Chapter 6

Unknown pov
I was worriedly stressed about you, but here you are enjoying yourself overhere.. Amelia lamented as she met Mina in the study room feeding herself with biscuits.

Why were you stressed in the first place? I told you that I would be fine when I was leaving… She recalled
I’m not stressed because you didn’t come back. I’m stressed because Brad came to the quarter, so I thought he would see you… She stated and finally took a seat beside her.

The fact is that I ran into him on my way to the washing room, it was a good thing that he didn’t meet me inside there with you.

In order to avoid any more punishment I decided to come over here and wait for you… Mina explained

Seriously!! It was our luck, I hope you get stomach aches often when we are close to landing in trouble… Amelia joked and took out of Mina’s biscuits.

I hope you get stomach upset after taking that biscuit. It was my turn today, and I saved us. Next ache will be directed to you… Amelia answered and they both laughed.

You haven’t tell me about the guy you bumped into during the picnic Amelia… Mina asked and threw the last piece of the biscuits in her mouth, receiving a hard glare from Amelia because she was just about to take it.

Nothing interesting happened there we just bumped into each other. What is there to talk about? She asked and scoffed

Probably something like his look, height, dress, shoe… Everything Amelia… Mina coed

Gosh!!! Mina you are such a pain in my neck, how do you expect me to check all that? He left before i could even talk… Just stop talking about the incident already. Nothing is special about it… Amelia answered frustratedly

The h’ll!!! You are so boring Amelia… You can’t even bring up something for us to talk about, and the one I brought got ruined by you… What’s your problem?

Talking about guys is my problem, after seeing how Brad behaves makes my thinking about guys different…

Even my study about love isn’t progressing like it’s supposed to because of Brad… He kept on disturbing me.. I just can’t stop getting annoyed whenever I remember him. She explained nervously

What’s your aim about love research? I don’t always get it. You just study love, you don’t have someone you love neither is there any relationship going on between you and someone. What’s hidden somewhere Amelia? Mina confusingly asked

Seriously… I’m fed up of telling you this, it’s a crave that I got since childhood. Sincerely I love studying about love but that doesn’t mean I must build a relationship. I haven’t even fallen in love before… She Ranted and All Mina did was gawking at her.

Don’t just look at me that way.. it’s not like you are also bringing something reasonable to talk about here… Amelia fumed

Well I do have many things to talk about since I am older here… Mina bragged and Amelia rolled her eyes

I had a f!ght with Elisa yesterday at home… She shared and got Amelia surprised

Isn’t that your rude step sister? What happened? Who started the fight? That must be interesting… Amelia talked repeatedly

If you continued raising up questions for me then I won’t be able to answer… She snapped at her

Well I got home yesterday and met her in the sitting room with her boyfriend… She answered anyways

Seriously! She came home with a guy?? Why? Amelia questioned

That was what you just heard Amelia, you ask questions alot.. Mina complained

Sorry ma’am, just tell me how things went there. I won’t question you again. She swore

You know after when the driver dropped me yesterday I was making my way upstairs when I saw her with that guy, he was ¢aressing her lap.. she recalled and Amelia yelled

What! Why would she do that? Why?

I didn’t remember asking her, so of course there is no answer to your questions.. she snapped and Amelia rolled her eyes.

Immediately when I saw that, I lost my senses and ran back downstairs .. She continued

Were you not already on the stairs? You were coming back from school right? Amelia proposed

No I was coming back from shopping.. Amelia I just told you I was making my way towards the upstairs. Meaning I have climbed some stairs but I didn’t notice them until I heard giggles from them… She reluctantly explained

I think I am getting it now. So what did you do to her?

I went downstairs and yelled on the two of them, like they were both scared. I think because they didn’t expect someone to come back so quick… She concluded

That was tough!! Amelia muttered

Exactly… It was just her luck that dad wasn’t around.. He would have sent her back to her mother instantly.. Mina vowed

Seriously! Why would he send her back? Since she came for holiday. . Amelia stated

I can’t explain much on that but trust me. You can’t imagine what dad would have done to her.. Even last night when I told Mom she didn’t take it easy. I just had to stop her from going to her… She explained

I think it’s nice that you stopped her… I’m sure she won’t dare to bring someone in next time..Amelia Bragged

Probably… She’s leaving soon actually and I can’t wait for that to happen… I’m tired of seeing her in the house. She has always been a pain in the neck…Mina Grinned

Just like you are a pain in my neck here..Amelia joked but Mina didn’t find it funny

Seems we are done discussing Everything… We should go home.. Amelia suggested

Let’s wait a little more… He’s not outside yet… She answered and Amelia scoffed

Oh my!! So you told us to stay here because you wanted to see Alfred…. Amelia coed and Mina blinked

That’s not good enough Mina… Well you can continue waiting for him.. I’m going home now. Amelia blurted and started leaving.



I can see you are all set to leave… Mr Stewart said as he walked on Dean outside the house.

Yes dad, I have checked you in your room but you were not there. Dean specified

I came downstairs to discuss few things with the workers, that’s why I wasn’t there.. He replied

I sensed that too dad, I’m going to visit the new student now Dad… He said

I can see that too… So tell me are you taking a boy or girl?
I won’t be taking a girl dad.. it’s a 17 year old boy… Dean replied

That’s cool… I don’t like asking about this but I need to ask.. How are you doing now emotionally? I hope you’ve been able to get over Flora? He asked and Dean’s mouth became shut for a while

Yes dad.. I’m fine now… Damon has helped alot in achieving that .. Dean answered

That’s good… You should start going now. I won’t want you getting there late and I hope you enjoy your new game.. since you’ve always seen teaching as fun… His father joked and they both laughed

We should talk properly about your school when you are back Son.. I’m leaving now… Mr Stewart concluded and left after parting Dean’s shoulder.



Amelia and Mina freely continuing talking as they walked out of the school mall.. Amelia saw Alfred coming behind them, knowing fully well that will create a scene if Mina sees him she decided to bring something else up in order to block her attention of seeing him.

Mina have I told you about Dad getting a home lesson teacher for Arnold? She beamed

If you had tell me then you wouldn’t forget… Mina snapped

Must you always make everything hard for me? Amelia ranted

Arnold complained about needing a home lesson teacher and Dad promised to get him one. One good thing is that he would be coming over to visit Dad and Arnold today for the first time.. she explained

Nothing is bad in that… But is the lesson teacher handsome or beautiful?? Mina asked and got a hard glare from Amelia

You spat out rubbish always Mina… Well it’s a male teacher and I can’t say if he’s handsome actually because I haven’t seen him.. Amelia ranted

Don’t you think that it will be nice if I see you off home today? Mina coed and wrapped her hand around Amelia’s waist

Why??? Aren’t you supposed to accompany your mom somewhere? Amelia asked and separated her body from her.

Yes I was supposed to follow her but I can’t afford to miss the drama that will happen at your house today… Mina said and immediately bit her tongue realizing it that she shouldn’t have mentioned that.

I knew it… You are such a pervert Mina.. Anyways I have managed to block your way of seeing Alfred, and he has gone without you seeing him… I’m leaving. Amelia confirmed and started leaving

Mina stood still and tried getting what Amelia just explained.. so Alfred was coming but Amelia didn’t wang her to see him…

What the h’ll!!!! She spat and jogged furiously after her.



How does it feels like going to school and coming back home without me? Amelia asked Arnold as she walked into his room

It was special! At least I didn’t hear ranting about being late from someone today… He joked and got a glare from Amelia

I was just joking before you’d kill me with your d.eadly glare… It wasn’t that fun because we had to listen to hornings from cars instead of your talks… He explained and she smiled

I think it’s getting late… When will your lesson teacher be here? Amelia asked and Arnold finally took his eyes away from the television.

Why are you staring surprisingly at me? I didn’t say anything bad… She defended

I never mentioned that either . I’m just surprised about what you just asked! My lesson teacher came and left a while ago… He blurted

Oh my!! How come I wasn’t able to meet him?? She asked shocked

Obviously because you didn’t come earlier.. why didn’t you get home early?

It was all Mina’s fault, she insisted on following me home and I had to hide from her.. She explained

That should be your fault… You should have seen my lesson teacher? Alfred coed and smiled

Why are your cheeks turning red? What’s up with him? She requested

Damn Amelia!! He’s very handsome and he speaks well. honestly I love his Germany accent!!! Arnold beamed and Amelia just stared at him

Trust me AMELIA he’s the most handsome young guy I have seen in my life… He said and Amelia furrowed her brow

A guy? How come? She asked and adjusted herself on the bed dropping her phone beside her

I was surprised too seeing how young he is, He mentioned being 20 years old when he was introducing himself. G©sh!! he’s dmn handsome!!!

Stop praising him too much and think well. If he’s 20 years old then he’s in high school also like us. How will he be able to teach you well… She asked

I haven’t thought of that… I just like him and want him as my teacher.. I seriously can’t wait for him to get here tommorow… Arnold concluded and relaxed his back on the small couch in his room.


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