s..not.. moving anymore” He bursted out crying.
Irish stood rooted to the spot trying to process what he just said.
She screamed loudly when reality dawned on her.

“Let’s go home” she cried taking Arusha’s hand.
Ethan stood up dropping his fork in the process.
“You guys should go to sleep, Don’t wait up okay?” He said to Gabrielle and Arin

They nodded worriedly and watched as Ethan rushed out of the door.
He met Irish and Arusha at the gate about to step out.
“Irish” He called loudly and she turned.
His heart broke at how red her eyes looked.
Her cheeks were wet.

He really felt for them.

“Wait, we’ll go in my car” He said and his driver quickly got behind the wheels.
He got in and his driver drove to the gate where Arusha and Irish were standing.
They hopped in slowly. Irish was sobbing while Arusha just stared on.
Even with how red his eyes also looked, Ethan could tell he’s a handsome guy, he’s gat the looks.

“Everything will be fine okay? Just keep calm” Ethan comforted them.
“S..she’s the only family we have left, she’s the only one who truly cared about me after my little issue with my dad. It’s not been a week that my dad died! she’s in that state because of us,I’m working so i could pay for her surgery bills. She must not leave….” Irish said in tears and Ethan was deeply moved.

Irish had told him about her mum during one of their nights in the library, but she had never told him about the “little issue” with her dad neither had she told him about her father’s death.

“It’s okay Irish” Arusha comforted his sister even though tears was rolling down his own eyes too.

“ she really not moving?” Irish asked wiping her tears, hoping Arusha would say he’s just joking.
“Yes, she’s not. I called you severally and i tried hiring a cab to take her to the hospital but i didn’t have enough with me” Arushasaid.

“Please drive fast” Ethan urged his driver.
The driver came to a halt in front of Irish’s house.

Irish and Arusha rushed out of the car and Ethan ran after them.
They entered the apartment and truly the woman was laying unconsciously on the couch.

Irish shook her crying loudly.

“Hold on” Ethan said and tried to get irish out of the way.
He felt Mrs Helen pulse and sighed in relief.

“She’s not dead” He announced.
Irish wiped her tears and sniffed as she moved closer.
She felt Mrs Helen’s pulse too and relief ran through her blood.
“But her pulse is getting weak. Let’s quickly get her to the hospital” Ethan said.

“My private hospital” He added, lifting Mrs Helen.
Irish and Arusha hurried after him.



“Her health is deteriorating, what took you so long to get her to do the surgery?” Doc Luc questioned irish.
“I..i was waiting for the mo..ney to complete but now i have more than half of the bills I’ll pay it,the surgery can continue while i go look for the rest” She said.

“Mr Ethan paid all of the expenses already” Doc Luc said.
“What!” Irish exclaimed, turning to look at Ethan who was looking at his feet.
He doesn’t want to be seen by people or there’d be a scene.
“No thank you. Please” He said,not raising up his head.

Ethan stared at him in disbelief.

“Luc, the surgeries should be as soon as possible please, including her leg’s too” Ethan said.
“Yeah, the specialists will be flying in tomorrow morning, we’ve stabilised her now” Doc Luc said.
“Okay, thank you so much. Can we go see her now?” Ethan asked.

Irish and Ethan were still stunned by Ethan’s act of kindness.
Her eyes were laced with tears as she felt so grateful to him.
The surgery bill is a whole lot of money and he settled it?

Why is he being so nice to her?

He’s a philanthropist,she knows but…this is just too much.

“No,until after the surgeries are done” Doc Luc said.
“Ohh.. okay” Ethan said.
“Permit me to go check on other patients Mr Ethan” Doc Luc said.
“Alright Doc” Ethan said.
“And you insist on not staying in my office” Doc Luc said.
“Yeah, I’m fine here” Ethan insisted.
“Mr Harold you’re a public figure, as soon as you get figured out, reporters will buzz in like flies” Doc Luc said.
“Don’t Doctor Luc, it’s night already” Ethan said.
“That doesn’t stop people from figuring you out but it’s fine if you insist” Doc Lucshrugged before walking away.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Mr Ethan” Arusha said about going on his knees before Ethan stopped him.
“C’mon Arusha, it’s fine” He said and Arusha smiled.

‘A billionaire just touched him and called his name and not just a billionaire but his role model, the person he has been aspiring to meet’ Arusha thought happily.
He’s just realising Ethan’s presence now after confirming his mum’s health.
He was completely blind before.

“Ethan, not again” Irish said cleaning her tears.
“It’s okay Irish” Ethan said drawing her close.
‘Really?’ Arusha grinned.

“She can be a cry baby at times” Arusha said to Ethan and he nodded.
“I know right” He teased her dragging her wet cheeks playfully and she laughed.
“Thank you…so much” She muttered.
“We really appreciate, Mr Ethan” Ethan added.
“It’s fine… enough of the ‘thank you’ here and there” Ethan said.
“Thank you” Irish said.
“Arrgh” Ethan groaned playfully and they laughed.

“Do you mind using my face cap, people might actually figure you out as doc Luc said and its gonna cause a huge scene. I know it’s…faded bu…” Arusha was saying.
“I don’t mind” Ethan interrupted him and collected the face cap from him without second thought.

Arusha stared at him with mouth wide opened as he wore the face cap.
Irish laughed seeing the surprised look on her brother’s face.

‘ Ethan Harlow is putting on my face cap’ he screamed inwardly.

He blinked severally still trying to take it in.
He never thought Ethan Harlow will accept it, he was ready for his rejection but he surprised him instead.

“Is… that my face cap you’re putting on?” Arusha asked Ethan, he couldn’t believe it, he have to be sure.

“You gave it to me”Ethan said..
“He’s just so shocked you can be putting on his face cap” Irish said.
“Really?” Ethan asked.
“Yeah” Irish nodded.

“Thank you” Arusha said.
“Enough of the thank you” Ethan said.
“I’m not thanking you for settling my mum’s bills” Arusha said.
“What are you thanking me for?” Ethan asked.
“Putting on my face cap”Arusha said.
“No..i should thank you instead” Ethan said.

“I know my Irish might have not told you how long I’ve been aspiring to meet you, you’re my role model, meeting you physically has always been in my dreams,even before Irish told me she’s working for you or even know there’s a Ethan , I knew about you, I’ve been looking up to you, i also want to be a great philanthropist, you’ve being a great inspiration to me Mr Ethan Harlow” Arusha said and Ethan stared at him speechless.

“Wow! Thank you for looking up to me. Come boy, we need to talk” Ethan held Arusha by the hand and they both walked to the chairs.
Irish watched them and seeing the happy look on her brother’s face made her smile.


“Irish look!” Arusha looked up from his phone as he made to show her sister his phone.
Irish stared at the phone and was shocked. It was a message from the jewelry company!

“CONGRATULATIONS Levin’s! You’ve successfully cleared your father’s Debt.
Hemi’s jewelry company, Singapore”.

“O, M, G!” Tears rushed down Irish eyes as she looked up at Ethan.
“Did you do that?’ Irish said.
“What?” Ethan smiled.



“The girl is alone now,seems her dad and the nanny won’t be coming back home tonight” Gladys contacted Morgan Harlow secretly.

“Okay, thank you” Morgan smiled wickedly before slowly getting up beside the sleeping Catherine.

He then tiptoed out of the room.


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