Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 39

“Huh? I’m not actually buying anything, I’m here to see Ana” Ethan said to Diane when his bodyguard told him the customers are being told to leave.

“Call the customers back” Ethan urged.
“Ohh…” Diane said, knowing how disappointed Ana will be.
She quickly ordered the security to make the customers return into the store.

“And even if i was gonna buy something, it’s not nice for you to tell the customers to leave” Ethan said.

“Uh..we’re afraid they might get to see your face and..yunno,start taking pictures”
“I’m disguised in my face cap and sunglass, they can’t possibly notice. Is that dirt on your hair” Ethan said, removing a piece of dirt he sighted on Diane’s hair.

Diane blushed terribly, she could never have imagined Ethan Harlow would talk to her not to talk of touching her hair.
She feels like screaming out loud and hugging him tight.
He’s obviously most of the ladies crush and Diane never imagined he’d be more handsome in reality. He looks so cute and fresh.

She wishes to see those breathtaking eyes he’s hiding beneath those sunglass.

“I..i..i….” Diane stammered.
“What? Ana is not around?” Ethan asked.
“She is..of course she is. I’m going to call her now that you want to see her” Diane said.
“Please do” Ethan said.

“Ma’am,Mr Ethan wants to see personally ” Diane said to Ana on the phone.

“! Bring him in immediately.”

” Okay ma’am.

“I’m going to lead you in Mr Ethan” Diane licked her lips, different moves running through her head.

‘This might be her chance to have him’ She thought.

“You guys can take anything you want while i go talk to Ana. Take anything ” Ethan said to the two bodyguards that followed him.
“Thank you Mr Ethan” they both smiled.

Diane led Ethan to Ana’s’s office shaking her butt terribly.
Ethan smiled to himself and he almost laughed.

Why must they always do this around him?
Irish is one of the ladies he can proudly say never performed any stunt to get his attention.

“You can go in sir” Diane smiled, opening Ana’s office door.

“You shouldn’t do that again, that was a cheap thing to do, you’re beautiful and you don’t have to swing your butt for any man to notice you. I’m disappointed” Ethan said and Diane stared at her feet in embarrassment.

He walked into Ana office and closed the door behind him.
“Hello Ana” Ethan removed his sunglass and Ana almost melted on her seat.

She has been admiring Ethan even before her best friend Catherine got married to him.
He used to set her body on fire with just his eyes and it hasn’t stopped!

“Hello Ethan” She smiled, pointing to the chair opposite hers.
“I don’t know if i need to sit, i just want to be quick and leave” Ethan said.
“I insist…Have your seat” Ana said and he shrugged.
“It’s an honor to have you here” Ana said when he sat.
“An honor? Well thank you ”

“Do you need any wear? Just describe it and we’re gonna make it into reality, we’ll make sure you’re the only one that have its kind in the whole of California” Ana said with a smile.

“Ohh..that’s nice but I’m not here to buy anything” Ethan said.
“Ohh” Ana faked a smile in embarrassment.

Well…if he’s not here to buy anything, could he be here to???!
She’s gonna break up with Ryan immediately.

“I’ll do anything for you Ethan, anything” Ana said as romantically as she could.
“Anything you mean?” Ethan asked.
“Yes! Whatever it is,I’ll gladly do it” Ana said, slowly removing Ryan’s engagement ring from her finger.
“Why are you removing that?” Ethan asked.
“’s starting to hurt my finger. It’s just a fashion ring, nothing attached” Ana smiled.
“I thought you were engaged” Ethan said.

“Engaged! He.ll no, I’m not. I’m as single as a letter ‘I’ ” Ana said.
“Of course” Ana said.

“ said you’ll do anything got me right?” Ethan asked.
“Anything Ethan, anything” Ana beamed,her heart almost bursting open.

“Leave Irish alone!” Harold said and Ana’s smile faded.
“Huh?” She asked, hoping she heard wrong.

“I’m aware you threatened her, if you carry out that threat then i swear i won’t spare you. Though she never wanted me to come warn you but i feel i should cause you might want to strike soon. I know you to be a vicious person ” Ethan said and Ana stared at him speechlessly.

“Ana, you have a fashion store as big as this and yet you threatened someone who doesn’t even have a fashion store yet! What exactly made you feel threatened? Yeah i know Irish’s far better than you in terms of fashion but did you have to threaten her? That was a petty thing to do” Ethan said and Ana wished the floor can pave way for her to fall in.

She felt so embarrassed and ridiculed.

“Just so you know, Irish means so much to me. I fking love her and if you dare hurt as much as a strand of her hair then I’ll make sure your body decays in jail” Ethan said with all seriousness and Ana almost shook in fear.

He know Ana to be very cruel,if he didn’t threaten her this way, she’ll go after irish and hurt her terribly.

“I warned you and it’s better you heed, you’re a big woman Ana….you don’t need all that, I’m disappointed you could be that petty but anyway i told my guys to pick whatever they want from your store,i don’t want to come here without buying a thing, that would be unfair of me” Ethan said, getting to his feet.

“Nice office though” He said glancing around “and you have nice wears too”.

“Bye” Ethan said walking to the door .
“And you better put on your engagement ring back on your finger, Ryan wouldn’t like to see it on the table.” Ethan winked before opening the door and stepping out.

Ana lips shook in anger,she sent things flying in different direction of her office, screaming.



“Carl,I’m so serious about it” Irish said to Carl.
They were in the car, heading back home after Irish made her deliveries and got some materials.

Alex couldn’t accompany them,he was sleeping when they left.

Iriah’s so glad Carl could drive even with the little wound on his palm.

“I always feel there’s a thing about Javad” Carl said.

“Exactly! He was so shocked when he saw us, if he was truly protecting the house like he said,he shouldn’t even have delayed an answer. Ethan had to ask twice before he could came up with that answer.”

“Mr Ethan didn’t notice that?”Carl asked.
“He didn’t, he trusts Javad so much, so freaking much” Irish said and sighed.
“Javad has been working for Mr Ethan for quite a long time now” Carl said.
“Whatever” Irish rolled her eyes.

“I think if we can provide an evidence that Javad is not the person everyone thought him to be then Mr Ethan can believe us and look deep into him”Carl suggested.

“Exactly,so starting from today, we’re gonna be keeping a close watch on him” Irish said.

“Yeah, I’m glad I’m not the only one that sees Javad as weird, i keep telling Alex there’s something about Javad but he doesn’t believe” Carl said.

“That’s because Alex is so fake, he acts all nice and someone without a good intuition will fall for his facade.” Irish said.

“Yeah,so that means we both have great intuitions” Carl winked and they laughed.
“So…will you now tell me the reason you didn’t go with us to Arin’s school this morning? ”
“You won’t believe Ethanand i slept off in my workshop” Irish laughed.
“Really?”Carl asked in surprise.
“Mmm” He sighed.
“What?” Irish asked.

“What’s brewing up between you and Mr Ethan?” Carl asked.
“Coffee” Irish teased and they laughed.

“Okay, now..on a serious note, what’s going on?” Carl asked.
“Nothing” Irish shrugged.
“The closeness between you two is quite alarming and every worker is starting to talk about it” Carl said..
“I wonder why people won’t stick their noses to their business, they talk about everything going on” Irish furrowed her brows.

“Although they’ve stopped talking about it since Arusha arrived” Carl said.
“Really? Why?”
“The ladies are more focused on Arusha now, they want to ‘have a taste of his smacking lips’ like i heard though” Carl said.
“What!” Irish frowned.
“But they’re all older than him!” Irish said,so tired of females getting attracted to Arusha like bees.
“Arusha doesn’t look like he’s seventeen,he’s so built and handsome” Carl smiled.
“They should at least see he’s still in high school”

“Well..i don’t think they care about that. Just warn him to stay away from them” Carl said and Irish sighed, knowing how Arusha is.
He won’t stay away.

“Uh…We’re home already” Irish said as Carl drive into the building, he parked the car and they both alighted.
Irish grabbed the materials she bought from the backseat.

“Can i come with you to your workshop? I’ll get so bored here”Carl said.
“Of course!” Irish smiled. “I need all the company i can get, besides i can’t get enough of your gist” she said and Carl smiled.
“I’ll have the materials then” He collected them from Irish.
“Thank you” Irish smiled.
“He can’t go with you!” Javad stood his ground.
“It’s my workshop,not yours! You can’t tell me who should go there with me and who shouldn’t” Irish retorted.

Javad had stopped Carl from following Irish to her workshop.

“And have you forgotten your workshop is in Mr Ethan’s garden and that garden is so private to him! He doesn’t allow assholes in there!” Javad said and Carl bit his lower lip.
He tightened his fist and quickly stopped himself from giving Javad what he deserves.

“Ohh..” iriah said, realising her workshop is truly in Ethan’s garden and the garden is so private to him. He doesn’t allow workers in there aside herself though.

“Have this Irish, I’ll return back to my quarters” Carl said, stretching the materials to Irish.
“Wait” Irish said.
“I’m gonna call Ethan and ask him if it’s fine for you to keep my company in the workshop” Iriah said, fetching her phone from her pocket.
She placed a call across him.

Javad glared at her, irritated by the way she calls Ethan by his name.
He knows it’s the foolish man that would have told her to call him by his name.

“Heyyo!” Irish said into the phone.

“Irish” Ethan smiled.

“How’s work going?

” everything fine?

“Well… yeah, i just wanted to ask if it’s fine for Carl to keep my company in the workshop. I’ll be so bored working alone and he said he’d be so bored at his quarters too.”

“Ohh..Carl, of course he can” Ethan said.

” Thank you!” Irish said happily,raising her arm in the air.

“Take care okay?”

“You too. Bye.


“He said you can!” Irish said.
“Woah” Carl smiled, he suddenly laughed seeing how Javad looked.

“I know you’re a bitter person but you don’t have to look bitter,it doesn’t suit you a bit” Carl laughed mockingly, sticking out his tongue.
“Ohh.. Carl, you’re so childish” Irish laughed.
“Let’s go” She said and they both walked away.

Javad fumed seriously that he almost hit Gladys who touched him.

“Oh..I’m so sorry, didn’t know it was you”
“Well…there’s a plan” She whispered.



“Are you out of your senses Arusha! What was that!?” Irish yelled at Arusha whom she had caught trying to get intimate with a worker.
“Shut the fk up” Irish interrupted him.
” I told you to behave yourself! I freaking told you to. Listen, this is not our house,you can’t do as you wish here, Ethan gave us lots of chance doesn’t mean we should misuse it. How dare you try to kss her! Arusha!”

“She..she came to me!” Arusha said.
“And so what?” Irish asked.
“She begged me to kss her and…”
“What the fk!” Iridh sighed.
“And you couldn’t refuse? Can’t you stay away from ladies for once in your life time?”
“They always come to meet me!” Arusha said.
“Shut up” Irish slammed.
“I’m sorry sis” Arusha said.

“Arusha, stay away from them! Fking stay away from them! ” Irish said obviously frustrated by the whole thing.
“I’m sorry sister” Arusha said, remorseful.
“That’s what you say everytime and you keep going back to do the same thing. If Ethan should know about this, he’ll be so disappointed in you. You know how much he likes you huh?”

“I promise im going to stay away from them”Arusha said.
“I can’t count the amount of promises you’ve made!”
“I’m serious this time Irish”
“Whatever!” Irish said and walked out of his room, banging the door after her.


“Like i always go to meet them, they keep coming to me!” Arusha said to himself,tired of the whole thing.
“Now Irish is so pissed at me” He sighed.

He’s gonna go beg her after he’s changed into his house wear.
He’s just getting home from school and he was about freshening up before the freaking maid came in….


Arusha opened the door to Irish’s room as he’s fond of not knocking.
He walked in and saw a man standing and facing the window, he would have said it was Mr Ethan but he’s more built than this person.

“Hey, What are you doing in my sister’s room?” Arusha asked.
The man didn’t move.
“Hello” Arusha said and it was then the man started turning slowly till he was facing Arusha.
Arusha moved back a bit, shocked to see the man putting on a mask.
Something about the hair seems familiar though.

‘Is this some sort of prank?’ Arusha thought.

“Hey, is this some sort of prank?” Arusha asked the anonymous man and he hadn’t even seen the knlfe the man was holding until it was aimed it at him.



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