Chapter 10

????unknown pov????

Amelia ran absent minded into the classroom. She hurriedly dropped her things she brought with her, bringing out a handkerchief from her bag with her.

Just a second she took her eyes to Mina’s seat which was empty. She must have gone outside already. She thought and tried making her way out of the class.

She accidentally bumped into Alfred on her way. It was just a scene that took her space of breathing away. How dare her bump into him?

I’m sorry.. I was just in a hurry… She apologized and looked slightly at his shoe which she had stepped on.

I see that… You can go first.. He replied gently and made space for her to go.

Amelia stared at him in surprise. Is he really telling her to go? Well she doesn’t have the time to waste on thinking about that. She needs to get out of here to avoid Brad’s trouble.

Once again I’m sorry… She stated simply and left.

Getting into the quarter she didn’t meet Mina there like she expected. It’s obvious that she will have to do the Arranging alone that day. But where on Earth is Mina?

She Tried hurrying with it but just then she heard some giggles coming through the door and curiosity made her stopped what she was doing, she looked towards the door.

The hell!! Brad is coming in there. Fright gripped her, well she was clever enough not to let it show…

She watched as Brad marched up to a seat. A lady followed him and sat down on his lap. Amelia saw this and let out a gasp.

Brad kssed the lady’s neck and turned to Amelia who has just been staring at them.

I came here earlier and didn’t meet you… You must have thought that you can follow your own orders right? He asked and smirked.

So he came to check her earlier, wtf!! just when she was happy that she escaped.

I’m sorry… It wasn’t intentional… Amelia managed to say

Well your friend already told me that… He answered then bit the lady on her earlobe.

I met your friend here cleaning when I came and she told me exactly what you just said now. Seems everything you did has never been intentional? He asked and stunned Amelia couldn’t say a word.

So Mina was here!!! She must have landed in some sort of trouble After Brad saw her… Probably that’s why she didn’t meet her in the class;

We are sorry…. She muttered silently

She needs to be polite in order to reduce the punishment he would give to them especially Mina. G©sh!! She can’t believe Mina just got implicated because of her.

As you can see, today I’m in a good mood and I won’t want someone like you and your friend to ruin it.. I didn’t pvnish her because of that…

Even though you deserve punishment for coming late once again and letting your friend intervene in the pvnishment that I gave you…

I’m still not going to be offended… All I want for you now is to get out of this place right now. You can resume the cleaning tommorow… He stated and returned into fIirting with the lazy.

Amelia looked like she didn’t hear him properly, did Brad just pardoned her now??

She took her eyes to him and saw him already engaging in nasty moment with the lady… It’s obvious that she had to leave, and without saying a word, she walked away.



Dean and Tiana walked side by side into the classroom. The moment they got sighted by the students, murmuring raised up.

Dean walked up to his seat and took a seat looking around, he feels uneasy but he doesn’t even know the reason why.

He suddenly felt something beneath his feet and bent to discover what he laid his leg on.

Stretching his hand down he saw a package and got confused. Who could have dropped it there.

Tiana was staring at Dean and sharing angry glare at any girl that she caught gawking at Dean when she saw Dean checking out a package.

She left her seat and went to him, she stood in front of him. Dean almost got a fear because of how she just suddenly appeared.

I saw you checking this out so I came here wondering what it’s in there, I’m sure you weren’t carrying this with you when we were coming…. She indicated smiling

I don’t know how it got here, I’m just wondering on where it came from… He answered and took his hands away from it

I think you have something to do with this because it has your name written on it… Tiana said immediately when she saw Dean’s name boldly written on it.

Dean checked the name and smirked. He has no idea of where this package came from.

Let’s just check it out, at Least knowing what the content is won’t hurt… Tiana beamed and started tearing off the decorations placed outside the small package.

She finally opened it with Dean just staring at the package. There was already murmuring and glares coming from the students.

Tiana finished opening the package and was surprised when she saw a note dropping. She picked it up and stare at Dean first before reading it.


I HOPE I GET NOTICED BY YOU SOON. LOTS OF LOVE FROM HERE HANDSOME. I HOPE YOU LOVE THE WRIST BAND THAT I GOT FOR YOU.. Tiana read it out loud, well all Dean could do was staring. Who could that be??

Like someone who has just got burnt with fire, she squeezed the sheet together and threw it on the ground matching it with her leg..

Dean stared shockingly at her wondering about the reasons for her to do that without his permission.. Tiana turned to him and saw how straight he’s staring at her.

I just felt it’s something unimportant. One of those $illy girls must have dropped it here. She stated trying to hide her anger.

You could have given me the chance to decide for myself, you didn’t even let me read the letter by myself, even though it was meant to be my package. Dean said and opened the small box

A silver WRIST BAND showed itself immediately when he opened it and seeing it. He tried taking it out of the box when Tiana immediately took it away from his presence.

I will hold on to this… She said and hurriedly left with it leaving Dean in a confused state. WHAT THE H£LL!!



Amelia grinned continuously as she catwalk towards her class. No objection that today is such a lucky day for her.

First she ran into Alfred and he let her go without scolding or screaming at her. Well she’s still surprised because he wasn’t expecting Alfred to be that short tempered.

Just when she thought Brad would add to her pvnishment he also pardoned her.,.. she’s seriously can’t hide her happiness.

It’s obvious that Mina must have returned back to the classroom after Brad dismissed her… Thank Goodness Mina didn’t land in trouble.

She walked inside the class and went directly to Mina’s seat. She met her writing something down in a note.

First thing that came to her mind was to trouble her and she did trouble her.

She snatched the pen away from her and watched her yell on collecting it back.

You fo©l… I almost got pvnished today because of you and here you are frustrating my temper, is that the best way of saying THANK YOU.. Mina yelled

Tiana heard their yelling and turned to them. Those girls are back to it again… She thought and glared angrily at them.

Amelia argued with her for a while and finally gave her the pen. She was discussing what happened earlier with Brad to her when her eyes ran into Dean who was also looking towards her direction.

Her mouth became shut as she stated nervously at him. He’s the same::

It was him… She thought and Mina who was wondering why she suddenly stopped talking followed her gaze.

Then she found how Amelia was busy staring At Dean…. It came as a surprise to her when she saw Dean also staring back at her. SERIOUSLY!!

Waiting anxiously for Amelia to say something but h’ll no!! She was not ready to stop staring at him.

She h it her hard on her lap and Amelia immediately took her gaze away from him.

What’s the problem with you? Why are you staring at him? Mina questioned





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