Episode 4

???? unknown pov ????

****THE NEXT DAY*****

Standing in front of the dressing mirror, Dean stared at himself. Touching his face side by side.. He’s been looking different for the past few days.

His beards has grown much that it’s almost covering the skin at his jaw. He looks A bit slimmer and that should be because he hasn’t been eating regularly.

He can’t remember the last time he stepped out of the house since FLORA died. Thank Goodness his father hasn’t done the school transfer yet.

He wouldn’t have been able to attend, To him life is being unfair during his lifetime. First it was his mother that he lost, but now he has lost the first girl he fell in love with.

His phone vibrated beside him and he rolled his eyes before picking it up…

You are blocking my space of breathing Damon… he cried out

I just had my bath and I promised to be there…..

Dress to kll? What for?

I’m not ready for all that now, I will just wear the first thing I pick in my wardrobe.

Listen Damon, you should know that I am coming because you promised to return my COMFORT back to me… He repeated

There’s no need of repeating it, I am coming but not because I want to go out with you. It’s just because of that picture you promised to return…That was the agreement that I am sticking to.. He said and waited for him to speak.

Well if you continue consulting me then I might not be able to dress quickly… He communicated with Damon and walked to his wardrobe instantly when the call ended.. WHAT SHOULD HE WEAR??



Yes I left them inside and came to use the restroom… Amelia spoke through the phone as she walked out of the washing room.

Yeah, it’s the best weekend ever, you know getting to enjoy free time with your family. She replied and smiled

Seems I will send you the description to come check it out yourself… she ranted

Stop asking me dirty questions Mina, I’m not here to check handsome guys out… She frustratedly said.

Oh my God…… she echoed as she bumped into someone making her phone to tripped down from her hand..

The stranger immediately bent down and picked the phone up giving it to her…

I’m very sorry… he apologized and left before she would answer.

Oh my!!! She murmured and heard Mina yelling by the other side of the call.

It’s nothing, I’m fine I just bumped into someone and my phone fell through the process..she answered and took her eyes to the direction the strange guy had taken.

A stranger actually because I haven’t seen him Before… She replied and finally continued going.

Stop questioning me Mina, I didn’t stop him to check his face, and he already left before I could speak… She snapped

You should come here tommorow to find him… I’m hanging up now bye. She rushed her words and immediately hanged up.



Why are you gawking around? Did anybody chase you here? Damon asked as he saw how restless Dean has been since he got there.

Nobody did, I just bumped into a girl on my way here making call, I think I broke her phone.. I dont know.. I didn’t wait for her to speak, I just left after picking up the phone.. he explained

What do you mean by leaving? Did you apologise to her?

Yes I did but I didn’t let her speak before walking away… I think she might be angry and probably follow me here. let’s just forget about her.. where is the picture? He asked trying to get himself some peace.

I’m not dvmb to the level of carrying a picture with me to a party… He snapped and took a gulp from his alcohol.

But you promised to give it back to me if I come ….

Yes but I never promised to give it to you here, just have fun and only ask for it when we get home, you are already klling the vibe with your questions… Damon Specified and passed him a glass of drink.

I don’t want alcohol… Dean rejected and took his eyes away

No one is ready to give you alcohol, that’s a fruit wine… Damon talked and watch how Dean was looking irritated by the drink infront of him.



Dad… today was fun.. Axel coed as he continued devouring his plate of sea fish…

I trust you my boy… I’m sure everyone is enjoying themselves?

Yes dad.. they all chorused

I remember now, Arnold I over heard your discussion with Amelia yesterday, discussing about needing a home lesson teacher. He asked and Arnold immediately dropped his cutleries.

Yes dad, I do need one…. It will help my studies.. he answered gladly.

I have thought about it yesterday and I have decided to Inform my friends about it… I should be able to get you one before I traveled, would you like it to be a male or female?… he announced and Arnold hurriedly flee to where he is…

Male will be fine dad. Thanks so much Dad… He said giggling.



Dear Amelia’s Diary,

How are you today diary? I’m sure you’ve been fine with keeping my secret safe with you.. Sorry I won’t be able to discuss about my outing with you today because I am sleepy.

Let’s just gist properly tommorow, I promise to tell you everything then… I’m dropping the pen now.




I think you should stop calling me frequently, I’m not a child neither am I a patient that needs attention.

I can look after myself… Dean Nagged as he cleaned his mouth with a napkin.

Well… I can’t control the word, you call me often like they’ve stolen me… He joked

I just finished eating, what else?? He rolled his eyes

A serious discussion?? What is it about?

Seriously… he yelped and laughed..

Because I trained Flora doesn’t make me a lesson teacher.. I just did it for fun…. Remember we were both young when I started teaching her.

But I don’t want to offer lesson anymore, it will be reminding me of Flora, and I can’t bear that…

I’m not thinking about it because I won’t accept… I don’t want to offer lesson.. you knew during when I was teaching Flora only mom allowed me..

Now that mom isn’t here, I’m sure dad would never agree… He answered and rubbed his face

I’m not telling him because I even don’t want to do it… HE argued

You should stop trying to force me into things, what I don’t want is what I don’t want.

Try to understand what I am saying. Accepting this will hurt me… He cried out

Because I will be remembering Flora while teaching and I can’t take it….

Search for people who needs money. My family is wealthy and to me teaching is just having fun.. I don’t want this offer Damon…. He continued arguing.

You should quit trying to blackmail me with my COMFORT Damon, the last time you gave me a task to do inorder to get it and I did as you said.

You refused returning it back to me. Now I have lost my hope on getting it back. Please don’t try to bring it up again now…

I want it back but not in a funny way, I know you won’t give it to me. Even if I choose to do everything you say… he continued ranting.

I don’t know how difficult it will be telling dad about this, but since you’ve promised your heaven and Earth to return my COMFORT back. I will give it a trial then… he finally accepted

You shouldn’t be too happy, I can change my mind over everything If not because of the deal. Just ensure I will be lessoning a boy this time around like you said .

I don’t want any female learner anymore… he concluded and gulped some water down.

If Dad approved it, then just return my COMFORT, if not I won’t follow you to anywhere.. He swore

I think you talk way too much, just hang up already. I will go speak with Dad .


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